Sequel: If Only Until Morning

Pictures on Silence

Chapter 30

Swinging the front door shut with my foot, I greeted Tyrnan and his girlfriend Adelae sitting on the couch before going to my room. After another three hours in the studio, we finally had everything recorded and tweaked and more than half the songs mixed. If this kept up, we'd have the album done and on the shelves by July.

"We're such fucking overachievers," I laughed quietly to myself. "The Jesuits would be proud." Adelae kind of laughed at me for talking to myself, so I grinned inanely at her and sat down at the computer.
An instant message popped up.

ryansasexy88: guess who

I stared at the box blankly, debating whether I knew actually this person or I could possibly soon become a victim of intarweb nasties. From the id, I decided it was probably the former. So with a smile, I read his next message.

ryansasexy88: ill give you a hnt: its your favrite vegas boy!
PenelopeDreadful: since i don't think ryan has a big enough ego to overtly declare his sexiness to the universe, and spencer knows how to spell, i'm gonna say brendon
ryansasexy88: ;-P youre way too smart and spelling is overrated
PenelopeDreadful: hi brendoni macaroni
ryansasexy88: lol hey i am not made of macaroni!
PenelopeDreadful: well if I just called you brendoni, you'd sound like a gangster
ryansasexy88: rofl
ryansasexy88: im a gangsta, g
PenelopeDreadful: never say that again

I laughed as he started to whine via the internet, which was pretty entertaining to read. "I'm definitely saving this one," I mumbling, smirking.

After a while, I spied Mackenzie's reflection in the window coming up behind me and I hit F11, making all the windows on the screen zoom outward. She handed me an envelope, saying it came while I was at Matt's. Frowning at it curiously, I slid my finger under the lip.

As I plucked out the folded paper, a check floated onto my keyboard, landing face down. Who the hell's sending me money? I wondered, opening the letter.

Dear Miss Callaghan,
Thank you for your excellent contribution to the Panic! At The Disco team. We wish Penny Dreadful great success and have enclosed your payment.

I stopped reading, dropping the letter and scrabbling for the check. Adalae and Tyrnan turned around and Aibhlin came running out from the family room, asking what the hell I'd shrieked about.

That is far too much money, I decided. They must have made a mistake.

PenelopeDreadful: bren, whoever runs your finance department is should probably have their head checked
ryansasexy88: whaa?
PenelopeDreadful: i just got a check for four fucking thousand dollars!
ryansasexy88: ... yeah?
PenelopeDreadful: Brendon, we toured for a week!
ryansasexy88: i know i was kind of there
ryansasexy88: look i dont know what youre complainging about. you sepnt two weeks playing music, which from what ive heard you really like, and got paid more than you expected. i see no badf side

I guess I understood what he meant. Fortunately or unfortunately, all of it was true. Chewing my lip, I stared down at the slip of paper shaking in my hand.

PenelopeDreadful: excuse me while i do a little dance

My chair tipped over backwards when I jumped up and started dancing like a lunatic, complete with song and hip gyrations. Isn't that a strange word, gyration? Maybe I've hung around with teenage boys for too long, but it sounds a tad dirty. Gyration. Repeat it to yourself. What does it even mean anyway?

Sadly, this not-unusual tangential line of thinking, in addition to spinning, made me lose coherent sight and I flipped over the couch. I am so effinf graceful. Adelae laughed. "Ow," I commented to the floor.

"You okay?" she asked.

I picked myself up and cracked my neck. "Yeah. Just a little rug burn maybe." With that, I returned to the computer and retold the recent events to my friend across the country. Of course, with no surprise at all, he laughed at me. So I made a pouty face, which made Bren laugh and send me back a kissy face.

We then engaged in a battle of emoticons for several minutes until my v key stopped working. Stupid v. What did you ever do for me, anyway?