Sequel: If Only Until Morning

Pictures on Silence

Chapter 52


Angie started laughing when I opened the door back into our dressing room for her. Ouch. But when she saw my reaction, she laughed again and said, "Sorry. Adrenaline makes me giddy, and giddy makes me a teenage girl hopped up on sugar and magazines full of pretty boys." Her smile gleamed. "And in conjunction with you, it's twice as bad."

Well, I guess that's okay then.

The guys and Bianca all turned around to stare at us when we walked in. We stared back at them for a minute. Awkward. But I cracked up when Angie started dancing all over the place, complete with song. "Ooh-ah! Dancey dance! People staring!" She swung herself forward onto her hands and wobbled there a minute, legs wavering, before bringing her feet back down and ending in an overly dramatic musical pose.

Laughing so hard it looked painful, everyone applauded. Ange made a flourishing bow and smirked at me. "Gauche moment diverted," she muttered for my ears only as we sat down.

Hanging around for a while, we all were loud, obnoxious, and generally fun-tastic. Ugh. Bren's hyperactivity is rubbing off on me. At one point, Angie, sitting on the floor against my leg, jumped and scuttled for her phone.

"My parents are going to kill me," she whispered loudly, making frightened faces at all of us. She shushed us viciously when we laughed. "Hi, Dad. I'm so sorry I'm not home. Bianca and I went out for coffee after the show and lost track of time. Do you think I could just stay at her house tonight?" She made a face that looked like a worried frog, which cracked me up, which made her pinch my leg, which made me pout at her. "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye, Daddy."

She snapped the phone shut and tossed me a playful glare. "Smooth," Bianca complimented.

"Have you always been such a good liar?" Jon asked curiously.

"Or is it just to your parents?" Spencer finished smugly.

A smile grew on her face. Uh oh. Mischievous grin. "Okay, Mister Responsible Adult. Tell me honestly you've never lied to your parents." Spencer looked away innocently, making everyone snicker. "See?" Angie adjusted her seat on the floor. "Ask me any question and I will answer. You have to figure out if I'm telling the truth."

Brendon groaned. "This is a stupid game!"

"Better than 'See How Many Grapes I Can Fit In My Mouth'," I said pointedly. Tour makes people do strange things. Hey, like you've never gotten that bored.

So everyone started firing off questions, and no matter how obscure and obtuse the answer, no one could tell whether she was lying or not. It certainly amused her, seeing as the devious little smile on her face got more amused with every question.

Sooner or later my curiosity and scrambled neurons got the better of me. I leaned down so my head was equal with hers and asked, "Who's a better kisser, me or Brendon?"

The other hooted, while an embarrassed expression flashed across her features before being smothered by a poker face. "Yeah, Penelope," Brendon goaded roguishly. "Who's a better kisser?"

Angie turned her head slowly to look at me; she glanced at Brendon and back at me. I raised my eyebrows expectantly. She wiggled her eyebrows and everyone cracked up. "Out with it, Penangela," Bianca demanded. "I want the skinny."

"Too bad," she shot back coolly, leaning her head on my knee. "I've already got the skinny."

Half our company groaned, and even I couldn't help rolling my eyes a bit. "That's bad even by your standards," Jon joked, stretching.

"I have very high standards, thank you."

I stared down at her head. "Uh, thanks?" She grinned back at me.

Bianca jumped and yanked her phone out of her pocket. Flipping it open, she stood up. "That's my mom. I've gotta go." Angie leapt to her feet and tackled her best friend around the middle. The guys and I laughed while Bianca hit her over the head. "Get off me! Go glomp Ryan!"

"Not with the rest of us in the room!" Spencer exclaimed, throwing a pillow at her. "Don't give them ideas."

Angie got up, pulled Bianca up, and dusted herself off. "I should probably go as well, seeing as I'm following them." Which was followed by a 'Hey, I thought you were making that up!' from Bianca.

They gave everyone hugs, except when she got to me, Angie rolled her eyes. "You don't get a hug. You're walking me to the car."

I grinned and wrapped an arm around her waist. I can deal with order chivalry. But only for her.

Guh, I think the small bit of estrogen in my body just kicked my testosterone's ass.

Once outside Angie moved closer. I don't blame her;I'm pretty hot it was pretty cold. At her car, she turned to me and smiled shyly. "I think this would be the part where I ask you to call me," she laughed softly. "And then we both sit by the phone worriedly for two or three days."

I smiled. "Except you already know that I will," I completed the thought. "Most likely tomorrow." Ange smiled, and I brushed some of her hair back to kiss her.

When we pulled away, Angie smiled up at me, eyes twinkling. She opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again. She tried again, shook her head slightly, and gave me a short peck on the lips before climbing into her car. "See you... sometime," she promised, rolling down her window. She blew me a kiss as she followed Bianca's car out of the parking lot.

I watched her headlights disappeared, standing with my hands in my pockets and rolling back and forth on my toes. "See you," I murmured into the dark. I swallowed, chills running through me. "Love you too."