Sequel: If Only Until Morning

Pictures on Silence

Chapter 60

The sun was shining right in my eyes, I noticed. With an annoyed groan, I rolled over and hit my face against something bony. "I hate sunlight," I grumbled into Ryan's shoulder.

He chuckled and stroked my hair. "It hates you too, babe," he assured me. I wrapped an arm around him under the covers and adjusted my head, eyes shut. As usual, a song was playing in my head and I felt like humming. This morning it was "Drive" by the Matches. How poignant, Brain, I complimented. You're not feeling good at all, are you?

"What time is it?"

"Time for you to stop talking," I muttered in reply, lifting my arm up to take hold of his lips. He laughed and leaned his head onto mine. After a few seconds, I let my hand drop a little and ran my thumb across his cheek.

Teehee. Prickly.

Yep. Definitely in a good mood.

Still singing in my head about sex, love, and rock & roll, I took account of my current condition. Bed: nice and warm. Comfortable as heaven, too. Ryan: also nice and warm, but in the sexy way. Legs: kind of tangled up, but I don't feel like exerting the effort to move them. Most of my body: Must not move. Aching like fuck.

...No pun intended. I think.

In the midst of my pointing-out-the-obvious-to-myself, the doorbell rang. At first neither of us made any sign of noticing. "I just imagined the doorbell ringing, right?" Ryan asked.

"Not unless we're having a shared hallucination." He growled, irritated, and made to get up. "No," I protested, holding onto him. "Don't go. Screw whoever's at the door."

"I have to get it," he said firmly, climbing to his feet. I hid my smile behind the covers, which I pulled over my nose. "Where did my pants go?"

At this, I couldn't help laughing. Ryan shot me a grin and rolled his eyes. Unfortunately he found a pair of boxers to put on. "You know what?" I propped my head up on my elbow and watched him. He hummed inquisitively, pulling on a shirt. "You, sir, have a very attractive behind."

Now was his turn to laugh. "Oh, I do, do I?" he asked, amused, as we walked towards the bed. I nodded matter-of-factly. Ryan leaned his face down so his nose almost touched mine. "Well, I'd say something about the allure of your respective body parts, but I have to go get the door." He grinned devilishly. "By the way, you're blushing."

Giving me a kiss, he walked out the door. I made a face and flicked some hair off my shoulder. "Tease!" I shouted. He laughed down the stairs. Rapping my fingers on the pillow, I became suddenly bored; obviously I was supposed to stay here and wait for him.

Well, since this vacation seemed to have a trend of me doing things I normally wouldn't do, I decided to say, fuck that noise. Throwing back the covers, I shivered and searched through my luggage for some underclothes; then I stole a pair of Ryan's boxers and a t-shirt.

Skinny though he may be, it does not deter me from stealing his clothes.

I could hear Ryan talking in a surprised voice as I crept towards the front door. I crouched at the top of the stairs and watched a woman in a pink floral dress squeeze Ryan in a death-hug. "George dear, you've gotten skinnier! Don't they feed you out on tour?"

"Of course," he intoned, making a face. I laughed silently and waved when he noticed me. Ryan's eyes bulged, and he quickly yanked himself out of the hug. "Maggie, you look tired. Why don't you head into the living room and relax? I'll take your bags upstairs."

He tugged up the suitcases and practically sprinted up the stairs. "What are you doing?" he hissed frantically. "Why aren't you back in bed?"

I crossed my arms. "What, you ashamed of me?" I challenged.

Ryan sighed and ushered me towards his room. "Of course not. But no one in my family knows I even have a girlfriend. How would you react if some half-dressed girl appeared in your sister's former house where her son's supposedly alone?"

"I'd size her up and decide whether or not she's good enough for him."

"Exactly!" He turned into the guest bedroom, and I silently slunk down the hall. Swinging into the living room, I put on an amiable smile.

For a moment, Ryan's aunt didn't see me. But when she did, she didn't exactly look pleased. More shocked, confused, and wondering whether she should grab a weapon. "Who are you?" she inquired pointedly, looking me over.

I stuck out my hand for her to shake. "Rhiannon Angela Callaghan," I introduced. She gave my hand a suspicious glance before shaking it.

"Don't think me rude, but what are you doing in this house?"

"I've been visiting Ryan for a few days. I'm from California, you see-- we met on tour last June-- and since I had some time off, I thought I'd fly out and--"

"Angie!" We both turned to the door as Ryan dashed in and skidded to a halt beside me. He blinked between the two females in his presence. Pulling me close, he forced a smile and spoke through his teeth. "I thought you were going to stay upstairs."

"George, who is this girl?" Maggie demanded adamantly.

Before Ryan could even open his mouth, I replied calmly, "His girlfriend."

Man. I never realised silence could be so deafening. And that's after months of post-show silences. Maggie stared between us, blinking. Ryan shut his eyes with a wince and scratched the back of his head.

I smiled confidently at her when she fixed her gaze on me. "You treat him well?"

"Of course," I answered, smile climbing.

"He treats you well?"

"You would think less of him?"

Okay. Much like with psycho boyfriends, maybe sarcasm isn't the best method of coaxing significant other's relatives. But, hey, I never conceded to playing by other people's rules.

Maggie narrowed her eyes and gave Ryan a long look. He smiled tentatively. After a long moment, she stood. "I always said you inherited the good taste of the family," she said promptly. "I believe I'll get my bags and stay with my old friend Gretchen tonight."

Ryan darted out of the room to get her bags, once again leaving us alone. Maggie gave me a smile, which I returned, almost laughing. "He's such a nice boy."

"Incredibly nice," I concurred. "One of the best I've ever met."

Ryan's hurried footsteps could be heard on the stairs. Maggie sent me another smile. "Merry Christmas, dear. Welcome to the family."

I grinned smugly up at the ceiling once Ryan led Maggie to the front door. Whoever said I wasn't good girlfriend material?

Oh wait. That was me.

...I rescind my statement.

My ears perked up once the door shut, and in an instant, I was darting away from the scene. Ryan was inevitably going to not be pleased. And my suspicions were confirmed when he tackled me onto his bed. Stupid me. Why did I choose his room?

Surprisingly though, the verbal assault I was expecting never came, but a physical one on my mouth did. I made a sound in my throat as his hands roved my topography. He was being rougher than the night before.

"No," I insisted, stopping his hands on the waistband of the boxers I was wearing. "I still hurt from last night."I couldn't afford to lose anymore clothes right now.

"You didn't seem to protest then," he remarked, nibbling at my ear. I shrugged as nonchalantly as I was capable of at that moment. "Oh, no. Far from it." He grinned craftily down at me. "Interesting how you should tell me you love me like that." Ryan attached his lips to my clavicle. "Over, and over, and over."

Still turned on, I rolled my eyes and tried to keep a clear head. "At least I don't moan like a whore," I reasoned wryly.

Ryan stopped and lifted his head. "Are you implying that I do?" he inquired with semi-offended curiosity.

I stretched lazily. "I said nothing of the sort."

"You said nothing to the contrary, however. Innuendo will only get you so far." He sucked on my lower lip teasingly. Not to be outdone, I pushed him off me and swung a leg over him.

Tracing circles below his belly button, I made my tone conversational. "You wouldn't think so cynically of me, would you, Ryan?" I cooed. His hands gripped my thighs and I adjusted my perch. "Little ol' me? What have I ever done to deserve that?"

I wiggled my hips and he moaned. "You tease," he accused.

I smirked victoriously and jumped to the floor. "Love you, too, sugar. I'm going to--" Only, I didn't even get to finish my sentence before getting pinned to the floor. Ryan grinned roguishly down at me, and for some reason a song just popped into my head and out of my mouth melodiously.

"Listen to my heart: can't you hear it sing? Telling me to give you everything." Ryan's eyes lost all trace of lust, replaced by bemusement. I shook my head slightly and changed my mind. "Love is just a game."

Head tilted sideways, his grin slipped back onto his lips after a moment. "I was made for lovin' you, baby; you were made for lovin' me," he sang, looking smug. Well. As smug as Ryan could ever be.

I grinned at him wryly. So we're playing this game now? "The only way of loving me, baby, is to pay a lovely fee," I sang back.

"Just one night?" he begged musically, leaning closer. "Just one night."

I could help laughing, both because he was convincing and because we were singing "Moulin Rogue " while lying on his bedroom floor. I moved my head closer to nudge him back. "There's no way, cos you can't pay."

"In that name! of love. One night in the name of love." His fingers trailed over my bare stomach and down my sides.

Pushing away the shivers down my spine, I shook my head, but couldn't remove my arms from around his neck. "You crazy fool," I continued, breath not coming easily. "I won't give in to you."

Wicked grin appearing again, Ryan slid one hand through my hair and lifted my head up towards his. "You will if I do it this way," he whispered before plunging into a kiss and gently stroked the back of my head. My grip tightened on his shoulder and my leg wound itself around him.

One of us was going to have to give up in the running for dominance in the relationship. One or both of us would break something eventually. Probably a pelvis. God knows I bruised easily enough.
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"Elephant Love Medley" (c) whoever did Moulin Rouge