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The Worlds Unseeable

Chapter 1

Kellin’s P.O.V.
My mother always told me I was good at knowing people or “figuring them out” although I never believed her. She also told me I was good at “seeing” the unseeable although I never understood what she meant by those words, if I asked my response would always be I would know when the time came. Apparently, this part of myself came from my mother, being smart are able to solve difficult equations and calculate the impossible while my father was actually the one to create and imagine, see the world and take it apart before putting it back together. My looks are mixed between my parents. My shortness and having extremely dark hair comes from my mother while my father has bright blue eye, a small button nose, and slim hands. It was quite obvious I was their child.
My father was a painter and a very well-known one in the area. Everyone wanted his paintings; there was something very unique about them although I could never exactly place my finger on them. It might have been that he was able to mix his works and did and wide variety of things from nature to people, that might be why so many people wanted them. He also did things such as oils to only using a pencil and shading with exquisite detail. The work’s pay was a little on the underside but with my mother’s job we got along well. My mother was a substitute teacher. She was gone usually on school day like a regular teacher since she goes to a couple different districts to teach so she wasn’t home usually when I was at school as well.
I guess you could say my vision of the world was different from a lot of the population. People go to school, grow up, work, retire, and die… I didn’t want that fate; I wouldn’t have that fate. This probably goes with what my mom said, but there was something in this world no one knew and I was determined to find it.
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