The day Vic realized his feelings for his younger brother he was 25 and Mike was 23. He felt sick to his stomach, it was wrong. So totally, morally wrong. But he didn't care. He didn't ... and neither did Mike.

The day Mike admitted his own feelings was on Vic's 26th birthday. He was drunk. It's what you do at birthday parties apparently. Get drunk and tell your brother you're in love with him.
Vic hadn't responded like Mike thought he would (punching him in the face, kicking him out of the band and never speaking to him again). Oh no, Vic did something much worse.

He kissed him.

Shocked Mike sober. Literally.

But Mike didn't pull away, instead he pushed his little - older - brother against the wall and kissed him back hard.

God! Vic thought. This couldn't be happening. This wasn't happening. Mike, his brother, his love, was kissing him, touching him.

Mike thrust his leg in between his brothers, rubbing his strong thigh against Vic's cock and Vic let out a whimper that made Mike's head spin.

Mike pulled away from his brother's sinful lips, his neck slightly aching from bending down but who gave a fuck.

Vic looked up at Mike, eyes wide and full of lust and desire and Mike needed to have him now.
He grabbed his brother's hand leading him further away from the party, upstairs where there were probably other drunk couples fucking but Mike paid no mind, his only focus on finding an empty room and pounding into his smaller brother.

He walked in on three different couples, one of them being Jaime and his girlfriend Reagan along with Tony and his girlfriend Alexx ... all of them ... in a room ... fucking each other. Mike shrugged, the thought turning him on but not as much as the thought of Vic's pretty lips wrapped around his cock. He needed to find a room now!

He dragged Vic to one more room and thankfully found it empty. He pushed the smaller though older man onto the bed, straddling his hips and leaned down, kissing Vic hard, grinding their cocks together slowly, teasing both Vic and himself.

Vic let out a low moan, wrapping his arms around his brother neck and pulled Mike closer.
Mike rushed to rid Vic of his clothes and Vic let him. This was long overdue.
Vic was completely naked, his body laid out for Mike to ravish. He mind flitted through all the dirty images and scenarios he came up with while horny, jerking off until he was crying from the intensity of his orgasms.

Mike kissed up Vic flat stomach, licking each pink, hard nipple before sucking on them slowly, listening to Vic's yummy moans and groans.

"Vic." Mike whispered against his brothers neck and Vic let out a small, "Hmm."

"Please, Jesus please let me tie you up. You'll look so fucking sexy, all spread out for me like that." Mike whispered in Vic's ear now, groaning softly when he felt Vic dig his fingers dig into his back and Vic's body shuddered happily.

"Fuck yes. Please Mike. Please tie me up." Vic moaned, grinding up against his brother. Vic couldn't believe this was happening. All his wildest fantasies were coming true.

Mike pulled away from his brother, grabbing Vic's tee shirt and his shirt and used them to tie Vic's wrists to the headboard.

Vic whimpered softly, pulling slightly at his wrists, his eyes dark as he stared at Mike.

Mike licked his lips, his tongue skimming over his labret piercing and he leaned forward, kissing down Vic's chest.

He licked across the thin waist, pressing a kiss on one side of Vic's hip before spreading his brother's leg and lightly brushed his nose against the underside of Vic's cock. Vic let out a strangled gasp and thrusts his hips upward. Mike grasped his hips bringing them down to meet the bed again and began to mouth over Vic's cock again.

It was even more than he imagined it. It was perfection. Mike groaned his hips down against the bed as he began to suck the head of Vic's cock. Smiling some when he heard Vic's shout and the rustling from Vic trying to pull against the shirts around his wrists.

"Fuck Mikey please. I've been waiting forever for this. Please, just fuck me alr-" Vic pleaded, his speaech being cut off as Mike enveloped his cock completely, the head of his dick going past his gag reflex to his throat. Vic's back arched off the bed and he let out a loud, "Fuck yes!" His eyes squeezed close as he moaned in pleasure.

Mike pulled away, sticking two finger inside his mouth, wetting them before pulling away and and rubbing them against Vic's hole, his mouth going back to sucking his brother off.

Before Vic could begin to beg for Mike to finger him, Mike quickly pushed his fingers inside, listening to his brother cry of surprise.

"Oh fuck!" Vic groaned, rolling his hips as best he could under Mike's grip on his hips.

Mike set a brutal pace, fucking his brother hard and fast with his fingers, every thrust hitting Vic's prostate exactly.

Vic arched his back again, moaning and gasping and screaming. The pleasure he was feeling was unimaginable. He couldn't believe Mike could make him feel this good.

Mike kept his fingers going, slowing down slightly to add a third finger. Vic moaned loudly as he got that familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"I gotta cum Mikey. Oh fuck please. I have to cum!" Vic cried out, his voice cracking slightly at one particularly pleasurable jab at his prostate from Mike's long fingers.

Mikey pulled his mouth away from Vic's cock and slowed his fingers. Immediately the feeling began to ebb away but disappointment set in. He didn't want Mike to stop.

Mike pulled his fingers out of Vic's slightly red hole and wiped them on the bedsheets before moving off the bed and pulling in now uncomfortably tight skinny jeans off. Vic watched him, eyes glued to the large erection Mike was sporting. Mike moved back onto the bed, straddling Vic's chest.

"Suck me so I can pound you into the mattress." Mike ordered and Vic let out a low moan, biting his lip before opening his mouth and letting Mike guide his hard cock inside. Vic wrapped his lips around his brother, moaning softly at the taste and began to suck, awkwardly moving his head. Mike saw this and gripped Vic's hair tightly, grinning when he saw his brother's eyes roll to the back of his head and a loud moan make it way out of his mouth and vibrate against Mike's cock.

Mike slowly began to thrust his hips back and forth, getting Vic used to his cock hitting the back of his throat.

Vic gripped at the ties that held his wrists to the headboard, his eyes watching as Mike tossed his head back slightly, a loud moan escaping his lips.

Vic thrust his hips upward wishing Mike would come and fuck him already.

Mike thrust into his mouth faster, making Vic gag slightly. Above him Mike chuckled softly.

Mike pulled out of Vic's mouth, his cock covered with spit. He moved off of Vic's chest and between his older brother's legs. Vic looked down at him, moaning when he felt Mike slide the head of his cock against his hole, pressing in slightly before pulling out.

"Please don't tease me Mikey." Vic moaned, moving his hips down towards his brother cock.

"Shut up Vic." Mike said, pressing inside his brother swiftly, Vic letting out a high pitched moan, arching his back.

Mike leaned up slightly, untying his brothers hands. Vic wrapped his arms around his brothers neck and his legs around Mike's waist, a strangled moan escaping him when Mike began to thrust fast and hard.

"Shit Vic, you're so tight." Mike groaned, his face pressed against Vic's neck and shoulders, while Vic pressed his blunt fingernails into Mike's back.

"Oh fuck yes, Mike. Harder!" Vic cried out as his brother hit his prostate. Mike listened to his older brother, thrusting his hips harder, relishing in the loud sounds of skip slapping against skin.
Mike was so close, so fucking close. This was literally fucking heaven. Mike unwrapped Vic legs from his waist and pulled out his brother.

"Hands and knees." Mike said, slowly stroking his own cock. Vic quickly rolled onto his stomach before moving onto his hands and knees. Mike groaned when he saw Vic's ass spread slightly showing his hole to the world.

Mike got onto his knees behind his brother, sliding his cock back into Vic, listening as Vic let out a low moan.

Mike clutched at Vic's skinny hips tightly, fucking into his brother tightly. He pounded hard into Vic, just like he promised early, smiling as he listened to incoherent mess pour out his brothers mouth.
Vic was in heaven. Mike was pounding him so wonderfully good that Vic must have died and gone to heaven. He could even put together a sentence that actually had words. He could barely think. His arms collapse, no longer able to hold himself up, his bones now feeling like jelly as he Mike continued to drill into his prostate with quick, precise thrusts.

Mike leaned forward, wrapped his fingers in Vic's long brown hair, gripping his tightly as he fucked his brother faster, his movements becoming jerky and erratic as he neared completion.
"Oh God! Mike!" Vic cried out as Mike tugged his hair more. "More, harder!" Vic pleaded.

Mike complied, tugging harder on his brothers hair and Vic let out a loud scream, his back arching and his fingers gripping the sheets as he came harder than he ever did in his life.
Mike followed behind only second later, his body stiffening as he let out a choked moan, cumming inside his brother.

Mike pulled out gently before collapsing next to Vic, who whimpered softly his eyes closed.
"Fuck, Vic. That was so good." Mike groaned, running his fingers through his short hair.
Vic looked over at his brother, nodding. He was going to be sore as hell in the morning but it was worth it.

Mike leaned over, kissing his sleepy brother on the lips before covering them with the blanket.
Definitely worth it. Vic though as he fell asleep, head against Mike's chest.
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