Status: Completed.

Sooner or Later

John O'Callaghan | Kenzie Wright

"Sooner or later you're gonna wish you had me."
  1. Line in the sand.
    Chapter One.
  2. So long and thanks for all the booze.
    Chapter Two.
  3. Bring out your best.
    Chapter Three.
  4. Love is blind.
    Chapter Four.
  5. Bite my tongue.
    Chapter Five.
  6. The best kept secret.
    Chapter Six.
  7. Starting over.
    Chapter seven.
  8. Spread your wings.
    Chapter Eight.
  9. Being honest.
    Chapter Nine.
  10. Playing the field.
    Chapter Ten.
  11. The lousy truth.
    Chapter Eleven.
  12. Kiss and tell.
    Chapter Twelve.
  13. Give me anything.
    Chapter Thirteen.
  14. Let's be alone together.
    Chapter fourteen.
  15. Calm before the storm.
    Chapter Fifteen
  16. Love is a battle field.
    Chapter Sixteen.
  17. Jealous minds think alike.
    Chapter Seventeen.
  18. Twist in my story.
    Chapter Eighteen.
  19. Facing the truth.
    Chapter Nineteen.
  20. Is this the end?
    Chapter twenty.
  21. Keep it together.
    Twenty One.
  22. Expect the unexpected.
    Twenty Two.
  23. I don't love you.
    Twenty Three.
  24. Fearing the unknown.
    Twenty four.
  25. Listen to your heart.
    Twenty Five.