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Sooner or Later

Line in the sand.

Kenzie fell onto her back in the grass, her breathing still irregular as she closed her eyes trying to cool down. The heat beaming down didn't help any as she prayed for some sort of wind.

"You and Pat are such cheaters." She heard, and she managed to crack open her eyes a bit only to see John falling down beside her.

"You can't cheat in soccer, O'Callaghan, maybe you need to quit being a sore loser."

John scoffed, "Whatever."

A chuckle escaped her lips as she brushed back a few strands of her dark hair that had fallen out of her ponytail.

"Can we go get some food? I'm starving."

"Not my fault you are malnourished."

"Wow, you are on a roll today." He stated, pushing up from the ground before holding his hand out to her. She accepted his gesture, and once she was on her feet she noticed the guys sitting on the ground a few feet away.

"Food?" Garrett questioned, and she nodded, "Come on you starving children."

"Yeah, sometime today would be nice. In fact, I have to hurry, I have a date tonight." John stated glancing at his cell phone and Kenzie gave him an odd look, "With who and why am I just hearing about this?"

John rolled his eyes, "Because it just happened last night and with someone you don't know. You know I was going to tell you." He stated, throwing his arm over her shoulders. She couldn't help but sound defensive about this. She tended to be very protective of the boy which he was aware of by now. He of course had his own moments which led him to not get mad about it. It was just something they did. After all, after several years of being friends nothing could be said about it anymore. It was expected at this point.

"Mhm, is this a date or a girl you are trying to sleep with?" She asked causing Kennedy to laugh from beside her as they headed to their cars.

"Well, the faith you have in me is endearing."

"Oh come on John, I know you better than anyone so cut the dramatics."

John smirked, "Actually, Kenz, it's a real date."

"WHAT?! The world is over!" Pat shouted and John shot him a look, "Ha!"

"Well, who the hell is it?" Garrett questioned and John shrugged, "You guys don't know her."

"See, when you say it like that it leads me to believe that we in fact do and you just don't want to tell us."

"Agreed." Kenzie stated with a nod of her head as she pulled away from John's arm once they reached his truck.

"I'm not telling you idiots. Let's go."

Kenzie rolled her eyes as she climbed in and once the boy started the car she glanced over at him, "Who is it?"

John sighed as he brushed back his messy hair, "I mean, I don't think you really know her, you may know of her. She works at that coffee shop down the street."

Kenzie raked her brain for any girl that worked at that place and immediately a light bulb went off.

"That Shannon girl?!" She spat out and John nodded, "Yeah..."

Although he wasn't terrified of her cutting him down for it, he was scared to hear what Kenzie thought of the girl. After all, whether he admitted it or not, her opinion was important to him.


"What does that mean?" He asked glancing over at her and she shrugged, "That she looks like a typical John O'Callaghan girl."

"You make her sound like a groupie."

"Never said that, I'm just stating that you go for the same typical girls every time. It's kind of exhausting for me. Can you next time date someone a bit cooler?"

"She is cool! You don't even know her!"

"I'm sure her smarts are off the charts." She replied sarcastically as they parked at the usual diner her and the guys seemed to gravitate to on a daily basis. It wasn't that she hated the girl already, it's just that it was very typical of John to date attractive, yet not so smart girls and it was becoming ridiculous at this point. He wasn't like that, well at least to her, so it made no sense as to why he kept falling for the same girls.

"Well not everyone can be a brilliant person like you, Kenzie."

She laughed as they climbed from the car, "Actually, a brilliant person is indeed what I am compared to what you date."

John rolled his eyes as he held the door open for her and they walked in finding the guys almost immediately. She slid into a seat next to Garrett and John sat across from her.

"Find out who it was?" Garrett asked not bothering to keep it down for John who just groaned.

"Shannon. That girl from the coffee shop."

"Kenzie!" John all but shouted causing the others to laugh.

"Dude, really?" Jared asked unsure if he should believe the brunette girl or not.

"Our friendship is questionable right now." John stated shooting a not so nice look to Kenzie who simply shrugged in response. It wasn't like they wouldn't find out eventually. They always did.

"Is she the dumb one who can never get Kennedy's order right?" Garrett asked and Kenzie couldn't help but to bust out laughing.

"Kennedy orders a complicated drink!" John defended and the girl pretended to wipe away fake tears.

"Every day..." Garrett grumbled and Kenzie smiled knowing she had won that battle.

"Whatever, you guys don't know her."

"I'm sure she's nice." Pat chimed in, like always he was giving the girl he didn't know the benefit of the doubt.

"Thank you Pat. She is."

Kenzie chuckled, "We will see how long this last..."

"Kenz, maybe you should date someone so we can see how long that will last. I mean, my bet is probably shorter than you give me." He challenged, and she shrugged, "Probably not. I have to put up with you everyday so a boyfriend wouldn't even be a challenge."

The guys snickered and John narrowed his eyes at her as she smiled, "Just saying."

"Point made. Plus, she sees us everyday so that just adds on to it." Kennedy stated and Kenzie nodded in agreement.

"I honestly can't wait to meet the guy who lands you." Garrett replied with a chuckle.

"Has to be some hard ass." Jared chimed in and Kennedy nodded, "Someone who isn't afraid to get beat in anything."

"Not a sore loser like John."

John rolled his eyes, "Oh whatever. Plus, the only thing a guy would have to worry about is me."

"Oh is that so?" Kenzie asked with crossed arms.

John nodded immediately, "Yeah, if I don't like him, it's a no go."

Kenzie rolled her eyes at the boy who just shrugged it off. Although the boys thought he was joking she knew otherwise. It wasn't that Kenzie dated a lot, in fact she rarely did, but she recalled this one time in high school she went on a date with someone John didn't like and he ended up showing up to where they were at. Needless to say the boy never called her again so she really wouldn't put anything pass John anymore.

"So basically you are planning to date me?" Pat asked causing everyone to laugh.

"Exactly, Pat. Exactly." She chuckled out and he smiled from his seat.

The group ate quickly in order for John not to be late and because the guys acted like they had never eaten before. Of she was use to that by now.

"Just because John is going to be groping some girl tonight doesn't mean you can't still come hang out like originally planned." Garrett stated as they walked back to their cars.

A laugh escaped Kenzie's mouth, "Right, I shall be there."

"Great, see you then." He stated, patting her back before running towards Pat's car before she climbed into John's truck.

"What was he saying?" John asked as he buckled his seat belt.

"OH, telling me to come over tonight with the guys."

John nodded not really taken off guard by that. She hung out with them more than he assumed most would find normal, not that he minded really. He liked having her around. She was like the sister he never had and he was honestly glad the guys accepted her and liked her as much as he did.

Once John pulled up at her house she spoke, "Don't dress like a total slob, ok?"

John rolled his eyes, "I won't mother."

"Just trying to help you out."

"Help me out with a girl you already don't like?" He questioned with a raised eyebrow and she shrugged, "I want whatever you want John and if she is who you want to date then I'm willing to help."

A grin hit his lips before he grabbed her arm, pulling her in until his lips hit her temple, "Thank you. I love you, you know?"

"Yeah, yeah. No need to get all sentimental on me. Have a good time."

John chuckled as she climbed from the car and she made her way inside.

Reasons like that made him realize why they were in fact friends.
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Guysss. This is the first story I've ever co-written with someone so I'm pretty pumped to see how it turns out! (I hope that one person who already recommended this story isn't disappointed by this first chapter I feel like that put pressure on me!!) haha. None the less, here is an intro of some sort for you. Enjoy. :)