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Sooner or Later

Give me anything.

The next morning Kenzie was a little surprised to find John on her doorstep. She opened the door still in her pajamas, a messy bun on her head, and sleepy eyes.

"Oh hey..."

"Well don't sound too disappointed that I'm not Garrett." John stated with a grin as he allowed himself in.

"Well, I would expect him to show up at nine in the morning uninvited, not you." She mumbled closing the door behind him.

She looked over at him as he sat on the couch and it was then that she realized how she must look and she tried to hide the blush on her cheeks.

"Is that Garrett's shirt?" He asked with a raised eyebrow and she glanced down at her shirt.

"Oh uh, yeah." She whispered forgetting that detail and her blush reddened.

"So is there a reason to this visit or did you just miss my face?" She asked as she grabbed up her phone from the table.

"I just haven't seen you in a while. Well, I haven't spent time with you alone."

She nodded as she sat beside him and he watched her intently. He never felt so disconnected from her before and it honestly hurt him. He couldn't help but blame Garrett though.

"So, you and Garrett are the real deal now, huh?" He asked and she glanced up from her phone where she was in fact texting the boy in question.

"I mean, I told you we were together."

"I mean, I know, but I didn't know it was as serious as it appears to be."

She sighed finishing her text to Garrett telling him to come over now because she didn't know how much longer she could handle being around John alone.

"Is that a bad thing?" She asked, meeting his green eyes intently.

"No, I just..." He mumbled with a shrug unsure what to even say to her.

"Are you and Shannon serious?" She asked and he shrugged once more, "It is what it is."

"Very vague of you. I thought you liked her."

"I do. Am I wanting to marry her tomorrow? No."

"Well if that's what serious is then me and Garrett aren't." She said with a chuckle.

He shrugged as he traced his fingers over the hole in the knee of his jeans. She really didn't get his behavior lately and she couldn't help but hope Garrett was right. Maybe he was acting this way, doing things like showing up uninvited because he in fact liked her. Then again, maybe he was telling the truth. Maybe he just missed her.

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" She asked him and his eyes met hers. The silence between them was causing butterflies to erupt in her stomach and before he could speak a knock on the door caused her to jump.

"Why is everyone feel the need to come over before noon on a Saturday?" She asked forcing herself from the couch. Relief hit her immediately though when she opened the door to see Garrett.

"Hey baby." He stated stepping in before kissing her square on the mouth. She was never going to get use to that.

"Oh hey John Oh." Garrett stated with a smile before falling onto the couch.

"Can I just ask why in the hell are you two up this early? Do you hate me or something?"

Garrett chuckled, "Um, actually I recall getting a text last night that said you missed me. Do you remember that? So I thought, hey my girlfriend would appreciate it if I showed up early." He stated smoothly. Honestly she would never understand how he was able to make up all of this so quickly.

John shifted in his seat which Garrett was aware of and he couldn't stop the grin from hitting his lips.

"Ok well maybe I did say that but..." She mumbled and Garrett scoffed, "But nothing. Blame John. He got here before me."

John rolled his eyes, "Well maybe I thought hey, I haven't spent time with my best friend in forever she'll appreciate this."

Garrett chuckled, "Well by all means I can come back."

Kenzie immediately grabbed Garrett's arm, "What? No." She replied hoping the panic in her voice was masked.

Garrett could sense it though and although he knew her and John needed to spend time alone together it wouldn't hurt to just stay and make him more jealous.

"Ok, ok. I'll stay. Relax." He stated relaxing back against the couch and she rolled her eyes at him.

"You want me to stay and then you roll your eyes at me. You could see how that may confuse me."

She glanced at John who was engrossed in his phone. Either pretending to be or actually texting Shannon. She couldn't decide.

Garrett tugged on her arm to get her attention and she sighed before looking at him.

He leaned into her so he could talk without John hearing, "I got a plan."

She groaned and be kissed her forehead before pulling her into his side.

"Well since we are all up, you should invite Shannon over and the guys. We can just all cook breakfast and hang out or something."

Kenzie could tell John was debating the offer and although he didn't seem to enthused he agreed and left the couch to go call Shannon.

"Well then I'm going to change." Kenzie stated and Garrett smirked, "Did you answer the door in that shirt on purpose?"

"Well, actually no..."

"Awe you slept in it? Sometimes I feel like you are my legit girlfriend."

She rolled her eyes as she moved from the couch right as John entered the room again.

"She's coming. So is Pat, Ken and Jared."


Garrett's smile widened and she sighed, "Garrett, up stairs. We need to chat." She stated as she walked to her room.

Garrett groaned, "Why does that not sound good?" He mumbled following her immediately. Once safely in her room with the door shut she spoke, "I can't do this."

Garrett rolled his eyes, "Yes you can. You already are. Relax. All the guys know this is fake. They aren't going to blow our cover."

She sighed as she paced the room and he quickly grabbed her hand, "Kenz, it will be fine. Relax."

She breathed in and he brought his hand to her cheek, "Just get changed. Come back to the living room, help me cook breakfast and everything will be fine."

She nodded feeling a bit better and he smiled before kissing her forehead.

"If you can't find me when you come back, John's killed me."

She chuckled as he left the room. He was right. She could do this. She had to now.

She quickly slid on skinny jeans, ironically a Maine shirt she had and braided her hair to the side. Since John was here she decided to at least apply some make up. Who was she becoming?!

She didn't bother with shoes since she was at home and headed back to find Garrett. When she arrived she realized Pat and Kennedy had shown up in the mean time.

"Awe supporting us." Pat said placing his hand over his heart.

"I can't believe you still have that." John said with a smile. It was one of the first shirts they made and he remembered how proud they were of it including Kenzie who wore one every day just to help out.

"Course I do John Oh."

He chuckled as she looked around for Garrett.

"He's in the kitchen with Kennedy." Pat stated and she nodded before heading to the boy.

"Yo Ken." She stated and the boy chuckled before pulling her into a side hug, "Well hello to you as well. Come to see me or your boyfriend?"

She smacked his arm playfully and he chuckled along with Garrett.

"Shut up."

"I mean, it's pretty amusing. Even more amusing is how worked up it makes John."

"What do you mean?" She managed to ask with out a stutter.

Garrett's gaze moved from the eggs he was cooking to her.

Kennedy simply shrugged as he continued to put biscuits on a pan.

"I don't know really. He's just been acting weird. And if we ever talk about you two he just changes the subject."

"Yeah well you know he's never been fond of her dating anyone." Garrett spoke for her. She breathed in as her eyes locked with his.

"Yeah but it's you! He needs to get over it!"

"Right well, it's John. He's stubborn."

Kennedy shrugged as he opened the oven, pushing Garrett out of the way.

"Can you please not look like you're going to be sick?" Garrett asked her and she sighed, "It's all just confusing." She mumbled and he chuckled as he cupped her face, "Stop over thinking it."

Before he could say anything else Shannon made an appearance and Kenzie groaned softly causing Garrett to laugh, "So never wake you up before noon. Got it."

"What's wrong with you Miss Wright?" She asked as she sat down some orange juice she was instructed to bring.

"She's not a morning person." Garrett teased, pulling the girl to his chest.

"He's an idiot." She grumbled as her head hit his chest.

"You need to finish cooking." Kennedy stated and Garrett sighed, "Yeah, yeah."

Shannon laughed, "I'll do it since he's acting like he never sees her."

"No, let him." Kenzie stated moving from the boy and be frowned, "Yeah my girlfriend hates me so I'll do it."

"Yep. I hate you tons." She stated kissing his cheek as Shannon laughed.

Garrett grumbled as she made her way out to the living room.

"Well hello Jared." She stated patting the red haired boy's head.

"Well hello little one. Long time no see."

"Yeah, where have you been?" She asked as she sat beside John.

"Um, no no. It's definitely where have you been, but then again, I know the answer to that."

"Mhm." She mumbled crossing her arms and daringly leaning her head on John's arm.

John didn't bother to speak or move, just allowed her to do so and she closed her eyes once she realized he was fine. Then again, she didn't know why he wouldn't be. Garrett was right, she needed to quit over thinking.

She was almost asleep until she felt John's hand on her arm for a split second and without opening her eyes, a blanket was then draped over her. Why did he have to be so sweet?! It made the stupid crush worse for her.

"Thank you." She mumbled into his sleeve and he shifted enough for her head to hit his chest and she felt his arm wrap around her. She hadn't felt so content in a while, she honestly knew it was because of him and she hated that he had so much power. But he was John. What did she expect?

"I miss you, Kenz." He whispered as he stroked her hair, "I'm sorry if I've been acting, I don't know, off. I just have a lot going on in my head and I still can't get use to you and Garrett and I know that's stupid, I just, I'll be ok soon. I know you worry about me, and I know you can tell something's been going on, but it's nothing serious."

She took that time to raise up, not realizing how close they were and she tried to block off the nerves that appeared once she met his green eyes.

"You know you can talk to me about anything right?" She asked and he grinned, "I am well aware."

She nodded and he kissed her forehead gently.

"You should just hang out here with me tonight. Just me and you." She whispered. She knew she shouldn't since Garrett had all this worked out (or so he claimed) but she missed being around him.

"Ok." He replied without hesitation.

A grin hit her lips, "Ok."

His crooked grin hit his lips and she immediately felt at ease about the hanging out she had just initiated. This would be good. Maybe hanging out with him would help her with the feelings she had for him...or maybe it would make them worse. Either way she knew she had to give it a shot.

Kenzie eventually drifted off to sleep with John who she knew on any normal day wouldn't be up before even her.

"Hey kids, you want to eat or just sleep?" She heard and cracked open her eyes to see Garrett with a knowing smirk on his lips.

"Sleep." John got out roughly as he pulled the cover closer to them not bothering to open his eyes.

"Why can't you eat then sleep?"

"Because we are already comfortable and you're annoying." John grumbled out causing Kenzie to giggle.

"Awe don't call him annoying." She stated defending her fake boyfriend.

"Oh of course not." He mocked as he ran his hand through his hair, clearly now awake.

Garrett helped her up from her position between John and the couch and once she was on her feet he wrapped her in his arms as he kissed over her face.

John bit down on his lip to stop from lashing out at the boy and he focused on folding the blanket although by the looks of it he wasn't doing a good job. He clearly was focused on other things.

"Well let's fucking eat." He grumbled heading to the kitchen and Garrett locked eyes with her, amusement all over his face.

"We are so winning."

"Is that what you call it?" She asked and he nodded, "Oh come on, I know you hate this, but you clearly can see how this is effecting him. Just put in some effort and in no time he'll be leaving Shannon."

A groan escaped her lips, "I don't know how! Flirting is not something I'm good at!"

"Look I know you haven't been 'fully girl' for that long but I'm pretty sure flirting comes naturally and it should help that it's just me."

She sighed, "Ok."

"Just think of like some romantic comedy."

"Oh so now we are like Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray?"

"Seriously? That's the movie you pick? When's the last time you've seen a romantic comedy?! I'm pretty sure that came out like ten years ago!"

"Shut up." She grumbled shoving him lightly and he laughed as he pulled her to the kitchen. She could do this. If Garrett could how hard could it be?

The others were already eating and Garrett grabbed up plates for the two of them right as they walked in.

"Are you going to make my plate?" She asked with a cheesy grin as she held out the plate he gave her.

A groan escaped his lips, "I'll make us something to drink." She offered and he grinned, "Fineee."

She chuckled before kissing his cheek on the way to the cabinet.

"Awe Garrett's already whipped. How cute." Kennedy joked and Garrett glared at him from where he stood.

"No, he's just a good boyfriend." She defended and Garrett nodded as she gave him a smile.

"Reason 143 why Kennedy is single." Jared joked causing everyone to laugh.

"I think they're cute." Shannon stated from her seat as the pair sat down, putting Kenzie in between John and Garrett.

"I mean he's not that cute." Pat joked and Kenzie chuckled, "Awe, yes he is! Leave him alone." She stated, copying Garrett who was now pouting.

"I think you're very cute." She stated softly to him as she leaned in and kissed his jaw.

From the other side of her, John tried to focus on his plate rather than the happy couple. He really need to get over this problem he had with them being together. Otherwise he wasn't sure what would happen or even worse, what he would say.
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