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Sooner or Later

Bring out your best.

Kenzie rubbed her eyes as she began to regain her thoughts now that she had woken up. Once she was fully functioning she opened her eyes a bit only to see John sitting shirtless in the chair by the window. Of course to no surprise a cigarette was hanging out of his mouth and he had cracked open the window knowing very well if he didn't she would yell at him later.

"Well finally." He stated, once he noticed her, his rough voice seeming to wake her up even more. She sat up slowly, running her fingers through her dark hair before adjusting the too big shirt hanging on her frame.

"Well good morning to you." She mumbled and he flicked his cigarette out of the window before turning his attention to her.

She stared at him with sleepy eyes and he pushed up from the plush, black seat and made his way over to her. The smell of cigarette consumed her once he fell onto the mattress and yet it made her even more comfortable at the moment. Probably because it always reminded her of him.

"Sorry about last night." She stated and he shrugged, "Not your fault. It was their's really."

"Actually John, it's mine. I told them we should and honestly you can't just barge in like that and act like I'm a 16 year old kid and cart me off home."

John sighed, racking his fingers through his unruly hair. He knew he was going to hear it from her about that, but hell, she should be use to it. He was always too protective of the girl. It just came naturally to him. He protected her, she told him when he we was being an idiot. It just seemed to work that way for years, so why change now? Of course he knew what he had to say and it wasn't that.

"I'm sorry." He grumbled and in typical Kenzie fashion she forgave him without having to vocalize it. He could just tell by the softening of her blue eyes.

"How did the date go?" She asked falling back onto her pillow and a smile immediately hit his lips, "Really well actually."

The boy laid beside her and she linked her hands over her stomach, "Oh, is that all I'm going to get?"

John laughed, "Well, just know I applaud you for your wardrobe choice. She in fact has my jacket right now."

"And you guys say I'm not a girl."

A scoff left John's mouth, "I never said that, I just said you have a different outlook on things. Not a bad thing Kenz."

"Mhm." She joked and he elbowed her side lightly.

"So will there be another date for John O'Callaghan?"

John chuckled, "Yes, in fact I think so. There has to be now since she has my jacket and I love that jacket."

"The one thing you admit to loving."

John rolled his eyes, "I love you. Now get your ass up and get dressed. we are going to go meet the guys."

A groan escaped her lips as she sat up, "Let's just hang out with Garrett."

"Why?" He asked with laughter as she climbed from the bed and looked around for a pair of jeans.

"He gained some points with me last night because he suggested we do what I wanted to do instead of them all ignoring me and playing video games."

"Ah so really I need to blame him for everything?"

"Leave him alone." She warned and he chuckled as he watched her put on skinny jeans which he always found amusing. How anyone got into them was astonishing to him.

"Fine. I won't say anything."

"Highly unlikely." She mumbled, standing in front of her closet as she debated on what to wear with the jeans she put on. She decided on a slouchy red sweater and quickly threw it on before braiding her hair to the side.

"I swear no girl gets ready like you." He chuckled as he finished tying his boots

"I don't know how to take that so I'm not going to respond."

John laughed once more before grabbing her hand, "It was a compliment. Now come on."

It didn't take them long to reach Pat's familiar house. Right when they walked in, the unusual quiet boys were all spread about the room. Kennedy and Jared sat in the floor playing a video game, Pat was lounged on the couch doing whatever on a laptop and Garrett was watching the game intently, a bowl of popcorn in his lap. Kenzie couldn't help but chuckle at the sight.

"Kenz." Pat spoke, perking up from his position, a smile sliding onto his lips.

"Patrick." She stated patting his head before falling onto the couch next to Garrett.

"So Ken and I are taking bets on this new romance. Want in?" Garrett asked, not bothering to take his eyes off the television as he continued to throw popcorn into his mouth.

"Well duh." She stated, pulling her leg underneath her, getting comfortable before she grabbed a handful of popcorn herself.

"I give it a week, Ken said three days..." He replied with a chuckle, his eyes meeting hers for the first time.

"Mhm, well..." She began, glancing over at John who was talking to Jared.

"I actually think he likes her so I'm going to say two weeks."

"You're too kind hearted when it comes to him."

The girl shrugged her shoulders, "Someone has to be."

"I assume so, but even you know he dates crappy girls."

"Yeah but I have to hope one of them ends up being good enough for him. It's my best friend duty I believe."

Garrett chuckled, "And what happens when he does?"

She shrugged her eyes moving to the blonde boy a few feet away. To be honest she had never really thought of that. What then? And where would she be in that change of his life?

"He won't ever find someone you know?"

Her eyes immediately went back to Garrett a grin now lining his lips, "He has you, kind of hard for any other girl to compete. I think that's one of the problems." He stated patting her head before moving from the couch and walking to the kitchen.

Kenzie managed to swallow the lump in her throat as she focused back on John. How was that a problem? Then again, did she want him to find that person? Did she want someone to replace her? Because no matter how hard she tried to convince herself that wouldn't happen she was certain if John found that girl, she wouldn't be too happy about him hanging out with her even if she was just a friend.

"Are you ok?" She heard. The girl blinked, realizing John was waving his hand in front of her face and she slowly nodded, "Oh yeah. Sorry dazed out."

He smirked, falling onto the couch beside her and she stared at him as he propped his foot onto his knee. Before she could speak Kennedy interrupted from his spot on the floor.

"So when are you going out again with that girl?" He asked, clearly just trying to make conversation as he continued to focus on the video game in front of him.

"I think tonight."

"Oh yeah?" Garrett questioned, returning to the living room and she watched John nod, "Yeah, I asked her if she wanted to meet up because she has my jacket and yeah..."

"Classic move." Jared chuckled out and John grinned, "I have no idea what you are talking about."

Kenzie rolled her eyes, relaxing against the couch as she tried not to think too much into this. Then again, she wasn't sure exactly why she was worried about anything at all. John never liked anyone for too long. He lost interest quickly. It really was pointless for her to over think things as of right now. She would just allow this to pass like she always did and things would once more go back to normal.

"You sure you are ok?" John asked patting her thigh and her eyes met his, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You're being really quiet."

"Am I not allowed to be?"

John chuckled, "Well, I assume so but it just isn't you."

"I have nothing to contribute to this discussion, I apologize."

John rolled his eyes, a smile still on his lips, "You and your sass..."

"It's not sass, I was just born with an awesome personality. Not my fault."

"I for one would like you less if you weren't." Kennedy stated from the floor.

"Hey!" She stated, throwing popcorn at the back of the boy's head causing him to laugh.

John snickered, throwing his arm around the girl's neck and pulling her into him, "Yeah you aren't too bad. I think we will keep you around." He joked, messing up her hair with the other hand and she yelled as she swatted at him, trying to pull away from the boy's grasp.

Once free she hit him repeatedly, causing him to laugh louder as she huffed and tried to smooth down her hair.

"Well, that was a girl move, Kenz." He stated, finding it funny how she fit in so well with them only to freak out over something like her hair randomly. It wasn't that he forgot she was a girl. It was just that she was the opposite of any other girl he knew and when she did things that he didn't think she had in her it always amused him.

She shot him, "I'm telling your mother."

A scoff left his lips, "Tell her."

She shoved him lightly and he grabbed her once more causing her to scream as they ended up on the floor, him trying to pin her down as she tried to keep him off of her.

"Get off of me, O'Callaghan!"

"OH I thought you were all tough and what not?!"

The others laughed from their seats, watching them basically wrestle on the floor.

"Got ya." He spoke once he pinned her hands to the floor, straddling her waist as he did so. She huffed below him, now breathing heavily as she glared up at him her hair now falling into her eyes. She was certain that perfect braid was now ruined.

John couldn't help but smile triumphantly down at the girl who clearly was not happy about any of this. He chuckled, removing one of his hands to brush her hair from her face.

"I hate you."

"No you don't." He stated, pressing his lips to her forehead before climbing off the girl and helping her from the floor.

"It's like babysitting with you two." Jared stated and Kenzie placed her hands on her hips, "Well you guys suck at it then."

Garrett laughed, "I thought about saving you, does that count?"

"Well I assume that's more than the others did."

"I would have but I was scared!" Pat yelled and Kenzie couldn't help but laugh, "I forgive you."

"What about me?!" Garrett asked crossing his arms and John rolled his eyes, "No, you got her drunk last night. You don't get forgiven."

Kenzie shot John a glare and he shrugged before falling back on the couch.

"It wasn't me!"

"I forgive you Gar." She spoke, trying to change topics as she fell beside the boy.

"That makes one of us." John replied and Kenzie rolled her eyes as John directed his attention towards the television.

He just needed to loosen up a bit, especially when it came to her. Then again, for some reason she wasn't sure if she wanted him to.
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