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Sooner or Later

Bite my tongue.

Kenzie knew it was her fought Shannon was joining them for their night out. She just HAD to be nice for once and this ended up being the outcome. Next time she would keep her mouth shut.

She stared at her cell phone, waiting for Garrett to return with their drinks as she tried to ignore John and Shannon. The pair sat across from her giggling and carrying on like kids in love and it was now making her sick.

It wasn't that she didn't want John happy. She really did. His happiness was important to her but, she hated how trustworthy he was, how quickly he gave his heart away. In a way she believed that's why she was so protective of him. She wouldn't feel ok about them together until she was certain the girl's intention was pure. Of course she had been through this before. He had dated before and did this with other girls, but she also was uneasy because for once this girl was worth liking and that is what worried her the most. She couldn't help the one nagging question that kept popping up in her head, why would he need her if he finally found someone amazing?

"One jack and coke for a Miss Wright." Garrett stated sitting the drink in front of her as he slid back into his seat.

"Thanks Gar." She mumbled not wasting time on taking a drink.

He nodded, sliding his arm on the back of her seat casually, giving her shoulder a light squeeze as if he knew this night wasn't easy on her. Thankfully the silence was ended by Kennedy's voice.

"So Shannon, tell us about yourself. Are you from here?" He quizzed. Kenzie was certain it was just to help himself with this bet, but the smile he added to the question made it pretty believable.

"Oh, I grew up in Phoenix and moved here just last year." She said happily and Kenzie had to hold back her eye roll. Who was ever that happy?

The girl went on talking and Kenzie continued to drink more every time the guys laughed at something Shannon said. To top off her fitting in, it didn't help that she was profoundly beautiful. Sure, maybe she wore too much make up for Kenzie's liking, but she still caught everyone's eye that walked by. Not that she was jealous. Kenzie was more than comfortable with herself, but sitting at the table with Shannon she now was questioning her wardrobe choice and wondering why she didn't bother to put more make up on.

Kenzie moved from her seat, deciding on getting another drink either because she hadn't consumed enough alcohol or just to get away. She couldn't decide at the moment, but John watching her every move didn't make her feel any better.

"Hey you ok?" Garrett asked, placing his hand on her arm once he reached her at the bar. Her eyes moved to him and she nodded.

"Oh, um, yeah." She spoke as she ordered another drink. The girl leaned against the bar waiting and Garrett stared at her intently.

"So she seems nice actually." He finally stated and she nodded, "Yeah..."

Garrett eyebrows narrowed in thought as he watched her tap her fingers impatiently on the wooden surface. She appreciated and hated that he was so quiet. He always thought before he spoke and yet she wished sometimes he would just spit out what he was thinking. Especially when he intently stared at her with his piercing blue eyes like all the answers would just magically appear. It was intimidating to say the least.

"Isn't that a good thing?"

"Yeah. Of course." She stated, flashing him a smile before thanking the bartender for her drink.

The more Shannon talked, the more everyone liked her and the more real it became to Kenzie. What if this was the girl for John? What if for once he had found a girl that wasn't like all the others he dated? For some reason that made her sick to her stomach and she hated that. She wanted so badly to be happy for John but something was holding her back and she wasn't quite sure what.

She returned to the table, Garrett following suite and she tried to focus on the conversation but the alcohol along with her own thoughts were too much to bare.

"So what's your new wager on this?" Garrett asked Kennedy as he slid into a seat beside Kenzie.

Kennedy rubbed his chin as if he was in thought, "Well, after further review I'm going to change my previous statement."

"So what is it now?" Kenzie asked and he picked up his drink from the table, "This may be surprising but, I give it three months."

"Three?" Garrett questioned and Kennedy nodded, "Yeah, He seems to like her and she's actually decent, so it will take three months for her to get fed up with him."

"Why would she get fed up with him?" Kenzie asked defensively. She couldn't help it. Although she didn't want the girl with him she had to defend John.

"You know, the whole touring thing and he's pretty fickle about his feelings, so I assume that will end it."

"Mhm, good point." Garrett chimed in, deciding to tack on a few weeks to Kennedy's new statement.

"I think I'm going to head home." She announced, sliding her now empty glass back onto the table. She wasn't in the mood to discuss this anymore. Nor was she wanting to admit that she hoped the pairs relationship didn't make it to three months.

Johns eyes immediately landed on her. The familiar look of concern lining his eyes as Garrett helped her from her seat.

"Let me take you home." John spoke and she waved him off, "No, stay here. I'll be fine."

John seemed hesitant about the idea, knowing very well the girl hadn't been acting like herself all night and before he could object Garrett interjected, "I'll take her. I'm tired anyways."

Kenzie have him an appreciative grin and he grabbed her hand up, "Come on drunk girl. Let's get out of here."

"Night kids." She stated, before Garrett dragged her out into the night air. She sighed once the silence of the night hit her and he slowly walked them to his car.

"What's going on Ken? You know you can talk to me." Garrett asked once they were safely tucked way in his car.

"Nothing." She stated not too sure if that was true or not.

The boy sighed as he started the car. He finally glanced over, his eyes seeming to burn into her as she shifted in his seat.

Garrett finally shook his head and looked back out to the road, "You have nothing to worry about. Really."


"With John. Yeah, he likes that girl but she isn't you. You sometimes forget how much he relies on you. He needs you. You aren't going to be less important."

She sighed looking out the window not bothering to respond. It was always like Garrett could read her mind which she appreciated because sometimes all she needed was reassurance. She hoped he was in fact right about this.

Once at her home, Garrett made sure she made it inside safely before saying goodnight and heading to his own home. She managed to push her thoughts aside and get ready for bed. Of course once she was tucked in, her mind went into overdrive. Wasn't alcohol suppose to suppress thoughts?!

She shut her eyes trying to fall asleep so she couldn't think anymore. Of course it wasn't long after that she was brought back to life by her bedroom door opening. She sat up immediately, her nerves now on edge, only to see John himself walking in. She didn't need much light to recognize the boy's lanky figure.

"What are you doing here?" She questioned, and he shuffled around her room before falling onto her bed. A familiar comfort washing over her as she smelled the hint of cigarettes and his own smell which she wasn't sure what it was made of.

"I'm checking on my girl. You were acting weird tonight and don't try to lie and say you weren't." He mumbled and she fell back onto her pillow with a sigh.

"Just have a lot on my mind O'Callaghan "

"Clearly and this is when you tell me about it so I can make you feel better."

"Contrary to popular belief, I don't tell you everything."

"Why not? I tell you everything." He said seriously and she shrugged although she wasn't sure if he could see that in the dark or not.

John breathed in, sliding his arm around the thin girl and pulling her closer.

"Look, I know you worry about me and I truly am grateful for it, but I promise I am fine and I can take care of myself. I know you don't want me to get hurt but I'll be fine. Shannon is good for me. She's different. I promise." He whispered to the girl and she shut her eyes tightly.

Kenzie didn't bother to respond, in fact she didn't know what to say back to that so she just buried her face into his shirt.

"You're still my number one girl, Kenz." He mumbled into her hair, "You always will be. I love you to the moon and back."

She chuckled softly against his chest and a grin hit his lips just happy he got her to laugh. His grasp tightened on her, not caring that he wasn't even tired and the alcohol was still pumping through his veins.

"Did you leave Shannon there?" She finally asked.

"Nah I took her home, told her I needed to check on you."

"And she was ok with that?"

"Well yeah, then again, she had no choice."

She rolled her eyes although he couldn't see and he kissed her head, " I mean it, you know? No one will ever come between us, Kenzie. You're my best friend. So stop worrying so much about everything."

"Ok." She mumbled and he stroked her hair lightly, "Get some sleep."

"Are you staying?"

"Yeah, I don't see why not." He stated and she heard his shoes fall to the floor as he kicked them off from the bed.

"Hey Kens..." He spoke once they were comfortably tucked in and she mumbled a response not bothering to open her eyes. She felt like she could actually sleep now that she had some reassurance from him.

"You don't like Garrett do you?" He asked and that alone caused her eyes to shoot open, "Huh?"

"Garrett. Do you like him?"

"Like, like-like him?" She questioned in shock.

"Well, yeah."

"Why would you think that?" She asked, moving enough to make eye contact with the boy. John responded with a shrug and she stared at him unsure where that even came from.

"I mean, you two, I don't know, seem close now."

"I spend a lot or time with all of you."

"Yeah but it's different..."

A laugh escaped her lips, "No it's not."

"Ok. Whatever you say, but maybe he has a thing for you then."

"Doubt it. We just have a mutual understanding on things."

"A mutual understanding of what?" He questioned and she sighed, "I don't know. Life, love, everything."

He narrowed his eyes at her as he tried not to make it seem like he was jealous of the boy but hell, she was his best friend and he felt like lately Garrett was taking his place.

"Are you trying to replace me?"

A smile hit Kenzie's lips, "Worried?"

"Not at all. I'm way cooler than Garrett."

Kenzie began to laugh and he smiled at her, "Just don't go getting any ideas."

"I could never replace you. I love you to the moon and back." She mocked and he laughed grabbing her and pulling her closer, "That's right and don't forget it, darling."

She was more than certain she would never be able to forget John O'Callaghan no matter how hard she tried.
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