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Sooner or Later

Starting over.

"Garrett..." Kenzie spoke, glancing over at the blue eyed boy who was sitting beside her on the floor eating. The group had taken a break after a few hours to get some food and of course she had set beside her 'boyfriend' a bit away from everyone else. Not that she minded. She really wasn't in the mood to be around tons of people, including Shannon who she wish was mean in any way.

He looked at her, his mouth filled with the subway sandwich they had picked up and she sighed not sure how to ask this.

"Would you say I was pretty?"

Garrett eyed her, swallowing his food down before making sure he picked the right words to say.

"Of course you are Kenz."

She nodded, "I'm just saying if you didn't know me, like would you consider me dateable?"

Garrett narrowed his eyes at her, "Yeah, I would. Why are you asking this?"

"I don't know, I mean , I don't hang out with girls really and then when some are around like say Shannon for instance I'm like, I'm nothing like that."

"Yeah you aren't anything like her and it's not a bad thing. You act like you act and look like a guy which isn't the case. I promise."

She nodded now feeling stupid for bringing it up. He gave her a weak grin before reaching over and squeezing her hand.

"Kenzie, you are beautiful and that isn't just me saying that because I know you, it's legit the truth."

"Thanks Gar." She spoke softly before kissing the boy's cheek.

Once she was back in her own bubble she looked up to see Shannon looking at her with a smile. Well that kiss definitely sealed the deal that was for sure.

The group worked for another thirty minutes before calling it a day. Kenzie grabbed up her keys and cellphone as Garrett waited for her not too far away.

"Why don't you hang out with me tonight? What do you say?" He asked with a grin as he held out his hand for her.

She nodded, placing her hand in his and he tugged her to the door.

"Hey, Kenzie, John and I are going to the movies tonight, you and Garrett should come!" Shannon offered up and John's eyes moved from his cell phone to Kenzie.

Kenzie shifted on her feet uncomfortably as John's eyes moved from her to Garrett then to their linked hands. She quickly pulled her hand from Garrett's grasp and ran her hand through her hair. The look in John's eyes was more intense than she had prepared herself for.

"I mean, or one of the others guys can come. Just didn't want it to be awkward for you." Shannon spoke trying to cover up what she had done although she wasn't sure if it was obvious or not.

"Actually, she's hanging out with me already. Sorry." Garrett spoke for her, a grin on his lips as he placed his hand on her lower back.

"Oh! No! That's fine. Some other time!" Shannon replied excitedly as if this whole secret relationship was hers. Kenzie tried not to roll her eyes, she was certain it would be only a matter of time before Shannon spilled out the truth to John and she could only imagine how livid he would be for not telling him.

John narrowed his eyes at her and she tried not to give in and coward away from his look. She needed to remind herself this whole relationship thing was for him even if she was certain he wouldn't agree to it.

"I might stop by after the movie so I'll text you." He finally spoke and she nodded, "Ok, I mean, I don't know where I'll be so..."

"Somewhere with Garrett is what I gathered so I'll text you." He replied boringly and she managed to simply nod which caused Garrett to roll his eyes.

"He knows." She spilled out once John was out of sight.

Garrett scoffed, "He knows that we are having a fake relationship?! Doubt it."

"He knows something up!"

"Relax. Come on, ride with me. We will come back for your car later."

Kenzie sighed once more, "This is a bad idea."

"Kenzie! Calm down! Even if he does, so what?! How can he say anything?! I mean, if this was real he couldn't be mad."


"Exactly. So shut up. We're dating. Suck it up."

"Well, you're a bossy boyfriend." She joked, buckling her seatbelt and a grin hit his lips, "because my girlfriend is paranoid about everything."

The pair drove to his house which he shared with Pat which really wasn't that surprising. They had a bromance that was slightly disturbing. Well, not to her because she was around too much but she assumed to outsiders a few would assume they might have more than a friendship going on. That alone made her laugh.

"I'm not playing video games." She stated as they walked in and he laughed, "Nah, but how do you feel about movies? I mean, I know it doesn't compare to seeing a movie with the perfect couple, but still...then again, if you miss them I'm sure we can make it in time to the theatre."

She immediately glared at him causing him to laugh as he fell on the couch. She didn't bother to respond, just quickly sat next to the boy getting comfortable beside him. Was this going to be how her life would be if John kept this girl around? Would Garrett become her new best friend? Not that she found any problem in being close to Garrett he however wasn't John and that thought alone made her a bit sad.

"What's on your mind? You're really quiet." Garrett stated as he flipped through the movie channels and she shrugged not daring to look at him. For some reason it was hard not to spill her guts to him so avoiding eye contact with him was crucial.

"He won't be mad, Kenz."

She sighed, "No, it's not that..."

"Then what is it? Is it about that whole pretty thing for earlier?" He asked and she rolled her eyes, "Garrett, I'm fine!"

He sighed, "No, you're not, but that's fine, I won't continue."

She glanced over at him as he brushed his hair back, adjusting his glasses.

"However, I don't think it would kill me to dress a bit more feminine." She stated, like she said, hard not to spill her guts to him. Then again, she always felt comfortable doing so because Garrett was never one to judge and that always made it easy for her to trust him.

His eyes met hers, an eyebrow raised as he seemed to examine her, "Why is this now an issue?"

She shrugged, looking back at the television. She really was just sick of feeling like one of them. How was she ever going to get someone to like her outside of them if she didn't try?

"You don't, um, like John do you?"

"What?!" She squeaked out and he shrugged, "I mean, he gets a girlfriend or whatever and you start acting like this, it's a logical question."

"Uh no, definitely not. I mean , it's John...ew..." She fumbled out as she made a face and he chuckled, "Ok, ok. Forget I asked!"

She sighed, her head filled with Garrett's words now. She couldn't like John, after all he was her best friend and it would be so...wrong. Right?

She shook her head and tried to focus on the movie playing as she relaxed against the couch. She just wanted everything to go back to normal was that too much to ask?

"You don't have to change for anyone Kenz. You could get anyone you want, I mean that. Whether or not you think you are attractive on the outside, which trust me you are, but either way you are beautiful the inside and you can't deny that." Garrett finally spoke, she knew very well he had been over thinking the conversation and was finding the perfect words to say like always. It was moments like this she appreciated his way with words.

She grinned as she looked up at him, "Thanks Gar." She whispered and he patted her hair, "No problem. OH! And here's a good question, do you even know how to go all girl?" He asked and she groaned, "No..."

Garrett chuckled, "You need to invest in some girl friends."

"Thanks for that observation." She mumbled out, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I'm just saying I don't know how much help I will be."

"I know..."

"Oh idea! How about you ask Shannon?! I mean, that would seal the deal and you could tell her it was for me." He replied with a smirk and she shoved him as he laughed.

"You are enjoying this too much."

"I just find it amusing is all. Either way, you know the girl would love to help you. She's practically begging for your approval."

"True." She mumbled as she thought it over.

"Do it."

"I feel like this is all for you."

A smile hit his lips. "A little because I think you're perfect the way you are so you doing all this will just be entertaining."

"And if I ask her, will you come?"

"Now how will this be a surprise for me if I go with you, baby?" He teased and she glared at him, "I hate you."

"Don't talk to your boyfriend like that."

"About to be my fake ex-boyfriend." She grumbled and he laughed, "Yeah, something tells me that won't happen because John is involved."

Kenzie didn't bother to respond because she knew as much as she didn't want to admit it, he was right. She was determined for John to be happy even if that put her in a fake relationship with Garrett.

"I'll ask her tomorrow." She finally got out at a whisper and Garrett proceeded to pat her head before focusing on the television.

The things you do for people you care about...
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