Rowan Fitzpatrick is released from St. Bernard's Psychiatric Hospital after being there for almost three years. She goes to live with her sister, Poppy, in London. Poppy introduces Rowan to the world of punk. Rowan meets Reagan Quinn-Whitaker, a cocaine addicted singer/guitarist who (upon finding that Rowan is quite musical) recruits Rowan to be in her band, The Dirty Babes. As The Dirty Babes become more popular the lives of both girls become more and more chaotic. This chaos becomes more intense when they get involved with Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious.
  1. London Calling.
  2. After The Glitter Fades.
    "We all chase something, and maybe this is a dream. / The timeless face of a rock and roll woman while her heart breaks. Oh you know...the dream keeps coming, even when you forget to feel."