Status: Maybe


Title: Jack
Main Pairing: (eventual) Jalex/Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth
Rating: R (for future chapters)
Warnings: bad words, minor death, parallel universe

The man leaped away from Jack, once again hitting the ground, but this time on his back. The stranger's wide, terrified eyes locked with Jack's own questioning ones. The raven haired boy took the time to really look over the man, admiring his features endlessly and already glad he ran into him.

"Uh... are you... real?" The man's hoarse voice cut through the silence that has fallen between them, almost startling Jack out of his trance.

"I mean, I guess I am... last time I checked anyways."

"No like... you're from the gallery, right?"

"Yeah, I am."

Based off of the game, Ib