Sequel: Her Silver Chain
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Her Black Cross



The world we live in is ruled by gangs, mafia organizations and corporations and it's really hard for normal and poor people to survive. Especially for women; they can't find any kind of decent work and they get their money supply from the men who are their masters. Those men usually own companies and are also involved in underground dealings. There are good and bad guys, but mostly bad so I'd advice you to take care of yourselves.


This story is rated R for a reason. If you think you can't handle rated R themes, then please don't read it. You've been warned, so now read at your own risk.

The summary, the story, characters and plot line are mine. Credits for the the character banner go to naruto uzumaki. You steal and I'll report you, okay? But really now, do not steal/copy, it's not nice.

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  1. Lying
    Was our life built on lies?
  2. Seeking
    Was she ever really mine?
  3. Sleeping
    Would I ever wake up? I wonder.
  4. Reality
    Was my reality as sweet as my dreams?
  5. Knowing
    I have always known.
  6. Loyalty
    Have you forgotten this word's meaning?
  7. Bonds
    And I wonder, which kind of bonds are the strongest?
  8. Thunder Storm
    Sometimes I wonder, am I really sleeping or am I lying to myself?
  9. Preparations
    I had to try my best again even if I didn't want to.
  10. Heartless Beast
    But even beasts have hearts, don't they?
  11. Drinking
    Cause it kind of helps, doesn't it?
  12. A Man
    Sometimes even I want to feel like a woman.
  13. Comfortable Feeling
    Why am I so comfortable with a stranger, but not anyone else?
  14. Butterflies
    Did you ever have those butterflies in your chest that everyone speaks of?
  15. Vulnerable Hearts
    We had a gang to protect, and our gang was our family.
  16. Hospital
    With time, you’ll understand.