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You're Still Beautiful


Many people walked past me everyday, no one seems to notice me, I can see why.

I turned my music up and felt the vibration of it, a soft smile curled upon my lips. I gently moved the pencil across the paper drawing light lines connecting them into a beautiful drawing. It was the tree outside of my bedroom window, the one thing that was a sign of strength and beauty to me.

The pencil marks seemed to dance across the page, the way it melted into the next made my heart flutter.

The wind blew, leafs glided across the side walk, and the cool air blew through my hair. It was the middle of fall, the days are becoming shorter and each night gets colder. A boy with brown hair started to walk towards the bench I was sitting on.

My heart beat raised faster and more frantically the closer he got. He took a seat and smiled at me, I smiled back and looked back down at my page. I could see him talking out of the corner of my eye, but was to nervous to acknowledge it.

He quickly gave up and pulled out a notebook and began writing, filling the sheets with neat letters. He pulled out a black sharpie and sticky note, writing something down, he placed it on the bench next to me and smiled.

"The trees are beautiful, I love fall." I smiled at the note and nodded pulling out my own sticky notes. "Me too." I stuck it down over his and he glanced down reading it, he smiled and began writing again. "You're not much of a talker are you?" I shook my head and drew a smiley face placing it down next to his.

"Well, what's your name?" He warmly smiled sticking the note down, "Cassie, and you are?" I stuck the note on his note book and giggled, "Corey". I nodded and sat back, he was cute, if only I could hear what he said instead of reading it.

Yes, you're probably wondering what I'm talking about. I'm deaf. I lost my hearing in an accident when I was three years old.

I hate talking about it though, the kids who do know just make fun of me and talk about how much of a freak I am.

He stuck a note on the bench and looked at me. "You know you're beautiful, right?", I felt my cheeks become red and naturally tried to hide it. I grabbed my pen again writing down "thanks" finishing it off with a cute smiley face. "So, I gotta go my mom will be waiting for me." I wrote and stuck it down, he made a sad face but quickly returned to smiling. "Bye!" I smiled at the sticky note and turned to walk away.

I couldn't stop smiling... most guys would have quit talking to me by then, he was different though... special.

The walk home was long and cold, I slid my Uggs off and walked through the doorway. I tiptoed up the stairs and walked into my bedroom before plopping down on my bed. I looked around at my walls, avenged sevenfold, metallica, and slayer posters covered my walls.

I grabbed my metallica T-shirt off the corner of my bed sliding it over my head. Yes, I can't really hear them, but I've read the lyrics and I can feel the beat... something about it just felt right... like it was met for me to hear.

I glanced at my phone, already ( 9:30 pm ) I don't understand how time fly's by so fast. I clicked my electric blanket on and waited for the warmth to spread across my bed. It's been been a long day, and I can't wait to wake up to the next. I smiled and closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep.

My phone begin to vibrate and my eyes popped open, ( 6:00 am ) again, I wanted to look forward to seeing Corey again but I knew it wasn't going to happen.

I pulled into the parking lot of my school and stepped out onto the sidewalk. I ended up leaving my shirt on and only sliding new skinny jeans on. The group of cheer leaders passed me all pointing and giggling, I've never understood their problem.

Stepping into the class room once again was awkward, people stared, whispered, and pointed.... you would think I'd be used to this shit by now but sadly I won't ever be... I watched Mr green teach his heart out and smiled at his words. Ive always wished I could hear what his voice sounded like. I studied his lips as they moved keeping track of every word.

Finally it was over, I walked out of the building quickly walking straight to my bench..... I've been waiting all day just to go and draw, finally that time has come. I pulled out my sketch pad and pencils and closed my eyes for a moment. I stuck my ear buds in and began to draw, it looked beautiful so far, like usual.

The bench moved a bit and I looked over to see Corey smiling at me. He pulled a sharpie out and his note bad and started to scribble. "Hey! How was your day?" I smiled at the note, "good... long, how about yours?" He winked, "so so, I have a feeling it'll get better now that I'm talking to you." He stuck the note on top of my phone, I smiled at scanned my eyes across it.

He's a flirt, but in a good way... "you're sweet." I wrote down in neat cursive letters, "do you have a number?" I read the note and nodded, writing it and sticking the sheet down. "You know I was thinking yesterday... I really like you." I read the note and took a deep breath, is he joking? "I really like you too." I wrote sighing, he chuckled.... "so what are you listening to?" I stared at the note scared to answer... "a special song..." I closed my eyes hoping he wouldnt ask anything else, the truth being nothing was playing... "can I listen?" He smiled while sticking it down, I slowly shook my head. "Its embarrassing." He shook his head and blew a kiss.

3 weeks later.

"How was your day?" He asked scribbling a stick person down next to the writing. I giggled, "good, i thought about you all day." I wrote, he smiled, "I wanna ask you something..." he wrote picking up my hand, I nodded, "will you be my girl friend?" I stared at the note before quickly nodding, I wrote yes down twenty times and stuck it down.

"Wanna hear my song?" I asked, he scanned his eyes over the note and nodded. I pulled my ear buds out and handed them to him, he placed them in his ears and shrugged his shoulders. "I can't hear anything?" He said I watched his lips move and nodded, "I know, I'm deaf." I wrote covering my face, I closed my eyes expecting for him to walk away. I opened my eyes to see him holding a note, "you're still beautiful." I smiled and he pulled me into a hug before landing a kiss onto my lips.....
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