Status: When you are human, in a family of creaturs that hide in the darkness. Life is never dull.

Twisted Family

The Writing On The Locker 1

You know your in deep shit, when your family is not cursed but are born to be true monsters. In this family I’m talking about there are devils, witch, warlock, vampires, ghost, stone monsters and in this twisted family is human. Who is that human? Me, yay my life….not not really, its bad. Though on the plus side, no monsters will come after me, because they know my family is badass.

My alarm bat goes off, quickly I slam the top of it to shut it off. “Ugh.”

“Zoey! It’s time to wake up!” my mom yells out from down stairs.

Sitting up, my black curtains move to show how bright it is out side. “Oh come on house, you could had waited till I was awake!” I yell out.

Why am I yelling at the house? Well that’s easy, the house is a living thing.

Getting out of bed, I take off my tank top and shorts, only to change into holey jeans, a green tank top, leather jacket, black knee high boots and my bat amulet. Tapping the bat, it’s eyes glow bright green. “What?!” my brother yells out threw the amulet.

“Mom says it’s time to get up.”

“For you, not me.” then the eyes go black again.


The light up again. “Heard that.” then the eyes go black again.

Glaring at the necklace, I just want to throw it away half the time. The only reason I have to leave it on, is because mom told me to if anything bad would happen all I had to do was scream really load and then my twin brother Conner would be sucked out of where ever he is at and come to my rescue. I want to see that happen, because even if we are siblings I’m the human and that makes me the wimp in everything when it comes to are family.

Grabbing my back pack and phone, I head down stairs in are Victorian mansion that is about two thousand years old. Dad says, it’s the oldest house in town and maybe in the hole state. Though dad likes to make things up.

“There my Zoey, morning darling.” grandma Emmy says with a smile on her face. I’m not sure how grandma died, but in any case whatever she was before doesn’t count because now she a ghost.

“Morning grandma.”

Mom moves stuff around in the kitchen. “You want pancakes or anything, before going to your new school?”

Walking into the kitchen, mom has a black dress on that presses up her boobs, a big black hat and black gloves. Mom red hair almost reaches almost to the floor. “No, just need milk.”

Mom opens the fridge, while I get a glass. “You nerves for you first day?”

I’ve been home schooled since I was five along with my brother, the only reason I am going to school now is because mom and dad think, its time to make some human friends. “Little bit.”

“You want me to go with you? It’ll be fun for me to scare some new people.” grandma says with a ghostly laugh.

“Not today, if anything goes wrong you can come tomorrow.” I tell her.

She fades away in the floor.

“Where dad at?” I ask mom as I pour the milk.

“Asleep I think.”

Drinking down the milk, I put the glass in the sink. “Okay, well tell him I said bye.”

“Which car you taking?”

“I was thinking the Corvette.”

She smiles at me. “Want to make a big impression?”

“Yep.” grabbing the car keys, I wave at her as I run threw the house and head out of the house. “Bye house, see you in a few hours!” I yell out.

The shutters cling and clang against the walls, as if its waving goodbye. The gorge door opens for me and so quickly I get in the Corvette and head off to my new school.


Parking in the back of the parking lot, I get looks from people. What those looks like, I’m not sure but a lot of those looks don’t look nice. Grabbing my bag and out of the car, I slam the door shut and lock it up tight with it honking back at me.

Walking past some girls, a girl with dirty blond hair glairs at me. “What’s up with your hair?”

She talking about my blond hair and long red bangs. Mom of course has red hair and dad has dirty blond hair. Conner hair is the other way around, red hair in the back and blond bangs in the front. “Just way I was born.”

She puts her hands on her hips and sashays over to me. “What’s your name, new girl?”

“Zoey Dragon and yours?”

“Jane Ginger, also known as the Mayor daughter. So what I say, is law around here.”

Someone walks over to us and a hand is placed on my hip. “Oh back off, Jane no one cares what your dad does for a living.” looking up a boy with black hair, dark as night and bright blue eyes smile down at me. “Hi I’m Vick, nice to meet you and you are?”

“Zoey.” stepping out of his embrace.

“So Zoey, do you have someone to show you around are doom of a school?” Vick asks.


“Then let me show you around.” he grabs my hand and starts to lead me away.

“Hey Vick, what about me?!” Jane whines out.

“Chock on your popularity!” he yells back.


Morning classes go well, though I have three classes with Jane and in those same classes. Though in some other classes, I get creepy looks from other guys. Walking up to my locker, my back pack falls off my shoulder. 'GET OUT FREAK!!!' The words say a cross my locker.

“Hey-” Vick walks up to me and looks at the locker. “Zoey, don’t worry they got video cameras for this sort of stuff.”

Picking up my back pack, I walk past him. “It doesn’t matter, I’m going home.”

Vick runs up to me and grabs my wrist, holding me in place. “Don’t let this bother you, sure it’s your first day and all, but it will get better.”

The bat necklace starts to glow around my neck, this time one eye is dark blue and the other one is green. “Let go of me Vick.”

“Please Zoey, stay.”

I yank my arm free. “I have to go and that is, all I have to say to you.” then like that I run down the hallway to my car and head home.
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