Status: When you are human, in a family of creaturs that hide in the darkness. Life is never dull.

Twisted Family

Things Just Got Complicated 11

Is this what it feels like dying? Drifting in space, seeing your life like a movie on several flat screens. There was so much planning for my life. I knew what I was going to do, but now I would never get to do any of it. Because I’m dying. There part of me aware that dad trying to save my life, but there is another part of me that just wants to be let go.

Could a child born from a vampire, that was meant to be a vampire or anything else when it comes to my family. Truly die, a death of passion? I was amended to some things, but not everything. I was human though, but even being human I was still amended to some deaths. A few years ago, I was in a car crash that should had killed me, but some how I had lived. It didn’t make since and it still makes no since.

Something hits my heart at full force and I don’t know what it is. I scream in pain, as whatever it is spreads threw my body. -What’s happening to me?-

A big flat screen appears in front of me, its my family in the time and now of what is going on. They are watching me. Why were they watching me the way they were? It made no since. I want to scream out at them and ask what was going on, but I know they can’t hear me. I’m just supposed to flout here and wait for something-anything to happen to me.

Something hits my heart again. It’s as if, an ice pick was hitting my heart and making me bleed to death.

A white light appears at the end of the slid show tunnel, of the more recent events. “Just let me die.” I whimper as the pain gets worse in my chest.

“Not die, reborn the way you were supposed to be.” a strange voice tells me.


I live in day light, not in the darkness. I am different from my family and I am different from everyone I know, just because of the secrete I have to hide. That secret, is that my family are the creates that go bump in the night. No one knows or understands why, I was born a human out of a family of those creatures. My mom, dad, Conner and grandma love me all the same. To the rest of my family, I am scum that should had been left on the door step of some human house or left some where far far away from where I live.

Its funny, those are the things I think of when my very life and being is changing. Do I truly hate my own family this much? Of those of are family that hate me so much, could despise them as much as they do me? I guess in some ways, the apple doesn’t fall far from the twisted tree, that lingers in the darkest/thickest forest.

Something touches my four head and right away my eyes open, to see mom. She smiles down at me and kisses my four head. “How do you feel?” she asks me.

Was dead a good answer or the fact that I could hear everything with in a twenty mile radices good enough? I won’t truly be like my mom or dad, just like Conner. Neither of us are in the range of being full vampires. Not yet at least. Conner is closer, I know he is. Sun light affects him more now in days. It would soon do the same thing to me.

“Different.” I tell her.

Different? Was that really all I was going to be able to say?

Sitting up slowly, my teeth slightly hurt and my body does as well. Looking down at what I am wearing, I have a black night gown on, something that mom wears when she to lazy to put on now and day PJ’s. “How long have I been out?” I ask her.

“About a week.” dad says coming threw the open door.

A week? How much did I miss in the human world? Would Vick still talk to me or was I screwed to be the creepy girl that lives in the old house on the hill that no one likes? To everyone in this town, are house was the eye sour just because we kept it dark and didn’t care to paint it. We only did that, because we didn’t want people to come by with pies or something else, to get us to invite them in for afternoon tea.

“Are you thirsty or anything?” mom asks getting up, only to bring back a silver tray of red drinks in different forms. Ice cream, fruit cocktail (blood cocktail), smoothie and of course the old fames blood bag it’s self.

Conner likes his blood in a smoothie. Mom likes hers in a fruit cocktail (blood cocktail) and dad of course likes the old fashion blood bag.

I reach out for the ice cream and nibble on it. It really doesn’t taste like anything for a few seconds and then I get the full on taste of it. My body rejects it right away and it comes up onto my bed sheets. My very nice silver bed sheets at that.

Mom rubs my back, as the ice cream comes out of my stomach. “What does this mean?” mom asks dad softly.

It made no since, I was a vampire. I was part of my family truly. I was no longer human. I was no longer the scum that you step on and become utterly repulsed. “I don’t know.” dad answers. “They are here, so we have to act like she is truly a vampire. We just can’t let her drink any of the drinks.” he tells her.

Sitting up, my body feels week and shaken. “Who here?” I had a good guess who they meant, but I wasn’t all that sure. After throwing up a blood ice cream, things sort of become foggy for a few seconds.

“The family.” they both said.

Here is a tip for you when it comes to my parents saying a few words together. When they say ‘the family’ they mean EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter if they were kicked out of the house, they are were here and they just couldn’t wait to see what has happened to me. More then half of them hope I died and never came back to life. The others could careless, this only gave them something to do.

Dad leaves closing the door behind him. Mom moves aside so I can get off the throw up bed and right away the sheets are gone. One of the house tricks, aside from kicking people out it can fix your bed and about every other house hold choirs


After getting changed into some skinny jeans, a button down shirt with rolled up sleeves and flip flops we head out of my room. Mom messes with my hair as we go down the few short steps from my room and into the hallway. Dad, Conner and Grandma all stand on the middle section of the steps staring down at everyone. Conner went the same path with dad and wears a black suite with a red tie. Scary to think that Conner might act more like dad year or years from now.

Walking down the steps, I come face to face with my hole family. You know how some times, you don’t know how many family members you have? I know exactly how many family members I have. I know when or if they are married and I know if someone is going to have a baby or not. My family tree would most likely out do any one family tree. We are talking 46, 289 family members that are alive 60, 000 that are ghost and 13, 467 babies so far. So that means in a grand total of family members I have 119, 756. I’m sort surprised none of the branches of that tree has fallen off.

Dad booming voice takes over the hole room with in the matter of seconds. “My daughter Zoey, born from my wife to only be human. Now she is one of us, she is a vampire. A species of greatness, as the rest of are family members are creatures of great power.” he tells them all.

I can hear the groans from some of my cousins and for once, I’m there with them. I always hated hearing dad lectures of something.

“Tonight we celebrate the rebirth of Zoey!” he declares.

-Someone please shoot my frozen heart.- for a split second I feel my heart beat. -What the?!-

I grab mom arm and pull her to the side, as loud music starts to sound. I put her cold fingers over my wrist and right away her eyes get big. “How is this-”

“I have no idea.” I tell her with big eyes.

It made no since, I died and my vampire blood saved me, making me vampire. Or as far as I knew a vampire. Maybe I hadn’t complicated the change like we had thought. It would explain why I threw up the blood ice cream and why my heart is still beating. Slowly, but it was still beating all the same.
Looking out at are family, I was still not among them as I should had been from birth. I was still the outsider looking in.