Status: When you are human, in a family of creaturs that hide in the darkness. Life is never dull.

Twisted Family

This Isn't Good 12

My family parties well past four in the morning and then everyone leaves. Or at least those that can stand the day light, everyone else crashes here and some how most of my baby cousins end up in my room. Again.

Stepping to the side, I point at the door for them to get out but they don’t get the hint. So I go postal vampire on them and scare the crap out of them. I felt like mom, but mom didn’t have to go postal vampire on them, she just has a chilling way to make you run for your life when she was pissed.

Falling face first into the bright blue sheets, I remember my silver sheets and remember that I will never get to lay in them again.

The house moves my blankets over me as it tucks me in. It has always watched over me and protected the family. It needed something in return and a paint job sounded good, even if are neighbors came over to bring us pies and want to sit for afternoon tea.

Sleep takes over, but it’s short lived when my alarm clock goes off. Slamming my hand down alarm clock, I sit up and notice something. Someone else was in my bed and asleep. Slowly my eyes move from the feet, up to the sleeping face of. Erik Blue! -What the hell is he doing in my bed?!- I scream out in my head.

All of the sudden his hand grabs my arm and pulls me back down onto the bed and tucks me half way under his body. “You can’t get away from me that easily.” he whispers with a lazy voice.

“How did you get in my room and why are you here?” I ask bluntly.

“Your mom let me in here and I wanted to spend time with you, before you had to go to school.” he tells me simply.

“So you just feel asleep in my room?”

He shakes his head. “It’s a vampire thing remember? We like sleeping during the day.”

-Yeah older and more mature vampires, you ideate.- I want to snap at him, but there is part of me that knows dad would hear me say those words and come out of his coffin and go postal. Again.

The house shakes a little bit, to let me know its time to wake up. It wont open the curtains this time, most likely do to the company in my bed. “You are going to have to let go of me.” I tell him.

He snuggles in closer and puts his face in my neck. “Not yet.” he whispers planting a kiss on my neck.

What little my heart still moves, almost flips. I allow this for two mints and then I get out of his grip, grab torn up skinny jeans, high tops, a simple black shirt with a sparrow on it and put some makeup on. After coming out my bathroom, as I pull my hair back. Erik is watching me lazily, as his eyes trail over my body slowly making me shiver inside. -I wonder if he would freak out, if he knew I only changed half way?- my parents would proudly ground me for all eternity if I said anything about it.

“We are going to be late!” Conner yells out.

Putting my phone in my back pocket I wave at Erik as he goes back to sleep. Once out of my room, I bolt down stairs into the kitchen where mom is dressed in a way to reveling outfit for my taste. With this outfit, it screams that her and dad, had some time together. Thank goodness all the bedrooms are sound proof.

“Why is Erik Blue in my bed?” I ask her straight off as she holds up some pancakes.

She giggles. “Sorry hun, he came after you feel asleep and he wanted to be there when you woke up. You know after making the big change and everything.” she says putting the plate down on the table where Conner sits with a cup of coffee with blood in it. I can smell the blood in it, but I can’t drink it.

“I didn’t completely change. I can’t stomach blood, it makes me sick and my heart is still beating. It might be slower now, but it’s still beating.”

Conner puts down his cup and sits up right. “We have an idea, how to complete the change.” he says, not even looking at me.

“And what is that?” I ask crossing my arms.

He looks at me now, his eyes are empty of anything he might feel. “You have to touch the thorn bush again.”

“No way! Last time I did that, I almost died!”

“Yes, but if things work out right. Your vampire blood will wake up completely and save your life again.” mom says walking over to me, putting her