Status: When you are human, in a family of creaturs that hide in the darkness. Life is never dull.

Twisted Family

War In The House 13

Stepping between them before Erik can get his teeth in Vick, he glares down at me showing his fangs. He growls at me for warning what I have done. He doesn’t know I can take him, being a black belt helps and doing kick boxing to. Mom and dad didn’t want me to be defend when I was little, since I wasn’t a vampire.

“He is my friend Erik, so leave him alone.” my voice is steady, like dad voice when he is mad.

Erik glares at me one last time, before his teeth go back into place for a normal person. He backs off and so do I, but I don’t trust him. He hates human guys more then I thought. He was willing to killing Vick with in seconds walking into the house. A house that wasn’t even his own.

Erik holds out his hand to Vick. “Erik Blue.”

Vick looks at me but shakes Erik hand any ways. “Victor Scar. Vick for short.” he clarifies.

They part hands and right away I’m in Erik grasp. “Since you are here Vick, I have an idea. I was going to take my girlfriend out to watch some games, but since you are here I got a better idea.” his words are chilling.

“Erik stop it, he is here to help me with my homework.” I tell him.

Erik smiles down at me. “It’ll be easy and I’ll even play nice.” playing nice for Erik could mean anything. “So what do you think Vick? Are you up for a game?”

“Winner gets to have a date with Zoey tonight.”

-How the hell is he so sure of himself?-

Erik smile is a smirk, he knows he can win anything when it comes to human guys. He pulls me even closer and kisses me hard on the lips. “Till the end of the games.” he tells me softly and before I know it, both guys are gone to who knows where.

“Grandma!” I yell out, as I make a bee line for the other rooms that look all over the grounds of the house. If they are outside there is only so much they can do. But if they were in the house, things would be worse. Mom and dad had this place filled with traps. Conner and I even feel into a few of them, luckily we didn’t get hurt.

Grandma appears with in mints and she looks, like she had a good night to. Given both grandma and grandpa are dead, ghost can still have their fun. “What got you so worked up Zoey?”

“Erik challenged Vick to some sort of game and I’m worried that Erik might do something to him. Can you get the other ghost relatives to search the house, I’ll search outside.”

She shakes her head and then leaves going threw the floor. Going into the room I open up the window, as the wind picks up. “Vick?! Erik?!” there is faint grunting in the woods. Jumping out of the window, I run threw the woods and come face to face with them using swords. -Oh you got to be kidding me.-

“She is not your’s, she can be any one’s that she wants to be. You don’t own her!” Vick spits out.

“That is where you are wrong,” Erik lunges at Vick and he has barley enough time to hold the sword back. “She is mine, because we are meant to be together. She like an outcast just the rest of us, she was born human but now she is what she should be.”

“What does that even mean?!” Vick yells out running full.


Anger fills my body and before any one of them know it, I’m in the middle holding their swords in the air. The meddle of the swords burn and start to melt in my hands. “That’s enough!” I roar out, sending them flying apart from one another. My eyes set on Erik first, he is glaring at me and I don’t care. I want him out of my house. “You are a guest in another’s home, you have no right to go after someone that means you no harm.”

“He wants you! I can smell it!” he barks back at me.

“I make up my own mind, who I will be with! Not you, my parents or the match maker from hell!”

He’s in front of me with in seconds. “That’s not how it works and you know it.” he growls out.

“I do not curtsy to you or any one else. Now get out of my house before I throw you off this land.” I growl back.

He gets close to my face. “This isn’t over.” without warning he kisses me, but it’s short lived because I grab between his shoulder and neck. Pinching the nerves, I spin with his body limp now and throw him over the house.

Slowly looking over at Vick, there is fear in his eyes. He knows what I am now, even if I am only half vampire. I’m still one of those creatures that go bump in the night. “I don’t expect you to understand this now or ever. Please, just keep this to your self. I’ll ask my parents to take your memories away and I’ll never bother you again.” I tell him and then I lead him out of the woods.

“Do you drink blood, like real vampires?” he asks as we go around the house.

I just shake my head no.


“I can’t stomach it.” I tell him truthfully and then we go up to the front of the house. “Will you please, stay here until the sun goes down. My parents should wake up after that.” I tell him.


You know that feeling you get, when you get busted for getting a cookie out of the cookie jar before dinner? Yeah I don’t feel that right now, I feel full on fear as I stand before my parents, brother and grandma. Dad is giving me the dirty look and I know mom wants to come over to my side and hold on to me. I’m still her little girl.

“I can’t believe you did this to the family.” dad says in a low voice.

“He was going to kill Vick.” I tell him.

Dad glares at me. “It doesn’t matter, you should let him kill that boy.”

“I don’t care who he is, he had and has no right to kill Vick.”

“Zoey.” mom warns.

“You didn’t tell him did you?” I know my mom, she wont say any big news about me, unless dad in a good mood. So I will do the braking news for her. “I’m not going to complete the change.”

Dad eyes turn red, as he glares at me. “You have to.”

“I’m not risking my life, just because there might be a chance I might live.”

“You have to complete the change.”

“Who says? You, because you hate that I am something that no one else is in are family?!” I bark out.

“Zoey!” mom snaps. “We love you, but he is right. For things to go right, you have to complete the change.”

“I’ll pass.” then with that I walk out of the office and slam the door behind me.

With my actions tonight, will start a war in the house between my father and I. I know this, just like the rest of my family in the house. The house shakes, asking if I am all right. But even now, I don’t feel like talking to the house. I had my parents take Vick memories of me away, I would not returning to school. Or at least that school.
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