Status: When you are human, in a family of creaturs that hide in the darkness. Life is never dull.

Twisted Family

Stomach It 14

I have read how teens hate school and how they wish to be any where else. I’m not that way, I have been in these walls for years learning things. It’s lowly here and I hate it. Conner going threw his change every passing day, he’s sleeping more during the day. Soon I will be left in the sun light, as my family linger in the darkness.

There acutely part of me that wants to complete the change, but the other part of me is scared of doing that.

Sitting down on my window seat it’s a gray day, there no sun light. The world looks gloomy just like my mood. I wont try to paint the house, there is a possibility for rain and I don’t want my work washed away.

Resting my head against the window, I can’t help but think I’m locked away in a tower, waiting for someone to come and rescue me. A car roars down are street and passes are house, it’s Vick car. I’m so used to seeing it now, but why is he still driving past are house? Mom and dad took away his memories of him. His car keeps going, only to slow down for a few seconds before going on.

My door opens and mom walks in, with a tray of hot chocolate. “Erik called again.” she tells me, handing me a cup.

“I’m not going to call him back.” I tell her pressing my legs against my chest.

“You need to talk to him, he’s sorry. You acutely made the boy, sorry for being born.” she tells me.

That makes me smile a little bit. “I want to go back to school.”

She sits down next to me and pats my knee. “I know you do, I’m working to get that to happen for you.” she whispers.

“Dad hard headed, he wont let it happen easily.” I tell her softly.

“I know hun,” she kisses me on the head. “You need to complete the change.” she tells me softly.

My eyes focus on the outside world. The world that I have danced in the sun light, had imaginary friends growing up and wondering what was outside my home town. “What if I die this time?” my words are cruel to the both of us and even to the house.

She is sad and a single tear falls from her eyes, that slide down her beautiful face. “Then we will deal with it.” she says to me softly.

It’s not known, if a human child is born into any other family with magic being families if they will turn into ghost’s after death. There would be a high chance, if I completed the change that I would die and never come back.

“Alexandra!” dad bellows out.

He knows where she’s at, he just wont come up here and get her. Mom gets up, kisses me on the head and walks out of the room softly closing the door behind her.

Leaning back against the window, I just hold the cup of hot chocolate. I wanted to go back to school so bad, I wanted to have my friends back and even if I was only there for a little bit so be it. I just didn’t want to be locked up in the house anymore it was maddening.


Night has fallen and now I am sitting on the house. My family are all out and about in town, even grandma. The rest of my family left as soon as the sun set. Conner tried to get me to go to the movies with him, but I passed I didn’t want to be around people. Not to night. Not with these thoughts in my head.

Holding my blanket close around me, I burry my face into my lap and watch the street bellow. I missed humans. I missed Vick and how he got me to laugh when I was upset. How I wish he was here.

“Hey so I know this hot girl and she won’t get out of my head.” a voice says as they walk out of the attic aces point onto the roof. “Will this hot girl go on a date with me?” Vick asks as he sits down next to me.


“Your mom, she said some words to me over the phone and I remember everything. I wont tell anyone about your family Zoey I promise.” he tells me.

“You can’t even tell my dad or Conner you remember or Erik.” I tell him.

“Yeah I know,” he says softly. “So are you and Erik together.”

“My parents want us to be, just because of the damn match maker.”

“Could I be a match for you?” he asks as he flexes his muscles and that gets me to laugh. “There my smiling girl, I tired of the mope sad face version.”

After getting myself under control, I shake my head. “Sorry but no, apparently he just does match making for the creatures that hide in the shadow.”

“You use not to linger in the darkness. Well aside from the hot goth clothes you wore at school some times.”

“Get stuff that match your mood.” I tell him.

He shakes his head, then he leans back on his elbows. “When you coming back to school?’

I just shrug my shoulder and don’t look back at him. “I don’t know, my mom trying to work with my dad about that, but he’s mad. I told them I wouldn’t complete the change and even that I am thinking about.”

“You want to become a true creature of the night?”

“My hole family are creatures, I’m the only odd ball. They think I’m full blood vampire now, but they still hate me.”

“Can you still not stomach blood?”

I just shake my head. “We have tried it in different forms and none of it works.”

“What about from the vane?” he asks sitting up now, he is egger to help.

“Only the royal family do that, there has been to many problems over the years. So a lot of the other vampire blood lines have stopped drinking from humans. There are still a few though,”

He pulls back his sleeve and show me his arm. “Drink from me, it’s the only thing you haven’t tried yet.”


“Please do it for me.”

Taking a deep breath, my fangs come out and before I know it my teeth are in his flesh.