Status: When you are human, in a family of creaturs that hide in the darkness. Life is never dull.

Twisted Family

Grounded Till Your Dead 15

Vick went home after everything, I was able to stomach the blood but not for long. I ran to the bathroom as soon as he was gone, so the blood stayed in my system for a good ten mints. The front door opens and right away, the house rocks the flooring under me, sending upstairs into my room and slams the door shut. The smell of blood will most likely be on me and in the bathroom.

Mom walks in seconds later and looks at my pale face. “You tried to drink it again, didn’t you?” she kneels down to me as I lean against my bed. “Don’t force your self.” she whispered to me.

Dad walks in seconds later, giving me a hard cold look. “Erik is on his way here and you will behave.” he tells me and then he slams the door shut behind me.

“Why did you marry dad?” I ask softly. “Beside the match maker.” I finish after I can get my breathing steady.

“We love one another and we wanted a family together.” she tells me.

The devoirs rate was way low in the world my parents are part of. Like we are talking, if two of the worst pop starts got married they wouldn’t devoirs because of some stupid reason. “Yeah, but what if you and dad just passed one another, would you had given him a second look?”

She smiles at me. “I’m going to show you the photo album from when we meat.”

“No not the photo album, please anything but that.” I hated those books. They went from dad going from the occurred stages of vampire life, to mom ugly prom dress and hair, to grandma streaking in the mall, to Conner and I butts showing for the camera. I wanted to burn those books, ever seen I seen are baby pictures, I don’t know if Conner ever felt the same though.

The door bell wrings and mom gets up. “Put on something nice.” she tells me and then she leaves my room.

“House, if I just like I don’t know. Disappeared in the floor bored, would you tell mom and dad?” the floor bored under click and clack for a yes. “Trader.” I grumble as I get up, to change into gray pants, white button down shirt, my bat necklace that was given back to me by Conner. He didn’t want me to be alone and even if dad was being a prick, Conner would still come to my aid.

Pulling back my hair, I head down stairs only to stop all of the sudden. “When will she complete the change?” Erik voice is a whisper but I can hear it all the same.

“I already have that figured out.” my dad tells him.

Without thinking about it, I head down the stairs. “Try never.” I tell him, grabbing my car keys and head out the door.

“Zoey Dark, you get back here right now!” dad roars out.

I spin so fast, it acutely makes me a little dizzy. “I’m not turning full vampire, I’m staying the way I am!” I yell at him.

Before I can blink, he stands before me and slaps me clean a cross the face. “You are grounded.” with that he throws me over his shoulder. Erik looks at me stunned as I try to fight back. Dad throws me on the steps and the house reacts to this act. The house has never tolerated anyone trying to pick on me in any manner. “Take her to her room and lock her in there until I say so!” dad barks out.

The rug on the stairs starts to form around me and then I am slowly taken up stairs, the house doesn’t want to do this time. “You are just mad because I won’t complete the change!” I bark out at him.

“You will complete the change!” he barks out.

“No I won’t! I will never complete the change!”

“Yes you will!”

“No I won’t, if you force me to complete the change I will hate you for ever! I already hate you as it is!”

“I don’t care!” he roars out.

The rug around me starts to get tighter. “I hate you dad! I wish I was never your daughter! I wish I was never part of this family!” I scream out.


My room was supposed to be my safe place away from my monsters family. But now it has become my prison. Laying on my bed, I look at the ceiling and will it to open up, so I can escape. I had tried to open my window but it wouldn’t move an inch, the house was doing as dad had told it to do.

Grandma comes threw my floor with a cup of hot chocolate. “How are you doing darling?” she asks me.

Don’t ask me, how she can have solid objects threw the floor or wall, it just brings up more questions about the after life. I asked and I still get a head0ack just thinking about it. “I want out of my room.” I tell her looking down in my cup, of hot chocolate like it holds the key fro my freedom.

“Can I ask you, why you wont complete the change?”

I look up at her and for the first time in my life, I truly do wish I wasn’t part of this family. I hated being the outcast and I hated having a controlling father. “I was thinking about completing the change, but when I heard dad tell Erik that it was all arranged for me to complete the change I just flipped. I hate doing things he tells me to do, I want freedom grandma. When I was to school, I felt ‘normal’ I didn’t feel like an outcast or at least not any worse then I do here.”

“Your father is looking out for you.” she tells me softly.

I shake my head. “No, he just wants his family to be hole monsters. No outcast or stick in the mud. I’m the descries of this family and he wants to fix that.” I look up at her, with tears threaten to come out. “What if I’m even worse of being an outcast as a vampire? I already found out, I cant even take blood from the vane.” then the tears come.

Grandma pats me leg and squeezes it. “You were born the way, you were supposed to be born hunny. I think if you were human and your vampire blood, changed you. Maybe your humanity can change you back.” then she is gone.

I drink the hot chocolate and put the cup on the ground, so the house can take it away. Then I curl up in a ball. Could I change back into a human? If I could, how was it possible?