Status: When you are human, in a family of creaturs that hide in the darkness. Life is never dull.

Twisted Family

Silence Is The New Anger 2

Pulling up the drive way, the shutters are closed and its totally silent. A deathly cold wind comes threw as I get out of the car. Looking around, the sky is dark and in the clouds is a skull. Oh crap, dad awake and he’s mad. Walking up the path way, the door opens. “Any one awake?” why should I ask, when dad pissed everyone is awake no matter how mad they are when they are woken.

Walking in, the door slams shut behind me. “Zoey.” dad voice is dangers.

The parlor doors open, to show that mom, dad, Conner, grandma and are stone monster, all sit around the room with candles lit. “Why are you back so early? You have only been gone for maybe three and half hours.” Conner is grumpy when he is awaken from his deep sleep.

“Because, someone sprayed painted ’get out freak’ and you can’t go all grumpy on me. You and dad, were going to come threw the necklace to kill someone.” I turn my sights on dad. “And you can’t tell me, your weren’t.”

Mom turns her sights on dad. “That’s not how the necklace works and you know it Tom.” mom gets up and walks over to me, now with out her hat on her gray eyes look at me. “Come on darling, lets go make some cookies and you can tell me all about it.”

“Okay.” mom puts her arm around me and we leave, soon as we step out of the room the doors slam shut. “Dad mad.”

Mom pats me on the shoulder. “He is just upset, that someone did that. You know how he gets, when it comes to you being human and all. He understands that, things are the way that they are but you are the only human in are family.”

“Why do you think I am the only human, in are family? Conner my twin and he’s not human.” reaching up I grab big bowl, while mom grabs the fixing for cookies.

“I’m not sure sweetie, things just happen weather we like it or not.”


After baking about, twenty cookies we call it good. Grandma visits for a little bit and then she goes off, to where ever she goes to.

Looking outside the sun is setting, so dad will be awake again. Hopefully he will be in a better mood, but with what happened today that is a long shoot. Mom hands me a plate of cookies and some milk, and tells me to go to his office to give them to him so we can talk. -Glad we don’t have any werewolves in are family, or dad might feed me to one of them just for kicks and giggles.-

Pressing the elevator door button to go up, to the very top floor. The doors open for me and once I am in they close, with out having to press any buttons the elevator takes me to dad office. I have no idea what dad does, course I am also to afraid to ask. Mostly because of how he gets, about things.

The elevator stops in front of his office, getting out of it I take a few steps to the door and knock. The door opens, to reveal a poorly light room, with a few candles burning and a fire place burning, a family portrait of the family under this roof is panted on it, the very first father clock sits next to the double windows, a big wooden desk sits in front of the window and behind the desk is dad and his king size chair.

“Brought you cookies and milk.”

He says nothing, as he writes on paper.

Taking in a deep breath and letting it out, I go over to is desk and put the plate and milk next to the picture of him, Conner and me. Surprisingly vampires look different in pictures taken by cameras, then someone acutely seeing them. “Are you mad, because I ran away from a bully or the fact that, I woke you and Conner from your sleep?”

He says nothing, as he keeps working.

“Are you mad, because I’m human and everyone else in are family are creatures in the night that go bump in the night?”

Again nothing.

Taking off the necklace, I put it right over his paper work and some how that brings him into the room. “I’ll deal with things, on my own.” then I walk out of his office slamming the door behind me.