Status: When you are human, in a family of creaturs that hide in the darkness. Life is never dull.

Twisted Family

Mr. Dark Shades 3

My alarm clock goes off and again, I shut it off and the curtains move by them selves. Feeling like I don’t care what people think, I put on a black puffy minne skirt, red belt that hangs over the right side, black tank top, my leather jacket, my white bracelet with a bat on it for mom, tall socks that almost go over my knees and high boots.

Grabbing my back pack, I grab a head band and put it in place. Heading down stairs, I stop in my tracks when it comes to the front door. The door is wide open and a it looks like it’s going to storm really bad. “Conner!”

Mom appears next to me. “What’s wrong?”

I look up at her. “Please don’t tell me, my pain in the butt twin brother isn’t up to something.”

Mom looks outside and sees the dark clouds. “Maybe, he is just working on his abilities.”

“Something tells me, not to believe that.” giving mom a hug I head down stairs. “I’ll see you later mom!” I yell out as the door closes behind me.


Driving to school, the storm gets thicker and darker. -Please be a storm. Please be a storm and not who I think it is.- Parking my car in the same spot, my eyes fall on the big dark blue Hummer. -I’m so screwed.-

Putting my head on the steering, I will for the Hummer to go away and Conner to be in his coffin in his room asleep. Someone knocks on my window and with out looking I roll the window down. “Coffee or hot chocolate?” Conner asks.

Sitting up at him, I glare at him. “Go home.”

“No,” he crosses his arms over his massive chest. “I am here to keep an eye on you and if any one picks on you, I am going to hurt them.”

Conner is older then me by two mints, to him this means he’s two years older then me. “This isn’t like when we were kids, in the park and those boys pulled my hair and put gum in it.”

“I know that. This is high school, people are a lot meaner.” he looks over his shoulder and back at me. “The blond chick the one that tagged your locker?” its not really a question, its just the way he words it, that makes it sounds like a question.

Conner is able, to reach into people heads and pull out bits and peaces of information from them. The most it does to them, is give them is dizziness for about an hour or so. “Well is she?”

He rolls his eyes. “Don’t be cute, just tell me if I need to reach into her mind or not.”

“Go for it.” I tell him grabbing my bag and getting out of the car. “Hot chocolate please.” he grabs the carrier that holds one coffee and one hot chocolate. Grabbing the hot chocolate, we head to the school side by side, getting looks from people. “Anything yet?”

Conner puts his dark sunglasses over his eyes, as we walk in the school with the doors opening on their own. “Yep, she the one that did it.”

“Your planning something, aren’t you.” I don’t have to ask, he’s Conner and he has made it clear over the years. If any one messes with me, and then they get hurt for it or the equal amount of pay back.

An evil smile forms on his lips. “You better believe it.”


By lunch, Conner had already gotten Jane group of friends back for whatever and was leaving Jane for the last of them. Sitting with my brother, he hands over some pizza that he doesn’t like. The only reason he had it, was because I guess pizza day is a big deal and is gone really fast. So he got enough for me and himself.

“So how is your first day going?” I ask eating some of the pizza.

He shrugs his shoulders. “I thought it would be….more lively.” he shrugs his shoulders as he eats a big chunk of pizza.

"How is it not lively?”

Just like that Vick sit’s a cross from me. “Haven’t seen you around much, who your friend?” his voice is kind, but his eyes are dangers.

I clean the pizza off my face quickly. “Vick, this is my twin brother Conner.”

They shake hands. “So Conner, why didn’t you start school yesterday?”

“Didn’t feel like getting out of bed.” his head snaps over mine and looks where Jane and her friends are sitting. He elbows me in the arm, to look.

Just as soon as I look, a pie peace that is on Jane plate blows up, sending pie peaces all of her face. She screams and runs out of the room, as everyone else laughs. I shake my head and high five Conner. “I will have to say, you have out done your self.”

Vick looks over at us. “Did you two do something to her pie?” he asks looking between us.

Conner puts his sunglass over his eyes and gets up. “No one gets away, with messing with my sister. Remember that.” and just like that he is gone.

Vick looks at me, with a slight of fear in his eyes. “Is he always like that?”

I shrug my shoulders and get up. “He is just, really protective of me.” he would have to be, since mom and dad wouldn’t let are fire breathing dragon follow me around the school.

Vick quickly follows me, leaving his tray on the table as I throw away the rest of my food. “Hey, do you want to hang out this weekend?”

-Hang out?- Conner passes me, sending me a look threw his shades only I can read. “Maybe Sunday, we have family coming in Saturday. So we will have to see.”

“What’s your family like?”

I have to stop and think about that one. “Let’s just say, they are different.” then I walk in as the bell goes off and I am swallowed by the crowed of students.


School goes by, Conner has more classes with me then I thought or he is just skipping his own. When the bell rings, we hold back and wait for the main crowed to go threw and then we follow behind. “So did you like your first day?”

“I would rather be asleep.” he says adjusting his sunglasses.

“Being around this many people, is bothering you isn’t it.” I know my brother like the back of my hand.

He pulls out a hat out of his back pack and puts it on my head. Looking out the glass doors, its down pouring outside. “A little bit, but its nothing I can’t handle.”

When we are outside, I notice that this isn’t normal rain. This rain is clear blue, as if they are ice crystals. “They are early.”