Status: When you are human, in a family of creaturs that hide in the darkness. Life is never dull.

Twisted Family

There No Such Thing As Normal 4

I follow Conner, home as the storm gets worse. I can only wonder, how many of are family me member’s have come this year. There has only been one time, since I’ve been alive that the hole family has been around. Why they all came, I don’t remember. I think it had to deal with, the fact that I wasn’t a vampire or anything else for that matter. I can remember, the house shaking and it acutely threw people out of it’s self and band them from ever coming back in.

It was a bad thing, being human in a family of night beings and soul eaters. The only good thing, was no one would mess with you, if they found out what family your from.

Parking the car in it’s spot. Conner and I look at one another, as if we are ready for the house to blow it’s top and send everyone flying out the front door. We walk up the path, and open up the front door. No one is in sight, but that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to are family.

“Hello, mom, dad, grandma anyone home?” I call out.

Conner elbows me in the ribs.

The front door slams shut behind us and then we are tackled down to the ground by are cosines. Ginger hugs Conner, as her brother Bray hugs me.

They get off of us and help us to stand. “It’s so good to see you.” Bray says.

Ginger fake smiles at me. To her and some of the other family we have (that are no longer allowed in the house) they think, I should been dropped at a door step in a basket and had some other people take care of me.

“So how have you been doing?” I ask Bray as we head into the kitchen. “Is everyone else here?”

“Some of the others, not everyone there is still a couple missing.” Ginger says, in her all annoying knowing voice as if she knows everything. She might be a witch that can see some things in the future, but she gets half the stuff she sees wrong.

The house starts to shake, as we enter the kitchen.

-Oh no, someone made the house mad.-

Someone screams upstairs and right away, all four of us get low like we use to when we were kids, when the house was mad. With in a few seconds, one of are other cousins is thrown out by the front door, with the doors slamming shut.

“Which cousin was that?” Bray asks, as we all come out from under the table.

“I think that was cousin Sadder. Figures, his big mouth would get him in trouble here.” Ginger says walking out of the room.

Conner puts his arm around Bray shoulders. “I did not miss her.” he tells him up front.

“Try living with her and then we will talk.” he says and then they walk out of the room.

Conner stops and looks at me over his shoulder. “You coming?”

I shake my head. “No, I think I’m just going to get something to eat and then I’ll be in the ballroom to great everyone.”


The house shakes, this time sending a chair sliding over to me and sending me to my butt on top of it. It wants me to talk about my day.

“Conner got revenge for me, other then that nothing special.” it shakes again. “No, no boys I like so far.” it makes a gargling sound. “You can not call it BS on that, because its true. Yes there is a guy nice to me, but I don’t see a life dating him.” getting up I walk out of the kitchen and into the ballroom.

The double doors open for me, showing about a hundred or so family members dressed in their best. When we have family get to gathers, its never jeans and shirt. Its always, dress your best and make sure everyone remembers what you looked like.

I’m braking that rule today, I don’t want to dress like a stiff doll.

One of my cousins walks past me, waving as he goes threw the wall. His head part of his stomach as he fasces threw the wall. He died, like that and how that happened, I have no idea and to scared to ask.

Walking over to mom, she gives me a hug and gives a good look at what I am wearing. “Come on, I got you something new.”

She starts to drag me, even though I put my heals and she littler drags me a cross the ball room floor. “I don’t want to.” I whine out, as if she is going to lesson to me.

One of my Uncles comes bouncing by like a big balloon. He is sort of dead, or at least I think he is. He doesn’t like me, so I don’t ask.

Once he is past us, mom keeps pulling me.

Some of my other cousins pass by, three heads on one body and they wave and give me a sympathetic look. They are all girls and I am fairly sure, they cant stand one another hardly. We even have a cousin that turns into a dragon when he is sick.

What I have read, all the family get to gathers there are humans.

But in my family, I am the lone wolf.

One of my Aunts walk past us, in a big fish tank. Half of her body is a shark and the rest is human.

This is normal and yet its not normal, how screwed up is that?