Status: When you are human, in a family of creaturs that hide in the darkness. Life is never dull.

Twisted Family

Surprise 5

The family gathering normally last all weekend and some times into the week it’s self. Parties and talking, linger all threw the house. I don’t think the house minds to much, with more of the family living in it’s walls. Though for me, I do mind.

“Get out of my room!” I yell at my baby cousins as they bounce up and down on their butts.

“Zo-Zo play.” my cousin Tank tells me. He’s a shape shifter, luckily at the moment the only thing he can change into other then his human form, is a vase.

“No Zo-Zo sleep, it’s two in the morning.”

“Zo-Zo what this?” my cousin Ester asks picking up my journal.

One single hick-up comes out of her little mouth and poof my journal is gone, in a rush of baby fire. She is a dragon baby, that hasn’t grown into her wings or tail yet. “No!” I scream out.

“Look look!” my youngest cousin says walking on my ceiling.

I jump and catch him, as soon as he lets go of the ceiling. He is a demon shadow. “I told you before Sam not to do that.” I scowled out.

My door opens and in walks mom. Everyone single one of my little cousins are scared of her, course I think I would be to just because of how much power radiates off her body. “You guys know, not to bother Zoey in her room.” she scolds and then she points to the hallway. “All of you out.” she tells tem.

They tumble and crawl out of my room.

“I love you mom.” I breath out.

She smiles at me and kisses me on the head. “Lock your door.” she tells me.

I hold up my door knob. “I did, Ester the fire breather melted it.” I tell her.

Mom groans. “Okay, plan B.” she looks at my windows. “House, please make a new door for Zoey room and make sure that it and the door knob is impossible for the others to get in her room, please.” the house shutters giving it’s okay. Mom looks at the chaired remains of my journal. “I’ll buy you a new journal and a new lab top.”

“What happened to my lab top?”

She gives me a nerves chuckle. “Tommy went threw it and broke it.”

“Oh man.” that’s what ghost cousins are for I guess.

Mom kisses me on the four head. “They are leaving soon, just keep thinking about that.”

She walks out of my room, with the new door formed and new door knob. “Not fast enough.” I grumble threw set teeth.


I shouldn’t left my room this morning, I really shouldn’t had. I should just asked grandma to bring me my food, then at least I would be safe from everyone. Even with are house as big as it is, it still doesn’t feel big enough for all the crazy family members.

“Watch it!” my ghost cousin Tina yells out, as she comes up threw the floor.

“I’m walking here, watch where you faze!” I yell out at her.

If I asked the house, to throw her out it would do that. But then, I would get hate looks from everyone. “Coming threw!” someone yells out as they run threw the hallway, almost knocking me over.

-Okay that’s it, I’m getting out of this nut house for the afternoon.-

Grabbing my jacket, I make it to the door as fast as I can before any of my relatives ask me to do something for them. Since I’m the only human in the family and most of them can’t go out in broad day light they are trapped in the house until night. My baby cousins can though, but that’s only because they haven’t hit their age of all powers yet, and man is that going to be one scary day.

Opening the door, I quickly slam it shut.

“Oh what, the human scared to go outside?” Mime the scank asks, as she walks past me with her lizard tail moving side to side.

“No!” -I just really don’t want to open the front door again.-

The person I had seen and most part slammed the door in their face, knocks. Everyone goes quite. “Zoey, I know your home I seen you open the door.” Vick yells out.

Mime walks back over and looks threw the peep hole and licks her lips. “I want him.”

The house front rug raps it’s self around her and throws her in the farthest closet and locks the door. “Come on Zoey, open up please.”

Mom appears and faces everyone. “Shape shifters, become human. Ghost family you are going to have to go into hiding, just like the rest of you that have forgotten how to become human.” She tells them.

Some of my family turn into humans, as others leave to go upstairs or wherever to hang out, until Vick is gone. “Mom.”

She smiles at me. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Ha that’s what she thinks, soon as dad smells another human he’s going to go nuts most likely. I open the door, as mom steps behind me. “Hi Vick, sorry about before. Please come in.” he walks in and looks around the house, mom elbows me in the back. “Oh this is my mom Alexandra.”

He holds out his hand to her and they shake hands. “Please call me, mom.”

-Oh great, now we have stepped away from calling her from her last name, to ‘mom’. My life is so over.-

“Can I get you something to drink?” she asks him, as she shoes him the drawing room.

The house shakes a little bit under my feet, letting me know dad awake. “Lock him in his room, do anything to keep him in there, until Vick is gone.” I whisper to it and then quickly walk to the drawing room.

Mom walks past me and smiles at me, she even gives me the thumps up. Whatever that means.

Walking into the drawing room, Vick is sitting by the family painting for the four of us. “Sorry, for not calling first. I wanted to surprise you, but I guess with you having so much family in town I should leave. But your mom said, that I had to stay for a little bit, just because you don’t get to many visitors.”

The house shakes a little bit ago, letting me know that Conner awake.

“Did you feel that?” he asks looking around.

I tap my foot fast, to let it know what to do. “Oh yeah, this house settles a lot.” I walk over to him and grab his arm. “Hey I got a good idea, lets go for a walk. I need to get out of the house for a little bit and I don’t want my family to attack you with questions.” I tell him.

As we are leaving the drawing room, the house shakes valiantly. “Zoey Samantha Dragon!” dad roars out, shaking the house even worst.

“Crap.” I push Vick as fast as I can. “You can’t be here.”

“What? Why?”

It’s to late, the lights burst and dad appears in a smoky fog worthy of death it’s self. There is a crack sound and Conner is beside him. “Now I’m really in trouble.”

Dad and Conner eyes go right to Vick. “Who the hell are you?” Dad challenges.

I step in front of him. “He is a friend, he didn’t know there was going to be family, but now he is leaving.” I tell them and right away I push Vick out of the house. “I’m really sorry, I’ll explain everything tomorrow. Will you please meet me in the west building?”

“Ye-Yeah sure.”

“Thanks.” then I close the door and face my doom.