Settling Down with Rob Dyrdek

Bad Blood

The day had come. It was my first match and I couldn’t believe it.


I glanced to my side. It was Randy. As the days went by he actually became someone I would go to with questions. We would train together and he had given me plenty of tips and tricks that I found helpful.

“Hey.” I replied with a smile.

“So this might be out of the blue but how do you feel about me being at ringside with you?”

I raised an eyebrow, “Are you serious?”

He laughed and nodded, “Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on you, you got more talent than you lead on.”

I smirked, “Subtle aren’t you?”

He laughed, “So what do you say?” I smiled at him and nodded, “That sounds good, thanks.”

It was my match next, I was up against Dana Brooke. It was exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time. My music blared, it was my turn to enter the ring. I walked down with Randy and entered the ring. My music stopped playing and then all eyes turned to the screen when Brooke’s music started.

People cheered.

The bell and rang and just like that, the match started.

We met in the center of the ring she grappled the back of my neck and sent me flying on my back. She tried to pin me down and I kicked out after the count of one. I stood up and we started again. We threw a few punches and out of nowhere she ran to the ropes, I thought to on my feet and as she ran towards me I managed to do a spinebuster. I pinned her down.

One and she kicked out. I stood up. I waited by the ropes for Brooke to stand up. As she got up, I got a running start from the ropes and ran at her for a clothesline. I picked her up by the arm and repeated two more times.

She stayed on the mat for a few seconds and then got up. She ran at me full speed and grabbed me by the waist. She slammed me against the mat and picked me pick cornering me in the ropes. Brooke rammed her shoulder to my mid section and for a few seconds I was winded and fell to my knees.

I waited for a few more seconds, as she approached me again I grabbed her by the arm and flipped her. She was stunned and tried using the ropes to stand up. I grabbed her by the head and threw her against the ropes. As she leaned against the ropes for support, I ran at her and speared her. She fell to the floor once more. I ran for the cover again. One. Two. Three!

Just like that it was over. I couldn’t be happier. Brooke stayed on the mat. As the referee raised my arm, music I wasn’t used to came on. It belonged to Cristal and accompanying her was none other than Mickie James.

Randy had now entered the ring and stood beside me, “Any idea what’s going on?” I shook my head.

“Couldn’t get your mom out here I see.” Cristal held the mic as she walked towards the stage, “but your eye candy is a good replacement.”

Someone handed me the mic. I had no idea what to say. Cristal and Mickie were now in the ring standing in front of us. Before I even realized what was happening, Cristal had thrown the mic and was running at me. Without even realizing what I was doing, I jumped to the side and as she turned around I threw a kick at her face. She fell to the floor holding her head. As I turned around, Mickie clothesline me. Before she could attack me on the floor Randy dragged me out of the ring.

As we walked backstage Cristal shouted, “Watch your back!” The crowd cheered, they were loving the freshmen drama.