Settling Down with Rob Dyrdek


Lita had been training me harder than ever but I didn’t mind. I liked being able to prove that I could do more than I gave myself credit for.

“I know this will probably be out of your comfort zone but I want to try something. How do you feel about being on top of the ropes?”

My eyes widened in surprise, “I never really-”

“Exactly my point.” Lita smiled and the rest of the day spent telling me and teaching me the best ways to climb and fly of the top of the ropes. From what I had learned Lita was considered a high flyer and I was surprised that me climbing the ropes barely came up. I was excited because I had looked at videos and females wrestlers who took to the ropes looked badass.

As the day quickly turned into night Lita and I called it a night. She went home before I had finished gathering all my belongings and Randy appeared. I hadn’t spent much time with him since my last match.

“Hey, how are you?”

I smiled at him, “Hey, I’m good. Just getting ready for my next match.”

He nodded and then asked, “How do you feel about being at my next match?”

“Really?” I asked as I put my bag aside for a moment, “I’d like that.”

He smiled at me and said, “Great! I’ll see you there. How’s everything with your friend?”

“We’re working things out.” I shrugged, part of me knew that the less people knew about Cristal and I, the better.

“How do you feel about getting a bit of revenge? After all, she did try to tackle you in front of live tv.” He said the last sentence with a smirk.

I laughed, “In case you forgot, I actually avoided her.”

He rolled his eyes, “You weren’t fast enough to avoid Mickie though.”

I laughed, “True but next time I’ll be prepared.” Randy smiled at me and I felt myself blush. I smiled back and grabbed my bag from the floor. I needed a distraction from his handsome face.

“I actually have a favor to ask. I’ve been inviting you to my matches with the hopes that I can sway you and have you join me for a tag team match. What do you say?”

I raised an eyebrow in surprise, “Are you serious?” He chuckled and nodded, “Yeah, it’s in a couple of weeks and I’d love to have you as my partner.”

I smiled and began to deny his invitation, “I don’t-”

“It would be more air time for you and what better way to show me just how prepared you are?” He flashed a grin. I laughed and sighed, “I’d love to join you. To be honest, I never thought about a tag team match.”

“See? I told you, stick with me and I can show you amazing things.”

I rolled my eyes and and playfully shoved him, “Why don’t you teach me what you got then?”

He raised an eyebrow and said, “What? Right now?” I nodded, “I was about to head home but why not. I feel like since we’re here now why not take advantage. Not to mention you keep telling me you’re going to teach me things and from what I remember, Lita’s the one putting all the teaching effort.”

Randy laughed and nodded, “Alright. Let me get changed and I’ll show you what a real superstar is about.”

I scoffed, “You have big shoes to fill. Afterall, Lita is a Hall of Famer.”

He raised his eyebrows and pretended like I had hurt him by placing his hands over his heart, “That really hurt.”

I rolled my eyes and replied, “So are we going to do this or what?”

He smiled and nodded, “Let me just go get dressed.” He walked to the men’s locker room and I waited for him. I went to the ring and began stretching, “What was that about?”

I jumped, Cristal was standing outside of the ring with her arms crossed. I walked over to where she stood and asked, “What do you mean?”

Cristal scoffed, “Come on, what’s up with Randy?” I rolled my eyes, “You’re joking right?” Cristal groaned, “Dude he was flirting with you!”

“It’s not like that Cristal. He’s helping me-”

“Be careful Cassie.” She walked away as she heard footsteps approaching. I stood in the middle of the ring and thought about her words. She never said anything out of context. Was there something I wasn’t seeing?
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