Settling Down with Rob Dyrdek

The Morning After

The phone rang. I opened an eye slowly and groaned. The sun was in the room and it was bright. My head pounded. What the hell happened last night? I sat up slowly, where the hell was I? Glancing around nervously I sighed in relief when I recognized Cristal’s bedroom, but how did I get here? Why was I even here?

I found my phone on the floor glancing at it, I noticed the missed calls and text from John. Just great what did he want? I looked through his messages quickly and groaned he was back home. That explains some things, like why I slept over at Cristal’s and not at my own apartment. I got up and began looking for my friend, hopefully she could fill in on what else happened.

I found Cristal in the kitchen, the smell of bacon reached me and made me gag. The hangover was real.

“Morning.” Cristal greeted me with a small smile.

“Please tell me I did not make a complete ass of myself last night.”

Cristal looked up and shook her head, “John did that for you.”

My stomach instantly dropped. The room started spinning and I ran to the bathroom. Throwing up half my guts, I rinsed my mouth and washed my face. Heading back towards the kitchen, Cristal greeted me with a cup of black coffee, “You need this more than I do.”

“What the hell happened last night? All I can remember was going out with Rob, he took me to Dave and Busters, we played, we drank, and then ended up at the beach.”

“That’s about half of you night… Rob took you home and that’s when things got messed up-”

“John was there.” I finished her sentence. She sat across from me and continued eating her breakfast, while I took a sip of the coffee. “John wasn’t supposed to be back til the end of the month.”

“That wasn’t even half of it.”
“You and Rob were pretty into each other when the door opened so John flipped.”

“How do you know all this?”

“Drama called me as all this was happening. Once he heard the screaming and punching, he and Big went up to your apartment and had to separate them.”

My hands went to my head, how could i have been so damn stupid?

“How did I end up here?”

“I went to get you.”

“Cristal I’m so sorry… I was-”

“Don’t apologize, this happened because I’m the biggest idiot. I let this get out of hand knowing you had John. Cassie, I’m sorry.”

“This is all sorts of fucked up.”

Cristal smiled weakly, “What’s super fucked up was John’s surprise.”

I looked at her, “John’s surprise?”

“He was going to propose.”

I laughed so hard coffee almost came out through my nose, “You’re joking.”

“Nope. I think that was the thing that ticked him off the most, there he was heart in his hand when you show up with Rob.”

“Oh my God. What a fucking mess…”

“By the time I went to pick you up, you were more than half way through a tequila bottle and John and Rob were nowhere to be seen.”

I sighed, “Good, I think the last thing I need now are those two in my life.”

I finished my coffee and headed to the shower. It was going to one long day.