Settling Down with Rob Dyrdek

Calling It Quits

John called a few days after the whole ordeal with Rob. I ignored his call. So much had happened, I wasn’t ready to face him yet. I had been staying with Cristal and the time we spent together brought us closer together and we really enjoyed each other’s company. I hadn’t heard anything from Rob, whatever had happened was done now. After work I headed to my favorite coffee place and was surprised when I saw John there.

“You remember.”

He looked up at me, “It’s kind of hard to forget, we spent a lot of time here in the beginning I figured I’d give it a try since you haven’t been home and won’t pick up your phone.”

I sat down and shrugged, “Kind of a lot to process.”

He laughed, “Not really. You cheated on me-”

“What’s ticking you off about it is that I cheated. That for once it wasn’t you messing around.”

He glared at me, “I never took them to our home.”

I laughed, “Oh come on John, stop acting like this sad and hurt little boy. Whatever we had all that time ago died, to be honest it died the first time you got caught. I was just scared to let go of something I had grown used to and settled for.”

“So now you settled?” John raised an eyebrow and sat up, “You find this stupid skater guy and think you’re all that now?”

I laughed again, “This stupid skater guy kicked your ass and to be completely honest with you, showed me more fun in one night than I’ve had with you throughout the last year of our relationship.”

He looked down at his cup, “I just don’t get it. Why did we do this to ourselves for so long?”

I shrugged, “The same reason you wanted to propose that night. We grew used to each other. We put time into this that we just learned to live with ourselves even though most of the time we can’t even stand each other.”

He sighed, “It wasn’t always like this.”

I nodded, “I know it just sucks we kept going.”

“I can move out… to be honest I’ve been thinking about New York City, I got offered a job.”

I smiled at him, “That’s amazing, I’m happy for you. But to be honest, I think I doubt I’ll keep the apartment.”

John looked at me and I smiled, “This was needed to be done a long time ago.”

I smirked, “You’re telling me. I’m sorry for having us end like this. I know while most of the things we went through sucked but not everything was bad.”

“I know.” John drank his coffee and then looked at me the way he had first looked at me those many years ago, “This will probably be my last week here and I want to tell you
I’m sorry I put you through a lot of dumb shit. But I wish you the best. I know I’ve been pretty selfish but I do love you Cassie.”

“I know John, I love you too. I will always love you, I’m just not in love anymore. Something you haven’t been in for a long time too.”

He smiled and stood up, “Maybe I’ll see you around before I head out.”

I nodded, “Maybe. If you don’t I wish you the best, I know you’re going to kill it out there.”

And just like that he smiled one last time and left me alone in the coffee shop. Just like that my long term relationship was finally over and I was free to finally just be me.