Settling Down with Rob Dyrdek

Me & You

It had been over a week and I hadn’t heard anything from Rob. Whatever could’ve been, will never be, I thought sadly. I was back in my old apartment. I had been here since John left to New York and everything felt so empty. After lots of planning and thinking, I thought it was best to move out and look for a house. I had never lived in an apartment til I had moved in with John and even then I knew it just wasn’t for me. As the days slowly went by I had began packing up clothes and putting away all the fragile things with the help of Cristal and a few other friends.

I had never noticed how being in a relationship led me away from a lot of friendships. It was nice to be able to hang out with old friends and catch up like old times.

A knock on my door made me snap back to reality, I got up from the floor and cleared a path to make my way towards the door. Unlocking it and pulling the door opened, my eyes grew wide when I realized none other than Rob Dyrdek was standing at my doorstep.


He interrupted me by stepping closer and kissing me. Pulling away he smiled at me weakly and said, “I’m sorry I blew you off. It’s just everything that happened the other night, well I just didn’t know what to do.”

I looked at him confused, “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to come and talk to you face to face. John got in contact with me and told me what happened. He explained that while you two were still together, it’s like you weren’t. I just wish you had a bit more open about the situation.”

I nodded, “I see… and I’m sorry too. I just didn’t know what to expect from all this. I thought it was this one time thing, this fan girl gets to go out with her platonic crush for a night and that’s it.”

Rob looked at me and smiled, “Trust me I wanted to think about it like that but it just doesn’t work for me.”

I smiled back, “You’re serious about this?”

“I am, I want to be able to actually get to know you and see where this can go. What do you say?”

I smiled and nodded, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer, “Let’s just see where this takes us.”

We kissed and it was like at that moment everything was the way it was supposed to be. The guilt and frustrations I had been feeling over the last couple of weeks vanished.

He pulled away for a second and said, “You know Big told me about the bet you had going on, I take it you’re the loser in this?” I playfully socked him and said, “If it means having you by my side, I’ll take the L anytime.” And kissed him again.
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I know this story has been slow in progress. I am sorry. I plan on updating as often as possible, I feel like I am getting some of my creativity back and would like to finish what I started. Thanks for reading!