Settling Down with Rob Dyrdek

Say No More

It had been a few months since Rob and I had made our relationship official. Part of me, the fangirl, was living her best life. The other part was not used to attention being the girlfriend to someone famous brought. Whenever we would go out, paparazzi seemed to follow. Certain rumors circulated that I was just a past time for Rob until he got bored and went back to his old ways.

“Are you okay?”

I looked away from the window, Cristal stared at me concern all over her face. I sighed, “I’m fine, just distracted.” I smiled weakly, “What were you saying?”

Cristal sighed, “Alright let me summarize since apparently my story sucks.”


She smiled weakly, “I’m serious is everything okay?”

I nodded, “Everything is good trust me, what’s up?”

Cristal took a deep breath, “Alright, do you remember me applying for the WWE?”

I nodded and realization slowly hit, “Are you-”

“I have an audition next week! You could be looking at the next WWE Diva!”

I screamed, “Oh my God! How exciting! Congratulations!”

Cristal shook her head, “Don’t congratulate me just yet, I need to pass the audition and then take it from there.”

I shook my head, “I’m sure you got this! How exciting! I can’t believe it's really happening.”

Cristal nodded, “Tell me about it, part of me thought it was some kind of joke when they called. I couldn’t believe it.” She took a deep breath and looked me dead in the eyes. Her playful sea blue eyes looked darker as she spoke, “I want you to come with me to the audition. They told me I could bring someone with me and I immediately thought about you. If I need to go through some kind of paperwork, who better to be there but none other than my lawyer best friend!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Cris, I don’t know. You know I haven’t really practiced since I moved-”

“Trust me Cassie, true talent is never forgotten. And in total honesty, I’d rather have someone with some kind of experience than just my dumbass.”

I couldn’t fully process what was happening. My best friend had the possibility to become a WWE superstar and I was telling her no, “Alright I’m sorry, you’re right but when you get this job, you have to promise me to get a real lawyer.”

Cristal rolled her eyes, “I guess that means you’re going back to school.”
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So when I began this fanfiction I was very young and it’s been a few years so it might be outdated but I hope it’s still enjoyable!