Her Loving Beast

Her Loving Beast Chapter One

I was in the privy and Mary was banging on the door for me to hurry up. That was kind of hard when people were always putting the wipes in weird spots. I couldn’t see! I was blind! Didn’t they have any sense of hospitality? Well, yeah they do. They’ve put up with me forever. I’m their family. But still! Why do they keep moving it? “Ester hurry up!” she whined. I sighed and opened the door and stepped out. Then I was shoved out of the way and Mary shot into the privy slamming the door behind her. I frowned at the door, or where I thought the door was, and went down the path towards the barn. Mama and papa had taken Alice my little sister to town to get new clothes because she was growing like a weed so Papa gave us chores to do in the barn. I followed the laughter and soon found myself being pulled into the scratchy hay and a plate was put into my hands. Erik my twin was laughing at something John had said and Lily was eating her dinner as quietly as possible. She wasn’t like Mary at all. She wasn’t impatient or rude, she was like Mama. I ate my dinner and started sweeping the floors when I heard a shriek and I was tackled to the floor, “You got dung all over my new dress Ester! This cost me five silver coins!” Mary was sitting on top of me and was pulling my hair and slapping me. I heard shouts and I felt Mary’s weight leave me. I felt slender hands help me up and knew that Lily was there standing there before me. I smiled weakly while Erik checked me over. He touched my cheek and I flinched and I touched his mouth feeling a frown. I could hear John yelling at Mary and she was screaming at him. Erik kept me behind him and said, “Mary why did you attack her? You attacked an innocent person! You know she can’t fight back!” I pushed past him and snapped at him, “I can fight my own battles thank you very much.” I turned towards Mary and said calmly, “Mary I will get you a new dress. I’m sorry I swept dung all over your new dress. I wasn’t looking-“. “Yeah you weren’t looking!” I heard her scream. I flinched at her piercing voice and tried again, “I said I will buy you a new one Mary. No need to get worked up about it. I’m done fighting you.” I could tell Erik, John and Lily were all looking at me like I was crazy. Erik started first, “You’re just going to let it go?! Why? She attacked you!” “So?” I snapped, “I don’t want to fight her Erik. She’s my sister! I don’t like fighting with people I love!” Lily said, “Erik don’t you dare say one more word! Or I swear to the gods above that I will strip your hide!” I giggled and started down the dirt path towards the house.
I knew I was close to the house. Everyone was following close behind. But then I heard a defining noise and I was tackled to the ground where I heard a boom. The person climbed off of me and said, “Ester stay here!” I heard people running and knew they were running towards the house. I took off after them and smelled smoke. I swished my head around trying to figure out what happened when Erik said, “Ester! I told you to stay put!” “Erik, I smell fire and smoke. What happened?!” I cried. He sighed, “The house is gone. A fire ball hit it and blew it up. I tackled you to make sure you didn’t get hit by anything.” I ran towards the house and started sifting through the debris. Erik ran over trying to pull me away but I pushed him off and said, “Where was my room?! Take me to where my room was!” He lead me towards a spot and I started sifting through the debris again. My hands burned so bad and I knew that there would be a mark. But I had to find it! I sifted around again and finally felt it: A gold necklace with a fire stone in the middle. It had been my Grandmother’s until she passed away. It was supposed to go to the oldest granddaughter but she gave it to me instead. I held it up and sighed in relief until it was snatched away. I gasped and said, “Give it back!” I knew Mary was the one who took it, “Ester this was supposed to be mine! You stole it from gran! You little thief!” I faced myself towards her, “Mary Grandmother gave that to me before she died! I didn’t steal it from you! It was never yours in the first place! Please give it back!” My words were met with silence. Then I heard her say, “No.” Erik, John, and Lily all stepped forward and said, “Give it back to her Mary.” “Yes Mary!” Erik yelled. Then I heard a gasp and I turned around. “What happened here?! What happened to the house?!” Mama yelled. I gulped and said, “It blew up Mama. Erik says a fire ball hit it.” Papa and Mama walked towards us. I could hear the crunching of debris under their feet until Mama said, “Mary what are you holding?” I heard Mary gulp, “its Gran’s necklace Mama. Remember it was supposed to be mine? But Ester here had it! She stole it Mama!” “No Mary. She didn’t steal it. Grandmother gave that to her. I was there.” She said. Mary started screaming, “Why her?! Why not me?! I’m older! I’m better! I’m not blind!” Everyone gasped. Except for me.