Behind These Butterfly Wings

Those of a Snowdrop Flower

I'm a fairy.

But not those fairy who have pixie dust, magic, or fly. I honestly don't think those are even real. But then again, if I have wings growing on my back, anythings possible right?

My wings are more like petals from a flower. They cover most of my mid-back and go as high as my shoulders, which makes it reasonable to think they are wings and not flower petals. My petals are special like everyone else. They blossom during the season of winter, and they have characteristics similar to those of a Snowdrop flower. Hence my name, Snowellda.

"Snowellda...come on your going to be late for the ball!" One of my fathers servants called out.

Ah yes, my fathers balls.

I sighed and grabbed my butterfly shaped mask and headed down and into the waiting limo. My father assembles these balls in memory of my mother every year. My mother passed away five years ago around this season and she always enjoyed these balls. She looked forward to these balls every year. She made sure everything was perfect. The theme of the ball. The candles. The food. The music. The decorations. The floors. The hotel it was in. Every single thing. But somehow when my mother died...a piece of me, the one who enjoyed the party, went away with her.

The limo came to a stop and someone opened the door. My father.

"Hello darling. Look at you, so beautiful." He said with a smile that went from cheek to cheek. He helped me out and i smiled softly.

"Thank you dad..."

"Come...our guests will arrive shortly." He lead the way to the hotel and to the room where the ball would take place. Looking around, I knew my mother would have cried from joy.

There were three enormous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling that were made of crystal. The light in the room was a mixture of pure white, gold, and red. There were a few lights here and there of Christmas colors such as green, pink, orange, or purple. The center of the room was left empty for it would be the dance floor and there were round tables all over the room that were covered with velvet cloth and shined with the light.

"How does it look?" My father asked me, wanting my approval.

Well he had it. "Wonderful dad. Just wonderful." I said with a smile and saw him sigh in relief.

The people began to arrive shortly after and the room began to fill with other fairy's talking and dancing. Yes, this gathering was only for those who were fairies, which believe it or not, there are a ton of in the human population. Diner would be served in a different room and after a few more people arrived.

Looking down at my glass of water, I wondered what my mother would say if she saw me here not enjoying the party. I chuckled a bit to myself realizing that I already knew: she would tell me to straighten my shoulders and find a handsome somebody to dance with. At the thought of that, I lifted my head and made eye contact with the first person I saw.

A person who stood straight across from me wearing a black mask that covered only the top half of his face. His bright green eyes shined through and when they caught the light at the right angel, they glittered. His eyes were also staring right at me.

I took a deep breath for two reasons. One was because I felt this...this feeling in my stomach that seemed to make my adrenaline race and my hand tremble a bit.

Two was because this handsome figure was making his way toward me with each deliberate step he made.
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