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You Found Me

This is a walking dead fan fiction, including the characters of the show and some of my own characters I have developed.

Some parts of the story match up with the show, others I have made up to make it my own.

Sarah is left in a world on her own until she and her best friend and younger sister and brother meet a group of survivors and stay with them for some time until things get ugly and she's forced to take off again. But meets up with another group, and stays at a farm for sometime.

This is Sarah's story and her adventures of the apocalypse.

“I know this world is getting worse, and it’s difficult to cope. But, you’re not alone."
  1. Medical supplies
    Our main character Sarah is off on a mission to get medical supplies for her group who has several injured survivors. She ends up in a hospital alone, with lurkers surrounding her and when something happens she is left to make a decision.
  2. Accident in the sunset
    Sara heads back to her camp to give her group the medical supplies when she gets in a horrible accident that leaves her without a ride and without light.
  3. Run for your life
    Sarah is on her way hoping for no more distractions when two creatures come after her and she is forced into running into the forest to get rid of them, when she is almost attacked a mysterious person comes along and saves her from being bitten.
  4. Goodbye to another lost soul
    Daryl takes Sarah back to her camp and then disappears back to his, Sarah goes and gives the medicine to their group doctor but its too late to help one of the survivors and a new problem has occurred.
  5. Turn to fate; or to the dead.
    Something devestating happens to the camp doctor, and the group makes a decision that they feel is best for themselves and for him.
  6. It Wasn't Supposed To End Like This
    A little girl runs into the woods in the middle of the night; her father tries to save her but ends up in the same horrid fate.
  7. The Decision Has Made Itself
    Sarah knows its time to leave and find another safe place to stay, but not everyone agrees with her. Yet, fate decides to choose for themselves what they should do instead.
  8. On The Road Yet Again
    Now heading back to where the group had started, things are beginning to seem at quite a low, and Sarah knows that they can find a life somewhere.
  9. We Could All Start Over Together
    Sarahs group takes the journey through the forest which leads them back at the highway were they began, but instead of seeing creatures they run into a whole different group of survivors.
  10. We Finally Meet Again
    Just as they begin to think they are the least bit safe, a herd passes through the highway and they have to hid until they pass on through.
  11. Not The Warmest Of Welcomings
    The herd passes through and Sarahs group is getting a very unpleasent welcome from a member of the other group; will he accept them staying?
  12. Just Accept That I'm Here
    The groups spilt up and go out looking for anything that will help them stay alive. There off trying to find anything can when a horrible accident occurs.
  13. I'll do what I have to do
    They get to Hershel's farm and Carl is in rather horrible condition, so Sarah offers to do something that isn't so great for herself..
  14. Weakness For The New Girl
    After Sarah gives blood to Carl she is left feeling very sick so sleeps to wake up to the rest of the group returning.
  15. Unexpected Happenings
    Sarah and Shane begin to get friendly with eachother, but after a walk in the woods together Sarah realizes Shane isn't what she thought he was.
  16. I Never Dream
    After a very unfortante event happens with Shane, Sarah makes her way back to the farm where she mistakenly goes in someone else's tent. Also, Daryl has a strange dream that makes him question alot of things.
  17. No Mood For Small Talk
    Glen has a secret to share with the rest of the group; which gives off high emotions between everyone and Sarah realizes that Daryl is in no mood to be spoken to just yet.
  18. We Can't Run Forever
    Sarah and Leanne go off on a walk in the forest and come across a cabin where they find all sorts of supplies, on their way back they get into some trouble and just running won't have them get out of it. [TW: Self-harm mentioned]
  19. I'll Look After You
    As the night grows darker, Savannah is worried about her little sister off in the woods, so her, Caleb and another member of the group head off in search of the two.
  20. You're Getting Inside My Head
    Getting back to the farm the group decides to bury Leanne the next day.
  21. I Promise
    Sarah finally comes out about what happens and Daryl and Rick try and come up with the best solution to handle it.
  22. Not Looking Back
    Daryl and Rick finally take care of the whole Shane situation, hopefully not having to worry about it ever again.
  23. Pulled In Too Deep
    As soon as things are seeming to be going decent, a fishing trip takes an unexpected turn for the worst.
  24. This Crumbiling World
  25. Blast From The Past
  26. Goodbye, Old Friend
  27. Peace doesn't last long
    After Dale's funeral, Sarah heads off alone and runs into a firmilar face
  28. Whats going on
  29. All Of This