Lace Princess

A Princess Who Ran

I knocked.

I tried very hard not to fidget and remain calm, but I still couldn't help biting my lip hard.

The door opened and the servant eyes quickly widen and he bowed politely. "Princess Estelle, welcome."

I wanted so badly for those lower than me to not bow and to simply say welcome Estelle. But there was nothing I could do for now.

"Estelle?" I heard a quiet voice say and I looked up to see a happy and familiar face looking at me.

"My dearest cousin! Oh, how I've missed you!” I said with a smile and opened my arms wide for a hug.

Aurelia laughed and quickly stood up running, something that was not very lady-like, toward me and into my arms. I smiled wide and hugged my little cousin. She was only nineteen, but she appeared to be much older due to her actually following all the rules of her kingdom and taking after her mother when it came to manners.

I pulled away and took a look at her. “Oh goodness, I feel so older then you Aurelia!”

“Oh, don’t be silly Estelle! You're only two years older!” she replied with a smile. “Now come, I’m sure you must be tired and want a rest from your parents, given the long trip you’ve had to endure.” She took my hand and gave a small frown when I didn’t move from my place.

“I’m here alone Aurelia. My parents do not know that I am even at your kingdom,” I said quietly and looked around. “Please… show me to your room so we can talk in quiet without the ears of others.”

“Oh… yes. Come.” She lead the way up the stairs and into the huge hallways that lead to the rooms. Instead of enjoying the wonderful palace and view of this humble kingdom, I was too busy looking around for anyone who might recognize me.

We finally walked into her bedroom and I admired the enormous feeling that it carried. I set my large bag down and made my way to her bed in silence.

“Do you want something to drink or eat cousin?” Aurelia asked me.

“You always have such manners don't you?” I teased her and shook my head. “No. I’m all right, thank you.”

She nodded and took a seat next to me. “Now... please tell me what is going on Estelle. Why are you here without your parents and with…” She stopped and looked over at my bag, “a bag as if you are running away?”

“That is because I am running away.”

Her eyes widen and she blinked a couple times before finally saying, "Excuse me?"

I sighed and looked away. "I'm running away Aurelia, for two reasons. One is because... as you know, I'm tired of being a princess. I'm tired of doing what my parents always want me to, tired of the meetings, tired of the balls, tired of having absolutely no freedom." I closed my eyes and paused before I looked her in the eyes and took her hands. "And I'm running away to come and save you."

Not only did Aurelia look surprised but now she looked confused with her eyebrows frowning. "Save me from what? Are you sure you aren't ill cousin?" she asked and placed a hand on my forehead, but my temperature was fine as she realized.

"You mean the king and queen haven't told you yet?" Surprise was now in my voice.

"Tell me what Estelle!" She began to sound frustrated and confused. I could understand, since neither of us liked to be in the dark.

I bit my lip and held her hands tightly in mine. "Please try to remain calm dear cousin..." Tying to swallow a large lump in my throat, I finally said, "You are to marry Prince Henry from the Clarkson Kingdom."
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Written by twejacobbr