Lace Princess

A Beast at a Feast

I would not stand for it.

Aurelia may submit to the outrageous idea of marrying Prince Henry, but I will not stand by and watch if there was something that could be done.

And there was something to be done.


I helped Aurelia get into her magnificent dress that her parents had picked out for her when they had been on a tour of theirs. The colors were extraordinary and she looked like the true princess she was.

I just only hoped she was content with being so. But we both knew, she wasn't. She was like me. She wanted to go out and explore the world. She wanted to meet knew people and not be stuck inside the castles walls.

We both craved freedom.

"You look beautiful," I told her as I finished lifting her hair and smiled at her through the mirror.

She put on a good smile and turned around to face me. "I am sorry I couldn't find a better dress to fit you cousin. I know it is a bit loose, but once we finish tying the lasses, it will look great."

I chuckled softly and shook my head. "Do not worry about the dress. Remember I did not come here to attend a ball."

I regretted the words the moment they left my mouth.

She sighed and nodded before she walked behind me and began to tie the laces of my dress. I gasped and held onto the wall when she tightened the laces.

"I am so sorry... I just... my mind is not here and I didn't realize I was pulling it so tightly..." she said quickly and apologetically.

I gave her a weak smile and nodded. "It is okay Aurelia. I understand."


The ball was grand.

Soft colors decorated the halls and candle light was everywhere. The tables were decorated in the silk Aurelia's kingdom was known for. The music played softly and gently as the orchestra played their pieces. The guests spoke in a quiet voice and the room was filled with laughter which were accompanied with smiles.

It was a beautiful sight to be a part of and unfortunately, I could not enjoy this feast.

I looked over my shoulder and was on the edge. I constantly looked around to find my dear parents faces and sighed in relief when I never came across them. I heard soft laughter and quickly turned knowing it was Aurelia but my shoulder bumped with another and I opened my mouth to apologize, but the servant beat me to it.

"I am so sorry princess... please forgive me," he quickly said and bowed.

I sighed a bit and shook my head. Why oh why did they have to always apologize. "All is well... please, I am fine..." I tried to calm him and catch a look of his face but he continued to look down and quickly turned and left.

I bit my lip softly and looked down at my hands. These were the moments I hated being a royal. I always had to act right. I always had to say the right thing. I always had to look down on others and not the other way around.

I heard a laugh again and looked up to see my cousin, who was more like a sister to me, smiling softly at her father and a couple he was introducing her to. She did her job well, and I knew one day she would be a great ruler. And I was going to do everything I could to make sure it was not along side of Prince Henry.

"Princess Estelle! What a pleasure to finally meet the lovely lady my kingdom talks about," an evil voice said behind me.

Speak of the devil.

Turning around, I narrowed my eyes a bit at Henry. "I strongly recommend you watch your tongue around me Prince Henry," I warned.

"Ah, so rumors are true I see. Can't hold your non-lady comments back can you?" he replied with a smirk. He had pitch black hair and thick eyebrows. His cheekbones were average and his eyes were too large for his face. He had huge and puffy lips that did not compliment his pointy nose one bit. Everything about him was far off. "Do you want to see what other rumors are true?" he added and suddenly black fog surrounded him but only for a brief second that would make anyone believe that they had something in their eyes.

"Prince Henry! What a pleasure that you were able to attend my feast tonight," Aurelia's father said from behind me and I felt Aurelia suddenly at my side. "I hope your journey in coming here was a safe one?" he asked.

He chuckled and nodded. "Yes, but I am sad to say I am a bit disappointed in the lack of excitement in this hall," he smirked and suddenly his hand went up and all the musician's played fast and hard. Everyone stopped and looked at Aurelia's father for an explanation until they noticed the black swirls surrounding Prince Henry's hand. He laughed and smiled at everyone as he took pleasure from the pain he was causing to the musician's hands in playing the instruments and the fear that ran through everyone's face. "Oh do not fear my friends! I was only having a little fun!" he said with a dark chuckle and put his hand down causing the room to go silent as the music had stopped and the musicians tried to catch their breaths. "All I wanted was a little more... up beat tempo," he defended with a small pout as he looked around.

Aurelia's father cleared his throat and nodded for the musicians to continue playing but with a quicker tempo. Then he looked at Aurelia beside me. "Prince Henry, I'd like to introduce you to my eldest daughter, Aurelia..." he said softly.

I could feel Aurelia stiffen beside me and she quickly curtsied holding her dress out with both of her hands instead of giving her hand to the prince. I smiled inside my head proud with her response.

"Prince Henry..." she replied respectfully.

"Princess Aurelia, how wonderful to finally meet you." With the smirk never leaving those lips, he bowed his head and I took this moment to grab Aurelia's hand.

"Come dear cousin, there are people I want to introduce you to," I told her, but my eyes said a different story.

She looked up at her father and he looked at me instead. "Have you seen your parents yet Estelle? I am eager to see them for it has been quite a while since we last spoke."

"Oh yes, I am sure they are getting off the carriage this very minute, but if I happen to see them, I will make sure they come directly to you." I nodded with a forced smile and then lead Aurelia away from there and up the stairs.

"You are not going to introduce me to some people, are you cousin..." Aurelia said a soft smile but with confused eyes.

"Correct." I nodded and entered her bedroom. I bent down on my knees and looked under the bed and sighed in relief when I saw a luggage there. Smiling softly, I pulled it out and began throwing in a bundle of clothes from her closet.

"What are you doing Estelle!" She exclaimed as she watched me.

I froze and took a deep breath before I looked up and met her eyes. "I think you know exactly what I am doing... as well as what we are about to do."
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Written by twejacobbr