Emos Wear White

Emos Wear White

They're everywhere. You see them at school, at the mall, everywhere. But have you ever stopped to think about them? Why they wear black, or why they look so deathly pale?

Goths. Freaks. Emos. Our names for them are as cruel and unfeeling as they appear to us. And it's not like we're any better.

It's not just what you see on the outside that means anything; it's also what you don't see. There are countless others who look 'normal', just like all of your friends. You never notice the quiet girl in the corner who never speaks to anyone. You never see the boy who always wears sweatshirts to hide the scars.

You never notice them because they don't look any different. But they are just like those Emos on the inside. They hurt. They cry. Some of them cut. You can't tell because you don't pay attention.

Someone decided to listen. Someone took a stand for every Emo out there that went unnoticed, too afraid to change their appearances but just brave enough to change their music.

Someone noticed them. Someone named Gerard gathered his friends and decided to help these people escape their fear. They formed a band and wove their music. The tormented were saved, finally saved. But we didn't like that. We chose to ridicule their safety and bash their saviors. And for what reason?

Because they're different. Because we don't like different.

Does this describe you? Are you one of the people out there that could honestly read this aloud and feel it applies to you? If so, I ask of you one simple thing.

Stop and listen. Stop the torment that makes them want to die so desperately. Listen to the music that saved them. Understand what it's really like.

And maybe, just maybe, My Chemical Romance will save you, too.