Status: I thought of this a little while ago, and I've just now got the motivation to do something with it. I'll try and update once every week.

Little Lady Soldier

There is a price to be paid for every crime committed. I am currently paying for my own crimes, in a way quite different than my culture would usually suggest. I'm not sure who thought of it -- someone who wanted to see how the turn of events would play out, surely, but who? I have such a hard time looking my commanding officers in the eye and explaining my position, that I am here because I killed someone of great importance.

I am a lady soldier, fighting under the rule of Queen Lisette. It was decided that I would work my way up in the ranks, accomplishing something great until I was experienced enough to fight at the front lines of a war. There, I would be sent to my death, and that would be the end of it. Then, my crimes would be washed away and my name forgotten.

But for now, not many will forget me. Miss Sophia Garlen, the little lady soldier.