Christmas Wishes

Macie Williamson is in her eyes a newly divorced mother with a seven-year-old boy named Carson. She's focuses all of her energy on giving Carson a better life and making up to him since she and Heath, her ex-husband, fought a lot. Macie's Christmas wish is her son's happiness.

Carson wants to make his mom happy. He noticed that after his mom and him have moved out of his dad's house she hasn't been happy like he used to be. He wants her to be happy like before even if that means giving up his Christmas wish for her.

Matt Sanders has had a great a successful year so far with Avenged Sevenfold. In his personal life however, it hasn't been so lucky. It's been about four months since he's been divorced from his ex-wife Val and he's finally ready to put himself out there again. Matt's Christmas wish is to be happy again.

What happens when all three paths cross this Christmas holiday? Will happiness happen for all three of these people or will they give up on happiness?

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Avenged Sevenfold or anything assoicated with them. I do however own the plot and Macie, Carson, and any other fictional character mentioned!