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Broken Lullaby

"Sometimes, things aren’t meant to be, people aren’t made to be loved and happy endings aren’t a possibility. Sometimes, no matter how bad you want something, you just got to let it go."

Disclaimer: I do not own Avenged Sevenfold, nor anything or anyone related to them. Jimmy is still alive in this story, just because I can't write one where he's not.
  1. I Still Remember
    When It Was Easy To Forget
  2. Mixed Feelings
    Go Well With Mixed Drinks
  3. That Lovely Moment
    When Reality Slaps You In The Face
  4. A Tough Girl
    Can Never Let Her Guard Down
  5. Between Hate
    Between Love
  6. One Step Forward
    And Two Steps Backward
  7. You Want To Point Your Finger
    But There’s No One Else To Blame
  8. Playing Cupid
    When Love Is Not Your Best Friend
  9. I Can't Believe You Let Me Down
    But The Proof Is In The Way It Hurts
  10. Honesty
    Is Not Always The Best Policy
  11. You Can't Fix
    What's Already Broken
  12. To Heal
    Or To Feel?
  13. So Strong
    And So Wrong