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Chapter 2 - Intruder

I was struck. Literally. Hopefully this cute man knew a cheap hotel nearby because if he doesn't I may just have to sleep in his front yard. He thought for a while but looked helpless.

"You're in the suburbs, it's impossible to find a hotel here let alone a cheap and nearby one." I should have seen that coming. Fuck.

Damned Mikey! It's all his fault! I thought to myself. I would have never came so far away with all this ice and snow if it wasn't for him.

I sighed, maybe a little too dramatic.

"You don't have anywhere else to go, right?" He asked me, interrupting my trail of thoughts.

I shook my head helplessly as I felt him examine my appearance intensely. I guessed that he was starting to feel chilly as he was now clutching the blanket which was wrapped around his shoulders tighter.

"You can stay the night at mine" he offered looking slightly unsure but still confident and sincere.

That was when the war in my mind broke out. Half of me really wanted to stay with this benevolent man and talk to him, get to know him but the other half of me just wanted to leave him alone because I felt like I was just killing his precious time. I know that time is so important these days from experience.

"Are you sure? I don't want to steal your time." I ask him, unsure.

He smiled warmly at me.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I was getting slightly bored anyway." I returned his warm smile and thanked him.

"You're welcome. I'm Frank by the way.Frank Iero." He spoke.

"And I'm Gerard. Gerard Way." He giggled slightly at my name. Oh great, seriously...

"I like your name." He said much to my surprise actually. I mentally let out a sigh of relief, I was expecting to get mocked about my name yet again. You'd think nothing was wrong with it but when people want to mock you, believe me they find something.

Before I could say anything he added;

"And we should probably push your car towards the driveway so that it doesn't block the road." Push the car !? Only the two of us !? Oh god...

It took us about half an hour to push the car. At first I thought Frank could never push something as heavy as a car but... Well, I think I should stop judging people with their appearance because despite his size, he managed to push the car better than I did. This man was absolutely full of surprises.

After the extremely exhausting thirty minutes, Frank literally dragged me back into his house. Presumably because he was freezing.

As we stepped in the house, there were lots of things that caught my eye. His furniture was modern yet cosy, I was almost sure he changed some things in his house because the moment you stepped into the house you could instantly feel the Christmas air in the room. There were lots of fancy art and photos which I assumed were family photos. His living room was fairly large and he had a rather expensive looking grand piano situated in the room as well as a glamorous mini bar. After taking in all the room, I doubted if he was rich or not.

I must have looked so surprised because Frank was laughing at me. Again.

"Wow... Your house is so beautiful" I spoke with amazement dripping from my voice. I have always wanted to live in a house like this.

I decided that I liked Frank's laugh... It was so cute. I knew that every time he laughed, he laughed at my stupidity but it was still so cute in my opinion. He was still laughing as he blushed a little.

"Thank you. Come on, I'll give you a tour of the house" He said while smiling kindly at me. It was so damn weird, I was such a burden on him yet he was still so kind to me!

After a short tour of the house I decided that I liked Frank's choice of furniture and decoration. I could already find things that we have in common from seeing things like comics, some cool band posters and pieces of artwork around.

Frank led us back to the living room and sat on the couch in front of the fire place. I sat next to him and took in my surroundings once again.

"So... Gerard, How old are you?" He asked. Thank god, it's an easy one.

"I'm thirty two. What about you?"

There was silence. When I turned to look at him, his eyes were so wide I thought they would pop out of his skull.

"Thirty two!? Wow... You look much younger. I'm twenty seven years old by the way."

He thinks I look young! I wish I did.

"What do you do for a living?" I asked him.

"I work at a veterinary clinic nearby."

"Oh, that's awesome. So you make surgeries on animals?"

"No, it's not exactly like that..."

"What do you do then?"

"Well, I own the place. I only sometimes go to work and that's only to check on my dogs and the other pets."

Ok, now I'm pretty sure he's rich.

"Oh... That sounds fun." I told him.

"What do you do for a living?" He asked me.

"I'm an artist. You know, I paint and sell my work."

"Really!? I like buying good art so much! You should totally sell me something sometime." I knew it! He likes art!

Then for about half an hour we both talked about ourselves, we talked about music, I learned that Frank plays just almost every instrument on earth, we talked about art, I learned that he likes the type of art I like too, we talked about our families and friends and I learned that Frank's family is rich but he's not quite rich. He didn't say much about that. I guessed it's too personal.

"... and then Mikey's girlfriend puked on him!" I told him some of the funny times we had with my brother. At that point he was cracking up really hard. He looked as red as a tomato from laughing so much. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down a little before speaking.

"You know, if my boyfriend puked on me, I would have slapped him."

Wait... What?

"Your boyfriend?" I arched an eyebrow at him.

"Yeah, I'm bisexual." He said, sounding calm and confident. Of course ha has a boyfriend. I mean how can someone like him be single?

"Oh, I didn't see that coming..." I thought out loud but then I realized it sounded like I was disgusted and I panicked a bit before adding "No! Like I don't mean it- I mean it's alright you know. I'm gay."

He looked confused for a moment but then started giggling.

"I know." He said between giggles.

"What? how!?"

"Dude! Your hair is dyed Firetruck red." He said and burst out laughing again.

Oh, great. Like I needed another person to mock me for my hair! Just as I was about to defend myself, the phone rang.

Frank got up off the couch and walked towards the phone which was situated on the other end of the room.


"Oh, hi Sammy baby!" He shirked into the phone.

Oh awesome, his boyfriend is calling.

"Are you ok baby? You sound... different." He asked with a worried tone.

"Oh Fuck! Damn it Sam, you're high again!"

"I don't care what day it is! You fucking promised me Sam! Fuck you!"

Oh fuck. Shit is about to hit the fan...
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