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Chapter 4 - When all the snow melts?

He told me everything.

How his parents disowned him, how his best friend died from cancer, how his boyfriend Sam had cheated on him in the past and how he suspected Sam did it again and also everything Sam told him over the phone.

As he told me everything, I could barely hold back tears. He was such an angel but everyone that held a part in his life seemed to break his fragile heart and leave him. I tried my best to support him.

He fell asleep on my shoulder while he was crying.

I kept petting his hair and telling him it was all going to be alright.

I didn't want to leave him alone. I put him in his bed and watched him sleep for a while.

He looked so fragile and so naive as he slept. I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to make sure he never cried, I wanted to watch over him forever, and I wanted to hold him while he slept.

I knew that he probably thought I would be gone by the morning, but I didn't want to leave him.

I turned the lights off and fell asleep next to him, making sure I was a comfortable distance away from him. I didn't want to disturb him either when he woke up or when was sleeping.

As the first lights of the day seeped under my eyelids, I slowly opened my eyes.

Frank wasn't next to me anymore.

I let myself lay a little more on the comfy bed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I yawned and slowly sat up in the bed. I saw that it had started snowing again through the misted window.

I completely got out of bed and walked downstairs, in search of Frank.I found him in the kitchen, cooking.

"Hey, good morning." I greeted him my voice cracking a little from sleeping.

"Good morning!" He replied, cheerfully. He turned around to look at me and smiled cutely. I smiled back at him.

He looked like he had already forgotten about everything.

"What are you cooking?" I asked him, walking closer to see for myself.

"Eggs. I hope you like eggs." The eggs looked delicious, I was starving.

"Hmm, they look delicious!" He giggled and I joined him.

"Hey, you know..." He started hesitantly. I gave him what I hoped was an encouraging look.

"It's snowing again and the meteorology says it will snow for another three days or so. I was wondering..." Is he trying to send me away or is he trying to offer me to stay? I thought.

"And?" I tried to encourage him to speak.

"And you know, you can stay here until the weather gets better if you want." He said looking hopefully into my eyes. I smiled at him.

"I would like to stay if it's not going to bother you." I told him.

He smiled brightly and replied;

"Of course it won't! And I... Thank you for last night. Thank you for supporting me when I needed it the most." He said, turning his gaze to the floor, shyly.

"Hey, I should be the one thanking you actually. Thank you for letting me in your house, you saved my ass."

We both laughed together. I decided that I loved the moments where we just laughed together. It made me feel like... like home. Not as in the place you stay of course, as in the place you belong to.

"I guess we're equal than." He said, still smiling.

"I guess." I said, smiling back.

After about fifteen minutes, we ate our breakfast while making small talk. Then we decided to watch a movie but before we could Frank's cell phone rang.

The moment he saw the caller ID his face fell.

"Sam is calling" He said, barely above a whisper and looked at me helplessly.

"Don't pick the phone up if you don't want to."

"But if I don't he'll be coming here and I certainly don't want him here." He said. I shrugged, giving him a helpless glance.

"Your choice..." I told him.

He looked between me and the phone before pressing the 'answer' button hesitantly and raising it to his ear.

"Hello?" There was a short pause.

"Oh, don't think you can get out of this that easily Sam!"

"I don't care how sorry you are, I don't trust you anymore and what I said last night still stands, I never want to see you face again." He said calmly.

"Whatever. Don't call me again." He said and ended the call even though Sam was still talking.

"So?" I asked him.

"So... The same old things he always says. Only now, I realize they were all lies and will always be lies." He talked, bitterly.

Of course he was still bitter about it. Everyone knows it's hard to get over a relationship, no matter how shitty it was.

He sighed deeply. I felt so sorry for him. He was so hurt and he didn't deserve any of what happened.

"Gerard..." He started, whispering while looking at the floor.

"Yes?" He slowly raised his head to look at me.

"Can I ask something?"

"You just did."

He froze for a second before cracking up. I joined him with his laughter. I love doing that little trick to people. It always works.

"What did you want to ask?" I asked him softly when our laughter died down.

"Oh... It's- I'm..." He sighed. He blushed and asked;

"Are we going to... Are we still going to see each other when all the snow melts?" He whispered, looking into my eyes, almost into my soul.

"I think we should." I whispered back to him while smiling slightly.

He frowned a little at first but soon a cute smile tugged on his delicate lips.

"I think so, too." He smiled.

"I think, we should exchange numbers." He giggled and passed me his cell while I took out mine and gave it to him. We exchanged numbers and watched the movie we decided to watch earlier.

I promised myself that I would never leave Frank like other people did to him.
I promised that I would never break his heart, never leave his side, and support him all the time.

When I looked at it as a whole, it seemed like an awesome coincidence.

But from the inside, it felt much more than just a coincidence.

Because when I thought about how it all started, I remembered that it all started with just a stupid dog. How could it know it would make me crash my car into Frank's mailbox.

Frank out of everyone that lived on the same street.

Maybe it was fate.
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