I Can't Imagine Being Anywhere Else


“They say that love is forever
Your forever is all that I need
Please stay as long as you need
Can’t promise that things won’t be broken
But I swear that I will never leave
Please stay forever with me.”



The three months of glorified freedom that is what you call summer break, is probably the highlight of every adolescent’s year. From Kindergarten to senior year, June through August symbolizes sleeping in late, eating crap and lazing around all day, then crashing at 3 AM. But it feels as if everyone chooses to ignore what comes after high school. Suddenly you’re on your own. You are an adult whether you like it or not. The future is upon you like a harsh slap in the face. There was no warning; no signs or booklets letting you know that all the decisions were now yours. With a kiss and a few tears shed, parents send off their clueless 18 year olds, throwing them into the real world to fend for themselves. At least, that’s what happened to me. But I learned pretty quickly, and already had a good college and lots of money to fall back on. I was an art major at the University of San Diego. After years of torture in the hellish public schools, I was damn ready to be off on my own and do my own thing. Look out world, here comes a pale boy with minimum people skills and a warped sense of humour.

College was just fine for the first couple years. I shared a dorm with this funny guy named Austin. We accidentally began friends after the whole Awkward Roomies faze was over, and the rest’s history. I’d go to my art classes and he would write some weird-ass essays for his English classes. Getting along was easy for us.

The frat parties were pretty cool, too, I had to admit. Even though they were thrown by overly-tan jocks with one brain cell each, the alcohol was perfect and the music a bit too loud. Sometimes there was even heroin, and as an ignorant 20 year old I gave myself a couple injections.

Everything went fine until I entered my third year of college. It was September, the start of a new year. Again I entered as an art major, and Austin and I were roommates once again. Things looked like they would be pretty much the same this year.

Fuck, was I wrong.
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This is just a prologue. The actual chapters are a lot longer.

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