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Hold On

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I couldn’t really remember anything. I had been sitting in this chair for almost eleven hours, and I couldn’t tell you if I had gotten up once. I was too scared to think straight. My mind was filled with images of Sarah lying motionless forever, of her never smiling that smile at me again, of her never sending me that good morning text that woke me up every day. I couldn’t let her go. I had just realized that I loved her, I couldn’t say goodbye.

“We’ll be back.” I heard one of the guys say. I just nodded my head. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, “Do you want anything?”

I recognized the voice now, it was Zayn. I just shook my head at him again.

I could hear him sigh as he walked away. I heard him whispering to the others as they stood outside the room. After a moment, they walked away. I guessed they were going out for food, but I didn’t know. I hadn’t really said much since we got here.

“Don’t be too social able.” I heard Sarah saying in my mind. It was one of the last things she had said to me before I left last time.

Rumors had started up in the media again, and I was really starting to get sick of them. I hated how being famous came along with having to deal with everyone slinging bullshit about you around.

“Why can’t they keep their noses in their own damn business?” I growled as the news went off. I was I sitting on the couch at Sarah’s place as she sat beside me.

“It’s their job, Harry.” She said, trying to place a hand on my shoulder, but I jerked away.

“I don’t care.” I grumbled, “They should leave me the hell alone for once.”

She sighed, “Would you rather they attack Louis?” I looked over at her. “Or Niall? Or Zayn? Or Liam?”

“No.” I sighed, “I would love if they would leave all of us alone.”

“If I were you,” she started, “I’d be happy they cut down on all of that Larry Stylinson shit.”

I nodded my head. She was right. What they were saying could be worse, it had been worse before.

“But what can I do about it?” I asked, throwing on arm in the direction of the television.

“Don’t be too social able.” She said, “Don’t give them as much opportunity to slander you. Make them work for it.”


She held her hand up to stop me, “That is why they are always after you, because they know they can get you easily. You don’t try to hide.”

I looked at her. She was right. I had gotten over trying to hide everything, because the media always found out soon or later. And sometimes the whole hide mystery thing didn’t help your case, they all took everything out of portions worse than before.

“Yeah, you’re right.” I nodded my head.

“Aren’t I always?” she asked, sitting up straight and looking up.

I chuckled at her, “In your dreams.”

She looked at me and gasped, “Harry, I’m hurt. And to think I thought that you cared.”

We had both started to laugh, as always. We had spent the rest of the day just hanging around her flat and watching movies.

I looked at her now, wanting to see that smile so bad.

“Sarah,” I said. My voice was hoarse from not talking and all of my crying, “Can you hear me?”

I waiting a moment for a response, even though I knew she wouldn’t.

“Sarah, you have to come back. I have something new I have to tell you, I can’t break our promise remember. I told you I never would.” I looked at her as I began to cry again. I wished with all my being that she would open her eyes right now and be fine, but she didn’t.

I leaned down and buried my face again.

“I need to tell you that I love you.”