Status: Ongoing

Drunken Delights

You are whatever you want,
And my missive will claim,
That your heart shall daunt,
All who dare declare the same.

Your embrace on that night,
So rough and hard, but gentle,
Made me hope so bright,
Physical, Emotional, Mental--

That I would be forever for you,
Yet you have stricken me,
Declared you did not mean to do,
Exactly what made me see.

But yet, you still have my heart,
And it is for you that I yearn,
With the precision of my dart,
And for you that I would burn.
  1. The morning after...
    Gerard awakes...
  2. The night before...
    Gerard sleeps..
  3. Seeking forgiveness..
    Frank left that morning, but where, and how does he feel? Will Gerard forgive him?