Status: Part II should be posted in time for Christmas! :D

The Only Gift

Frank and Gerard have been best friends for as long as they can remember, and after several years of longing after one another, they finally become a couple and everything has been completely blissful between the two of them. However, when their lives become so consumed with work and everything else that their lives throw at them, it becomes a bit too much for them to handle.

Frank understands that he and Gerard both have to do the adult thing and work, and he tries his best to accept their conflicting schedules. However, with Christmas right around the corner, he can't help but want some quality time with his boyfriend.

With the very conflicting schedules that they have, even Santa may not be able to grant Frank his one and only wish... but it doesn't stop him from having faith and believing that even though you're older, Christmas miracles can still happen.

* Dedicated to my dear friend, Beth, aka the blissfully dead. Happy super belated birthday, my dear!!! <3

Merry Christmas, everyone!!! :'D