Status: I hope you enjoy this is not Yaoi just contains a little of it thats all :D

Ma Dai and the Straw Hats: Another War

Ma Dai always wanted to live in a world were he can do whatever he wants and live free. He wanted to get away from war. When Ma Dai suddenly has his wish granted he is found by the straw hats. What happens next… What great adventure's does he come across? Will he ever find his home?
  1. Midnight Poem, Forests creaks
    A wish is finally granted
  2. Lost in a forest.Meet the straw hats
    Very strong language in this Chapter.
  3. A Caves nightmares,A short glimpse in the future
    Not such a sad chapter but if your sensitive you can make it out to be. Warning:Sexual themes
  4. Bear attack Fight Fight Fight!!!,Buteaful Clift
    Series first fight