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More Like a Movie

strip club.

Vic and I had been kissing, a lot lately. And when I say a lot, I mean it. Take right now for example. Originally I came to his dorm so we could hang out before meeting his friends for a birthday or something, I don’t know. Instead of doing exactly that, though, I ended up in his lap as he sat in his desk chair with my legs placed on either side of him and his hands gripping hard on my hips. His mouth worked against mine harshly with me trying my best to keep up with him. As time went on, I had gotten better at the whole kissing thing but it was starting to become a problem because we had been in this same position since I arrived earlier and we had to get going soon.

I tried to pull away from him in hopes that he would get the point, but his lips moved down towards my neck instead, littering the sensitive skin with light kisses. I had only found out the other day that my neck was one of my sweet spots and for Vic, it was like striking gold. Anytime he had the opportunity, he seized it and made it impossible for me to speak, which was what he was doing right now.

“Vic,” I breathed, noticing how scratchy my voice sounded. He growled in response and pressed his lips back on mine, kissing me harder than before. Kissing him was overwhelming, but in that really good way that heightens all of your senses and makes your heart beat really fast. Every time he touched me or held me I felt a surge go through my body and I wasn’t sure if it was because it was Vic doing this to me or the fact that it was all so new. I decided on the first because honestly, I can’t imagine anyone else making me feel this…alive.

Internally, I groaned knowing this was a stupid idea, but I didn’t care. If we were late, we were late. This was far too important. Vic's hands made their way underneath my shirt, sliding along my sides to my back resting there as he pulled me closer. His tongue was licking inside my mouth and I was responding by gripping his shirt between my fingers. Sometimes, like right now, our make out sessions got hot and heavy and I had nothing against it, I was just so afraid to do something about it.

How far would I be willing to go with him? There were moments where I felt like kissing wasn’t enough, but how do I make the next move? Or is that up to him? It made me so fucking confused, but turned on and that’s what did my head in. All of these thoughts running around, I realized I hadn’t been paying attention to what was going on so when Vic rolled his hips up into mine what should have been a small gasp from my part turned into a loud whine.

Immediately he stopped, detaching his swollen lips from mine and giving me a skeptical look. “Are you alright?” He practically panted, catching his breath as he looked from my lips to my eyes like he was concerned about my well-being but also really aroused.

“Mhm,” I nodded, swallowing hard and tangling my fingers in his hair to bring his mouth back to mine. I didn’t want to stop kissing him so for now I would push my questions aside and just let things play out. That’s what I’ve been trying to do since I got here anyway, just in a different setting.

He didn’t question me again, sliding his tongue past my lips and letting his hands fall down to my ass, holding onto me and squeezing. Once again, I gasped into his mouth and tightened my grip on his hair, not knowing what else to do. All I knew was that I had to have him as close as possible.

I could feel him hard underneath me and that only caused a new wave of feelings to wash over me. I wanted to do something and take the lead for once, although I already knew that Vic would be the dominant one here. I at least wanted to take the initiative once in a while. And I would have, if it weren’t for what happened next.

“Oh my god!” Vic and I stopped kissing, pulling apart within seconds. His eyes were wide, as were mine as we stared at each other in confusion. Once the initial shock faded, he turned towards the intrusion, choking a little and pushing me away when he saw Mike standing there by the door. “I fucking knew it,” he added, shutting the door behind him and coming into their room.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Vic hissed, his breathing still labored and his hands strategically on my chest like he was trying to keep me away from him. I’ll admit that kind of hurt. “Aren’t you supposed to be in New York for that business thing?”

“It finished early,” Mike frowned giving Vic a puzzling look. From talking to the guys, I knew Mike was out of town on a business trip with one of his classes. I’m sure this wasn’t the homecoming he was expecting. “What the hell is the matter with you?”

Vic sighed and removed one hand from me, running his fingers through his hair in what looked like contemplation. “You can’t tell anyone about this Mikey,” he finally said.

“Why not?” I demanded harshly. Vic turned his gaze from Mike to me. He gave me a soft smile and placed a hand on my cheek. I didn’t want to fall for his charm already, but it’s next to impossible when he fucking looks at me like that.

“It’s not like that, Kels,” he said softly, “but do you know what will happen if we suddenly let everyone into our personal lives?”

“Like you don’t do that with them already?” I spat, pushing his hand away from my face and crossing my arms. Was I being a little overdramatic? Sure, but he was annoying me. I knew he said he wouldn’t regret anything that happens between us, but there was still a small part of my brain that called bullshit, especially when things like this happen.

Vic groaned and let his head fall back onto the chair. With his eyes on the ceiling he ran his hands up and down my thighs in what was supposed to be a calming manner, but I don’t think he realized how excited I still was from earlier.

“Listen,” he finally said snapping back into reality and catching the attention of both me and Mike. “Kellin and I are still figuring things out. As soon as everyone knows, it’s going to become a big deal and once it becomes a big deal we won’t have privacy between us anymore. We literally just started whatever this is and I don’t want to let everyone in yet. Call me selfish if you want, but I know what happens when other people get involved and I’m not letting this get ruined.”

What he said made sense and I wanted to believe that was the real reason so I pushed my skepticism aside and nodded. It sounded like a good idea to me. I’m pretty much new to this and Vic is probably right. When other people get involved, shit can go wrong.

“Fine,” I said in agreement glancing at his lips then back up to his eyes, raising an eyebrow in question. He caught on to what I was doing and nodded, leaning forward and giving me a quick peck.

“But…” Mike whined from his spot on his bed before falling back onto it. “I bet Tony twenty bucks that you two would get together before the month ended.”

“You made a bet on us?” Vic whipped his head around. “What the hell?”

“Yeah,” Mike muttered like it was nothing. “I said this month. Tony said neither one of you would have the balls for at least another two.”

I pouted at Mike to mock him and he just rolled eyes. “Once we decide it is okay to tell people we’ll back you up and you can get your money, okay?”

“Kellin!” Vic tried to intervene but I stopped him.

“Just let them have their fun,” I mumbled sliding off of his lap and back onto my feet. We were already late now, but I didn’t want to make it worse. These were friends of Vic that I had never met before. “Now come on we’re like fifteen minutes late. We’re wasting precious time.”

Vic groaned and stood up with me. It took literally everything in me to keep my eyes focused on something else in the room while he quickly changed his shirt. I didn’t need a repeat of earlier. Not when we were heading out.

“See you later Mike,” I waved to him before exiting the room, Vic following behind me. I still had no idea where were going since every time I asked he gave me a smirk and changed the subject by sticking his tongue down my throat. “Can you tell me where we’re going now?”

He pushed the button for the elevator and leant against the wall as we waited. With a smile on his lips and a glint in his eyes he shrugged and said, “Strip club.”


We walked into the establishment and I felt my legs turn to jelly. I had no reason to be nervous. It was just a strip club, 18+ meaning I was legally allowed. I was obviously gay so really it didn’t interest me at all. In my head it seemed fine, so why the hell did I feel like I was going to pass out?

“Kels?” Vic placed his hands on my shoulders and I jumped away from him unintentionally. “It’s alright, it’s just me.” He gave me a warm smile and led me over to one of the seating areas. I felt my mouth go dry as soon as we got deeper into the room. The place was dark, lights illuminating the stage area with pink and purple ones against the walls. The closest I’ve been to one of these was a scene in a movie; I had no idea what the hell I was supposed to do.

Everywhere I looked there were men of all ages, mostly older guys though with drinks in their hands and wild looks on their faces. Watching them made me feel uncomfortable for some reason. I’m not one to judge; I respected the profession. I just had never been placed in this setting before. I didn’t know what to take in first.

Vic pulled me along, tearing my eyes away from everything as I watched the back of his head so I wouldn’t get lost or accidentally make eye contact with anyone. Eventually he stopped walking and I ran right into his back, whimpering at the impact. I heard Vic chuckle before grabbing me and placing me in front of him.

We were now in front of a group of new guys, none of whom I recognized and one in particular already covered in what looked like body glitter. All of their eyes were on me and if I wasn’t uncomfortable seconds before when we were passing a group of drooling men, I certainly was now. “Guys, this is my friend Kellin. Hope you don’t mind that I made him tag along. He’s never done anything like this before. I’m trying to show him new things.”

“Dude, it’s totally fine,” the guy in the middle said somewhat surprising me with his accent. He stuck his hand out to invite us to sit down just as a dancer came over to him. On shaky legs, I attempted to walk it was only thanks to Vic’s hand on my back that I kept myself from falling down. I took a seat on the very end, Vic sitting between me and one of the guys. “I’m Danny, by the way. It’s nice to meet you.”

I shook his hand and offered a smile, trying to keep my eyes on him and not the girl dancing in front of him. Judging by his attire, he was the one celebrating the birthday tonight. “You too. And happy birthday.” I said.

“Thanks man!” He nodded before turning his attention to the blonde in his lap. Vic slid his arm around my shoulder in either an attempt to make me feel more relaxed or just because he wanted to. I hoped for the latter, though at this point I didn’t really care.

“So you met Danny, those other two are Ben and Cameron, his friends.” He whispered in my ear.

“How did you meet?” I asked, curious as to how Vic knew these guys and why he’s never mentioned them before. It was easy to focus on conversation that way I didn’t get distracted by the girl flipping her hair back, or swaying her hips.

He ignored my question at first, waving over a waitress. She was quick to make her way over, a smile on her face and pink glitter dusted over her cheeks and chest. I gave her a quick once over, noticing that she was very pretty even in this vague lighting and she had a couple of tattoos that covered her arms and collarbone. After taking Vic’s order she turned to me, noticing how I was staring intently and winked.

“I’ll be right back with your drinks,” she grinned turning on her heels and walking away. I felt my cheeks flush red and refused to make eye contact with Vic who was laughing next to me.

“Wow, Kellin,” he commented quietly. “I didn’t realize you were into girls as well.”

“Shut up,” I murmured, crossing my arms and hanging my head down, hoping that my hair would cover my face. I wasn’t into girls, but I could observe. This was completely embarrassing.

“Anyway,” he looked from me to the three guys on his right. “I met them my sophomore year. We were kind of involved with the same people at the time and yeah. Nothing major,” he shrugged. There was more to the story, but I wasn’t going to push. I didn’t need to know everything.

After that, the night dragged on and to say I was bored was a complete understatement. The discomfort had faded but annoyance was quick to replace it. Now, I know that Vic isn’t mine, but we’re still pretty close and we’re spending an awful lot of time together so when a pretty girl in nothing but a bikini and heels walks over to him and offers him a lap dance, I feel justified in my right to get jealous.

I was told before things started off that I wasn’t allowed to turn down a dance, even if I had no interest. Apparently it was rude, so I listened to the words of everyone else and earlier in the night when a girl approached me I smiled and nodded, tensing up the entire time and wishing that I wouldn’t show just how awkward I felt when she moved in front of me.

For me, it only happened once. Vic was a different story. They were paying special attention to him. He’s probably the most attractive person in here and he’s not some creep avoiding his wife. The bills hanging from his hand also helped. The thing was, though, is that he’s never mentioned his sexuality. Yeah, we’re doing whatever it is that we’re doing but I don’t know what his deal is. I haven’t asked before because it’s really none of my business. But right now, for all I knew, he was enjoying this and that flared something within me.

I hated that I felt so insecure and jealous. Vic wasn’t mine, but I wanted him. He could easily get bored of me and since he’s so eager to keep whatever it is we have on the down low, it wouldn’t surprise me if he found someone else to better suit his interests.

I wouldn’t have that. I couldn’t have that. I liked him far too much and I had to make sure he knew that.


Mike told Vic that he was going out tonight and that he shouldn’t expect him back anytime soon so the second Vic and I entered his dorm I had him pushed down onto his bed not missing the way his eyes went wide at my sudden confidence. I crawled on top of him slowly before situating myself on his hips. He let me lean down to kiss his neck, getting a whiff of his scent – strawberry body butter and beer. It should have turned me off, but for some reason I still wanted him. Maybe it was that burning jealousy still lingering.

Vic wasted no time in wrapping his arms around my waist and flipping us over so I was on my back against his mattress and he was placed between my legs. His eyes swept over my body before landing on my own. “What’s gotten in to you?” He tilted his head to the side, amused by my actions.

“Nothing,” I shrugged innocently, wrapping a hand around his neck to pull him down to kiss me. The second our lips met, I felt my body start to heat up. Parting my lips, I let him massage his tongue with my own as his hands slid up my shirt, running his fingers up my sides, across my stomach and down my chest. Every touch set fire to my skin and this time I didn’t stop myself, rolling my hips up into his.

He groaned into my mouth and dug his nails into my skin, grinding his lower half against mine harder, disconnecting our lips and making his way south of my jaw towards my neck. He left tiny kisses until he got to the collar of my shirt, bringing a hand up to push it aside leaving him perfect access to my collarbone. He sunk his teeth into my skin, making a rather loud moan escape from my lips. I closed my eyes, allowing him to suck his mark into a place that could remain hidden from anyone else.

Lost in the feeling of his tongue against my flesh, I ran my hands up and down his back, slipping them underneath the fabric of his shirt. Our bodies were still rocking together, Vic getting faster with each time he rutted himself against me. All coherent thoughts were gone leaving my mind a complete mess of jumbled words and lust.

Vic’s lips found mine again and without realizing it, I dug my nails into his back, dragging them down his spine harshly. He groaned into my mouth and I gasped, immediately thinking that I did something wrong.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, pulling back from him.

He licked his lips and shook his head quickly. “Don’t be,” he said in a husky voice. “Scratching is such a fucking turn on.” The way he spoke sent shivers down my spine and now I was completely hard.

He must have noticed because he looked down between us and then back up at my face, smirking. His lips met mine in a quick kiss before he moved his hand down the front of my chest stopping once he got to the top of my jeans. “You’ve never been touched by anyone before, have you?” Vic asked in a low voice, his fingers tracing the skin exposed where my shirt rode up.

Nerves began to make their way into my system. Obviously he knows the answer since just a few weeks ago I had never been kissed. This was just his way of messing with me; making me admit verbally that no, I’ve never been touched before. I’ve never done anything like this before, at least not with another person. Tonight I wanted to be the one to make the first move, but with Vic hovering above me, smirking in that particular way I simply couldn’t think straight anymore. I looked up at him nervously, chewing on my bottom lip as he watched my every move. I knew I had to answer him and once my hands stopped shaking I shook my head. “N-no,” I finally stuttered out, not prepared for what his follow up would be.

He chuckled and began tracing that area of skin again, making goosebumps form from each touch. I took a deep breath through my nose and tried to stop my heart from racing, afraid he might hear just how loud it was. Vic kept eye contact with me as his index finger popped the button of my jeans open then, using his steady hands, pulled down the zipper ever so slowly. When he realized I had yet to object he stopped and placed a hand on either side of my head, asking “Do you want to be?”
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