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“Victor!” Kellin slurred, throwing an arm lazily across my shoulders. He leant onto me for support as he swayed back and forth almost spilling whatever cocktail was sloshing around in his red cup. I could smell the alcohol on his person as he snuggled himself closer to me. “Why aren’t you drinking?” He pouted and I looked down at him just in time to see him staring straight up at me with wide, blinking eyes.

I rolled my own and took the cup of out his hands, which in turn caused a short whine of protest to pass through those unreasonably soft lips. I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea to bring Kellin to another party, but he overheard me talking to Jeremy on the phone and remembered him from that one night. After he found out what was happening, he begged me to go. I wanted to say no. I didn’t even want to come out tonight, but Kellin had a way of making me give in. So he we are.

“Someone needs to keep you in line,” I said sharply, moving out of his way and making him stumble to keep himself upright.

“Mean,” he frowned, but followed me down the hall anyway. We reached a relatively clear spot, surrounded by only a few other kids who were probably looking for an ounce of quiet as well. In front of me Kellin kept staring at his feet, like they would pop off at any minute and walk away without him. As much as I hated to admit it, I found him absolutely adorable while intoxicated. He was adorable any other time just sitting there with a blank look on his face, but when he was completely out of it and giggling at nothing, I wanted to scoop him up and take him home.

Sighing, I pulled him into my arms, smiling when I heard him squeal and hug me back. He was too cute for his own good sometimes. I just hoped he wouldn’t puke on my shoes. “Having fun I assume?”

He nodded quickly against my chest and squeezed my sides a little harder. “Just wish you’d have some fun, too,” I heard him mumble.

“Babe, I’m fine.” I said, taking his hands and prying them off of me. He lifted his head and stared at me with a pout. Against my better judgment, I kissed his lower lip and wrapped my arms around his waist. I could taste the alcohol on my tongue as I swiped it across my lips briefly. I shouldn’t have let him drink so much.

“Vic, kiss me again,” Kellin insisted seriously. I contemplated doing as he asked. I really didn’t want to give him everything he wanted. He had been drinking a lot tonight and I felt like it was my responsibility to watch after him. Kissing him would be like condoning his actions. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, but he promised that if I brought him tonight that he’d stay sober for the most part and only have a drink or two. Clearly, that plan flew out the window the moment we arrived and Kellin found the alcohol.

The look he was giving me made him so irresistible and I groaned, feeling myself let go as I grabbed his face in my hands and crashed our lips together in a passionate kiss. There was something about kissing him that I adored. He was so eager and excited, even when he was sloppy drunk. He was quick to learn, too, tangling his fingers in my hair and pulling to make me gasp. By now he had all of my turn-ons memorized. I felt his tongue push its way into my mouth so I backed him up against the wall, letting him do as he pleased while I still maintained some kind of control.

When we were both struggling to breathe, he detached our lips and with lidded eyes slumped back against the wall. I watched his face and how the color quickly blossomed on his cheeks. Keeping my focus on him, I was almost caught off guard when his fingers started trailing down the front of my body. I looked down quickly and then back up to find him smirking at me. He tugged on the hem of my shirt and pushed himself off of the wall.

“Take me upstairs, Vic,” he whispered in my ear seductively. I didn’t know how he did it. One minute he would be the somewhat innocent kid who, until recently, had never been touched and the next he was some horny fucker begging me to do something to him.

I decided to play along and humor him for the time being. We’d probably just fool around or something like we’ve been doing so I didn’t see the harm if we could actually find an empty bedroom upstairs.

“What are we going to do upstairs, Kellin?” I asked curiously, twirling a strand of his hair around my finger. He bit his lip and gave me an innocent look. That always meant trouble with him but he was so cute and when he looked at me like that I wanted nothing more than to give into his wants and do whatever it was he asked me to.

“Take me upstairs and you’ll see,” he shrugged and grabbed my hand with his. He was challenging me and judging by his intense staring he knew that he was winning.

I snorted and tugged him along, turning and pushing past the small mob of people that had gathered around the bottom of the stairs. Quickly my eyes darted around the room, making sure that Tony or Jaime or anyone else for that matter wouldn’t see me dragging Kellin upstairs. They’d be all over it and would interrogate me until I was dead. I couldn’t have that. When all was clear, I pulled him behind me and made my way up.

Surprisingly, most of the rooms were clear. Apparently it was still too early in the night for the…activities to start. Once we were secured in a room, Kellin locked the door and pushed me down onto the bed. One thing about him being drunk was that he was very confident and kind of aggressive. I’d never actually say it to him since I liked to be in charge, but it was kind of a turn on.

He climbed on top of me, smirking down as he straddled my hips. “You’re so cute, Victor,” he giggled leaning down so his face was close to mine. “But you’re so hot at the same time. How do you do it, hmm?” His fingers grabbed the front of my shirt and as he rocked his lower half into mine, he began swiftly undoing the buttons. “I want you to kiss me and cuddle me and tell me sweet things, but I want you to be rough with me and pull my hair and dominate me.”

Eyes wide, I swallowed hard. This was a whole new side of him. I’ve experienced him drunk before, but nothing like this and quite honestly, I loved it. Deep down he was still that innocent virgin who still had a million unanswered questions but the faux confidence he exuded made him all the more appealing to me.

“Do you want me to blow you, Vic?” He stopped what he was doing and sat up, cocking his head to the side. I nearly choked on the air I just inhaled. I don’t think he knew what he was saying due to the abundance of alcohol he consumed, but he was being extremely forward.

Noticing my silence he frowned. “I mean, you’re always doing stuff to me. I figured it was time to return the favor,” he said, opening my shirt that had now been undone and running his hands up and down my chest. “I want to, anyway, but if you object then…”

“No objections,” I rushed out quickly. If he was offering, I certainly wasn’t going to turn it down. I’d never said anything to him before because I didn’t want to put any pressure on him, thinking that just because we were getting physical he owed me something. I understood that he was inexperienced and I didn’t want to push.

His smile widened and he nodded, lowering his head and peppering my skin with kisses. He moved his lips down from my chest, to my stomach, nipping at the skin between every couple of kisses. I laid in anticipation as he traveled lower. When he got to the area above my jeans, he ran his tongue along the flesh making me shiver.

“Moving a little fast there, Kels?” I breathed, biting back a gasp when he brushed his hand across the quickly forming bulge in my jeans.

“I’m eager,” he chuckled, fumbling with the button clumsily. I shouldn’t be letting him do this in his drunken state, but I just couldn’t tell him no. So I ignored that nagging voice in my head and let him proceed. Soon my jeans were completely undone and he was yanking them down so they were at my thighs. Licking his lips, he looked down at me and I could see the smile he was trying so hard to hide.

He glanced up to meet my stare and blushed. I lifted a hand and brushed the hair out of his face. “You don’t have to,” I said half-heartedly. He didn’t have to, but I really didn’t want him to stop.

“I want to,” he nodded and lowered himself down until his mouth was just above the band of my boxers. Shyly, his hands reached up and slowly pulled down the fabric. He was nervous, I could tell, but he was adamant and I respected that. “I have no idea what I’m doing,” he laughed once my length was free. I gave him a reassuring smile and nodded.

“You’ll be fine,” I insisted, pretty eager for him to start. My words must have been enough because he stopped talking altogether and wrapped his fingers around my shaft, shakily stroking up and down. I closed my eyes and relaxed as he worked. For someone so unfamiliar, he was pretty good at what he did.

Like always, he started off at a slow, almost torturous pace only this time, I don’t think he had any idea that he was teasing me so much. His hand pumped up and down and when he got to the tip, he’d dip his thumb into the slit only causing me to groan and soon I found myself needing more, bucking my hips up into his touch asking for it.

Increasing speed, he began flicking his wrist faster and that coupled with the now warm air I was feeling from his mouth so dangerously close to me had me breathing heavily already. His grip on me tightened and his movements sped up until finally I felt the wetness of his tongue flick over across the head of my dick.

I leaned up on my elbows, glancing down at Kellin who was blushing slightly and staring hard back at me. I smiled faintly to let him know that he shouldn’t be embarrassed. He seemed to have understood because he broke our gaze and went back to what he was doing. I didn’t stop watching, though. It was kind of hot to see Kellin do this, especially for the first time. Slowly I was starting to strip away that innocence that he had.

My concentration was broken as his tongue started to lick up the underside of my shaft, skillfully in his intoxicated condition, tracing a prominent vein. He continued with small licks, every once in a while earning a gasp from my end until he flattened his tongue against me and took my dick past his lips into his awaiting warm and wet mouth. I couldn’t stop the grunt I let out as he went down once and slid his lips back up, keeping them wrapped around the tip.

He was doing everything that I had done to him, using the right amount of suction and tongue while his hand pumped. This time I didn’t bother fighting it and I let out a long, breathy moan. His tongue was swirling around the head before his mouth slid down again, engulfing me almost entirely in his mouth. I watched as he bobbed his head up and down, taking what he could – which was actually a lot – and keeping up the enthusiasm.

I didn’t want to be rough with him yet, but I carefully knotted my fingers in his hair and pushed him down a bit more to see what he could do. Not to my surprise at all, he obliged and sucked more of me into his mouth until I had pretty much disappeared past his lips.

“Fuck, Kellin,” I groaned out, bucking my hips unintentionally. He didn’t seem to mind and instead moved his head, and his hand, faster.

All too soon I felt that heat pooling in the pit of my stomach and I knew what was happening. With my hand still in his hair, I tugged. “Kellin, I’m gonna come.” I warned him. For his first time and all, I didn’t want to just let go in his mouth.

He stopped immediately, removing his hand and his lips and pushing himself away. I was about to protest because he had just left me hanging, but the way he was looking at me, I knew he had other plans.

“What are you doing?” I said almost out of breath and pushing myself up off the bed, supporting my weight with my hands.

He shifted awkwardly before getting over it and very swiftly slipped off his shirt, tossing it somewhere onto the floor. I watched him in confusion as he slid off the bed and stood on the floor in front of me. His hands on his hips he opened his mouth to speak and the three words that tumbled out of those lips were three words I didn’t expect to hear tonight.

“Fuck me, Vic.”


I knew what I was requesting; I was drunk, not dumb. And I didn’t care that Vic wasn’t my boyfriend, or that we weren’t official. I wasn’t thinking about anything like that, I was thinking that I was horny and that I liked Vic and that this was what I wanted. For real.

Everyone always said to me that I should “save myself for someone special” or “wait until I was in love”, but the thing was, I didn’t know when that would be. I knew that I liked Vic and I knew that we had something good going on between us. I trusted him and he trusted me. I liked him and he liked me. So what was so bad about wanting to have sex with someone that you liked and trusted, even if you didn’t love them?

I looked at Vic and waited for him to give me an answer. I was certain that he would agree to this, simply because of what has happened over the past month or so. However, I was surprised when he shook his head and sat up, shuffling away from me.

“No, I’m not doing that.” He huffed and crossed his arms. I was confused. He liked me, didn’t he?

“Why not?” I pouted and undid my jeans anyway, letting them fall to floor before stepping out of them. I crawled onto the bed until I reached Vic and placed my hands on his knees. “I want you, Vic. Please?”

“Kellin,” he whined and tried to push me away, but I was expecting it so I didn’t budge.


“You’re drunk, you don’t mean it. This isn’t a good idea.” He shook his head like he was trying to convince himself.

“Vic, I may be drunk, but I know what I want. And what I want is for you to fuck me.” I stated bluntly. I grabbed him by the legs and pulled him so he was lying flat on his back on the bed. “Don’t you want a release?” I asked looking down at his still very obvious hard on. “It’ll feel good for the both of us, Vic. Come on.”

He swallowed hard and I could tell I was getting to him. I know he wanted this. He was just afraid because I was virgin and I was drunk. I wasn’t going to let him think that I was a problem, though.

“Are you sure you want to do this with me?” He asked sounding skeptical, but I knew he was going to give in.

“Positive,” I nodded and kissed him just as reassurance.

He didn’t respond at first, probably overthinking the situation. He wanted to fight me on this, I could tell, but he also wanted to give in. It must have been hard for him. “I can’t, I’m sorry.” He pushed me away, but I just silenced him by kissing him again, letting him know that I was serious; that I was positive.

Sighing in defeat, he wrapped a hand around my neck and kissed me back just like I knew he would. I smiled against his lips and started rubbing my still clothed lower half against him. It was probably a dick move on my part, but if he was turned on enough, he wouldn’t think about pushing me away again.

I heard him growl and before I could process what was happening he rolled us over so I was now pinned beneath him. “You’re ridiculous I hope you know that,” he said, but he was smiling so he meant well. His fingers gently brushed the side of my face and a warm fluttery feeling swam throughout my body. Yes, this was definitely what I wanted. He was definitely who I wanted.

We kissed again, this time a lot slower and sweeter than before. It was still sloppy considering I was eager and trashed and just ready for him to do whatever, but it was nice and I savored every moment of it. Vic shimmied out of his clothes, kicking off his boxers and jeans until he was completely naked in front of me. My eyes raked across his body, down his chest, to his dick and then back up again. I smiled widely and winked.

He rolled his eyes at my behavior and started kissing my neck, as usual. His teeth were scraping against my skin and my entire body shuddered at the feeling, goosebumps quickly making an appearance on my pale complexion. I lightly trailed my nails up his back, just barely scratching but it was enough to get him going and seconds later his hands were on my hips, holding me still as he rutted himself against me. It felt so good and like I was on some sort of high but I didn’t know if that was Vic or the alcohol.

“Take them off,” I gasped, desperate for some skin on skin contact.

He was too, which was why he stopped moving on top of me and slipped his fingers beneath the hem of boxers, yanking them down. I freed myself of them completely, spreading my legs as Vic settled himself between them. Our lips connected and disconnected in sloppy kisses and he wrapped his hand around my dick, jerking me quickly to get me harder than I already was.

When I thought about it more, I realized we didn’t have what we needed, but I didn’t want to stop so I could only hope that Jeremy or whatever that guy’s name was had stuff. I thrust up into his hand and let my head fall to the side, reaching a shaky hand towards the nightstand. I could barely comprehend what I was doing, but I opened the drawer and violently threw my hand around until I found what I was looking for. Every guy this age has a box of condoms, but few have lube. Luckily for me, this guy had both. I grabbed the items in my fingers and shoved them into Vic’s chest, telling him to get on with it.

I should’ve felt more nervous about doing this. I mean, after all, I was about to have sex for the first time. The alcohol was definitely helping me though. I wasn’t afraid at all. I felt chill and relaxed. Normal.

Vic took the things from my hold and sat up, giving me one final stare. “This is your last chance to back out, Kellin,” he said honestly. “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, but I’d be a liar if I said I hadn’t thought about fucking you for some time now. Once I get going, I won’t stop until we’re both spent. So, are you sure?”

I nodded eagerly. Hearing his words only solidified my decision. This was going to happen tonight and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My silent admission was enough for him and he didn’t say anything more, just sat back and popped the cap of the lubricant. I relaxed and let my muscles unwind as Vic coated his fingers in the substance.

“Ready?” He asked and I smiled, giving his arm a squeeze.

“Ready,” I replied and closed my eyes.

One finger entered me and I gasped; the feeling foreign and the substance cold. He was slow and gentle, taking his time to allow me to get used to the feeling of something there. I kept my eyes shut as he circled his finger inside of me. I just had to get acclimated. I could do this. He must have been able to sense that my nerves were starting up because I felt his warm lips on mine and heard him whispering about how I was doing such a great job. I appreciated that he was being respectful with me. It only made me like him more.

When he felt I was ready, he added a second finger. This of course hurt more than the first since the stretch was becoming more. He scissored his fingers inside of me and I bit my lip, wincing at the slight discomfort that had now started to take place. When he curled his fingers and hit that certain spot, I almost yelped.

“Oh,” I gasped and he just chuckled. I chose to ignore it and slightly pushed back against his hand. Whatever that was felt good and I wanted him to do it again.

“Looks like I found it,” he said coolly and if my eyes weren’t closed I would have rolled them.

“Just do it again,” I demanded and he did, brushing against that particular area and making my body tingle.

Carefully he eased a third finger into me and that’s when it got worse, the pain taking over the pleasure and I couldn’t think about anything else anymore except the burn. He kissed me over and over again as he stretched me and it helped a little.

“It’s going to hurt,” he said and finally removed his fingers from me. “But I’ll go easy, you just have to let me move and stay relaxed. Being tense won’t help at all.”

“Got it,” I whispered. I was nervous now. No amount of alcohol could stop this feeling.

Then it all happened so fast. Vic tore the condom wrapper with his teeth and slid it on, using more lube to coat himself and then he eased into me, slowly at first to allow me to adjust. It hurt more than anything I had ever felt. This pain made getting a tattoo feel like a butterfly kiss. I tried to ignore it though and keep myself relaxed like Vic said.

After what seemed like forever, I finally felt like I could take more so I squeezed his shoulder and told him to move. He inched his way into me, pulling back each time before sliding in again until he was filling me up completely. I was biting my lip so hard, but I had to. I needed to. Vic was big, bigger than I expected him to be once he was actually in me. I felt full, strange, like a way I had never felt before but it was kind of good. By now a numbing sensation had fallen over me and I couldn’t quite feel much pleasure, but it was obvious Vic was.

He was above me, whimpering as he slid in and out, picking up his pace with each new thrust. Of course it would feel better to him, though. He wasn’t being fucked. I was. I wrapped my legs around him nonetheless and when I did so, he went into me deeper, hitting that spot dead on and making my eyes go wide.

“Shit,” I gasped, arching my back as he pulled out and pushed back in a little harder. It was starting to feel good now, Vic hitting where I felt the most pleasure repeatedly. Without thinking I dug my nails into his back and clawed. The action made him growl, causing him to fuck me harder and more forcefully. “Ow, fuck, Vic,” I whined from the sudden pain.

He didn’t say anything, just slowed down a little bit until we were back a steady pace. I was sweating so much, so hot from the activity and the room had become full of the sounds of the bed creaking and our panting and ragged breathing. The noises were kind of a turn on, especially when they came from Vic. Every sound he produced was erotic as hell and I loved it.

A few more thrusts and I could feel that sensation coming over me. I wasn’t going to be able to last long, so it didn’t surprise me. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him hard and hot, moaning into his mouth when he wrapped his fingers around my length and started pumping me in time with his sloppy thrusts.

“Shit, Vic, I’m coming,” I panted, writhing around underneath him and moments later that tightening got stronger and I was shooting out onto my stomach, whispering Vic’s name as my climax washed over me.

Vic was looking down at me desperately and I knew that he was close. The sight of me coming undone tipped him over the edge and with a last thrust he came into the condom, grunting and collapsing on top of me, not bothering with the mess on my stomach.

We laid there sweaty and panting for a few minutes before we finally decided that it was time to separate. He slid out of me easily and fell onto the bed next to me. I glanced down at myself and then to him and smiled.

“Perfect,” I whispered blindly searching for his hand. This night definitely took an unexpected turn, but I was happy with it. I felt good. I just hoped that when morning came, I would remember. Or that Vic wouldn’t regret it.
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