Status: Slow and steady wins the race

The Trouble with Girls and Hockey Players

Derick Brassard may be a world class hockey player, but he is a world class loser around girls. Lane Knightly is a young, enterprising business women working for the New York Rangers who can't help but look like an idiot in front of hockey players. As their worlds collide in an epic event known as casino night, Derick and Lane struggle to keep their dignity and their sanity as they work to overcome their trouble with girls and hockey players.
  1. Prologue
    Derick Brassard wasn't stupid, until a girl walked into the room. Neither was Lane Knightly, unless she was around a hockey player.
  2. Chapter One
    I will forever remember the day you tripped over nothing, fell over an elliptical, and nearly pulled Denis Rooney's pants down.
  3. Chapter Two
    No broken bones, teeth intact, conscious. Bit of a miracle, really.
  4. Chapter Three
    Please tell me you didn’t ostracize Carl Hagelin because it is my lifelong dream to touch his hair.
  5. Chapter Four
    The party don't start 'til I walk in.
  6. Chapter Five
    Now I know why you keep walking into him.